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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Meet & Greet Author, Shamini Flint

 (Poster taken from Shamini's Facebook)

Yahoo! Shamini Flint is coming to Kuala Lumpur for book signing. Interested to meet her?

She is the creator of the cute and funny Inspector Singh. Mamarazzi just finished reading Inspector Singh In Cambodia, haven't have time to post up the review yet. This book is terrific.

For your information, Shamini Flint will be at Kinokuniya Cafe, KLCC on 28th April 2011 from 1pm to 2pm.

Those who are interested to go do RSVP by 25th April 2011. Tel : 03-56310794 Ext 217

Don't be late ya...


  1. See see, I told you he got Cambodian wife pregnant liao, see photo tummy big big....opps, salah orang ! ha ha ha!

  2. I wish it was Masterchefs meet and greet session... hehe, just kidding!

  3. Hi SK, if not for you I wouldn't know such authors exist, or these books. Never even heard of her. Guess she more your corner of the World.

    I have not stepped into a bookstore ages....though I sometimes glance at those in malls or drugstores.
    Incidentally you can also read from the Net too....I heard from those Macbook or Ipads?

    Have fun, Lee.

  4. You're laughing at me,Pete? Tsk! Tsk! Hahahahahaha!

  5. Pete

    Eh...Big tum tum not my Papa meh?

  6. Alice

    That one is makan one this one also got makan leh

  7. Uncle Lee

    LOL...maybe one of these days she will go to your part of the world leh

  8. STP

    Hmmm...if this book gets to be made into Movie, maybe can audition wor...

  9. Take this chance and go and meet her.

  10. Make movie then we have Singh Tua Pui...ha ha ha!


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