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Friday, 1 April 2011

Restaurant Ye Look, Seri Petaling

I am so hot thirsty that I can just swallow this piece of ice. We went to see Mamarazzi's friend in Seri Petaling the other day.

Long time have not had dinner at this restaurant. The food at this restaurant is not bad.

Bumped into Mamarazzi's two ex-bosses. Wah lau eh! One of them so "bulat" already. Mamarazzi nearly can't recognise him. Guess it's good life after being promoted to the Head Office.

Back to the dinner, we had Hokkien Mee coz I wanted to eat noodle.

Quite tasty though it's a bit messy for me to eat. Mamarazzi said I look like a "Lah Char Mau".

Big portion of fried rice. They even put in chopped BBQ Pork(Char Siew). A bit too salty but it's up to individual taste. Papa said okay.

This one is "Pai Guat Wong". The funny thing about this is there is no bones. Where is the bones?

Last but not least Spinach soup. Purposely ordered for me but I didn't drink. Mamarazzi's friend, Papa and Mamarazzi finished all.

Total bill with a pot of Chinese Tea for 3 adults and 1 kids was RM51. The Hokkien Mee (RM12)and the fried rice(RM12) was portion for two person.

Location : 8 Jalan Radin Tengah, 57000 Kuala Lumpur


  1. You make me darn hungry now, really wish someone could treat me a good supper now!>_<

  2. here in kk, some restaurants serve Pai Kut Wong without bones...maybe scared the customer tercekik kua...

  3. I'm drooling over the Hokkien mee. The pai guat also looks good.

  4. O ooo mamarazzi makes me hungry now me love hokkien very much!!

  5. aiyoh, the HKM looks so yummy leh, look at all the pork lard, hahahaha!! and the PGW so nice to eat with the fried rice lor..

  6. Hehehe....paiseh, I used to be staying in Sri PEtaling before but has never eaten the 'tai chow' in Ye Look, so far I ate in Ye Look was the afternoon economy rice which has the kangkung belacan that I love so much.

  7. I like the fried rice that top up with char siew...yummmmmmmy!!

  8. food look good!! Pai Guat Wong look so delicious, my favourite.

  9. So long didn't eat pai kuat wong liao!

    PS : already commented at Wecindy site about the tilapia....wah, if all survive, we can have tilapia feast for the whole year....ha ha ha!

  10. Pai Guat is awesome also sinful but who cares if its once a while. The spinach is also great, esp for health, I love anything with bayam.

  11. The hokkien mee looks very good! Black enough. haha....

    My kids also love the ice whenever we ate out.

  12. Wah! Hokkien mee so big - like cacing! LOL!!!

  13. Looks like you really enjoy yourbp food. That's a lot of food there,Ngoh must be stuffed! :D

  14. ye look sounds like a place to have lok lok.. haha.. :P

  15. Alice

    Supper no good for health...hahaha

  16. Angel Bear

    Preferred the ones with bones . Nicer

  17. Mummy Gwen

    Where are you Now? Jakarta? Come back and makan la over the weekend

  18. Mars Mell-o

    Yummy Hokkien mee :D

  19. SK

    Hungry that time. Everything also walloped. :D

  20. Alice

    ya , 26 econ rice very tasty. Used to buy from there too. They have Pan Mee stall there last time. Not sure still there or not now. The Pan Mee quite tasty

  21. Yee Ling

    Now not many sell fried rice wit char siew anymore. Expensive kot?

  22. Annie

    The Pai Guat Wong taste okay la

  23. Pete any home made recipe for Pai Guat WOng?

    LOL- she can sell Tilapia fish online if sucessful breed

  24. mNhL

    Got one in Jalan Hang Tuah which is darker color.

  25. STP

    Cacing? Yumm....Cacing expensive you know? a lot of vitamins

  26. Ken

    Tues there will have Pasar Malam. Got sedap Lok-lok.

    Not sure why they call Ye Look . Maybe it sound like 26..2+6 = 8


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