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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Restaurant William's Crab (MINES)

 Nice view. come Fatty Crab at Seri Kembangan no more geh? Slim down already ka?

Now turned into Restaurant William's Crab. Same address No 5 Jalan Tasik, The Mine Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Tel : 03-89456448/43 fishes leh...Maybe I can "pancing" then ask them to cook?

Jeng~Jeng~Jeng~ Papa bought this to celebrate. Mamarazzi said it's "Kangroo 100Plus".

Papa pour out the "Kangaroo 100 Plus" and I helped him to put ice and distribute.

I drank also. Taste..hmm...not 100Plus geh. But then after a few gulps, I syok syok drink liao.

We had Seafood Udon Noodle. Taste quite good.

Asparagus fried with garlic. Funny...why taste a bit bitter geh?

Deer meat stir fried with spring onion.

Nestum Prawns.

Claypot taufu...but then I was rather "high" already so didn't eat much of the Claypot Taufu.

Steamed Crabs. Not bad but could be better. Very meaty.

The famous Chicken Wings! Yummy...nice to eat with the "Kangaroo 100Plus"

Overall, it was a wonderful meal. Am so glad the "100 Plus" cured Auntie Florence's sore throat.


  1. Heh heh, just passed by yesterday, didn't notice that Fatty crab no more there!

  2. huh?? no more fatty crab now change to william crab lah?? the owner slim down so don't want to be called fatty is it?? actually

    i've been there twice, but only eat their fried rice, because went next door for meeting and after meeting just eat there because very hungry..

    yoh, i also like the fried chicken wings woh.. really so famous ah?? more famous than their crabs?? then should call the restaurant william's chicken wings lah~~ :D

  3. crabs. nice but not easy to handle. :P

  4. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

  5. Yum...yum!!! Food looks so nice... You people sangat kaya, I like this all the time?

  6. beautiful view!! and we have yellow tail wine here but the label looks a little different

  7. noticed that for quite sometime already whenever drove past there...maybe Fatty turn slim liao...

  8. the crabs and chicken wings attracted me!

  9. Wow...big feast again. Everything looks so delicious.

  10. chicken wings...faster fly to me..LOL!!

  11. I had passed by there last 2 weeks ago, also didn't realise that Fatty Crab is gone! However the dishes at William's Crab looks delicious to me.

  12. So a scrumptious meal, I don't know this place leh... so far yet so close to where I leave!

    hey, I reckon those are beeeeeeerr leh! 18PL one!:p

  13. So long never eat crabs already. Hmmmm...

  14. Have not taste deer meat before and crabs - how can I resist, esp the ones you had with plenty of meat.

  15. foods all make me hungry lor =D

  16. SK

    Fried Chicken wing is one of them la...

    We also long time didn't go makan there. Arrived there baru know Fatty Crab hilang-ed

  17. Tuti

    as long as tarak paiseh using hands :p

  18. Llyod

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll visit more often. Will hop to your blog soon

  19. STP

    Not kaya la...celebrate mah

  20. Ramona

    I think the packaging a bit different maybe. Bought from the airport

  21. Mummy Gwen

    LOL...yes...big feast

  22. Yee Ling

    I can fly then you wont dare to ea already :P

  23. Sharon

    Tempting enough to come Msia?

  24. Wai Kitt

    Maybe change name oni kot? I see the place looks the same. Only they add is the wall against the lake

  25. Alice

    Very near to the Palace Golden Horses aje

  26. Annie...

    Go try out la..nice view. Can go shopping at the Mines and ride boat

  27. Nava

    Deer meat taste a bit like Pork

  28. Hi Small Kucing,

    Thanks for drop by Restoran William's Crab.....hope you enjoy the food!

    "The Slim Crab"

  29. Hi Small Kucing,

    Thanks for drop by Restoran William's Crab.....Hope you enjoy the food!

    "The Slim Crab"

  30. William

    Low fatt and low cholestrol slim crabs ya ? :P


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