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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Jalan Jalan At Empire Shopping Gallery Again

Once again this is a very late post. Happen nearly a month ago.

We went To Empire Shopping Gallery coz Auntie Florence never been there before. We saw it was hosting Korean Food Fair.

Of course lah I went and "kaypoh" . Get some free "meals & drinks". Yummy noodles. Alamak...why this drink stall so stingy one. Drink not even fill half cup. Gave me 1/5 only. Mana cukup for taste. OPERA!

 Droooooooollllllllll......the "burgers" looks reallllly colorful wor.
 Auntie Florence beh tahan see me drooooooling like that.

 Bought the "Burgers" for me. Not cheap leh . RM3 a piece.

 Mamarazzi said it's "Mak Kak Ron" wor..oooo Kakak Ron Mother made one is it?

 Taste? sweeeet. Melt in my mouth and at times on my hand. too sweet. Must drink a bit of water first. Hmmm...Got Popular Bookstore there. Gone in empty handed and come out empty handed.

Kena bullied by a toddler. I was looking at him listening to music on the earphones with his parent. Then he came over and pushed my chest not once but twice. The parents was horrified and apologised.

Mamarazzi said why I so dumb dumb. Should have told the boy "Stop! Don't push me." Instead, I bodoh-bodoh stood the looking at him.

Well, since Dr M's book is still very pricey in Popular, Can't afford to buy his book...but roti from him also can la. Not cheap leh this roti. RM3-20, plus tax RM3-40.

Taste? Like Roti la...what else. Hahahaha. Fun outing.


  1. Burger - Mak Kak Ron! :P So cuteee!

  2. Besides being sweet, the mak kak ron nice or not? Auntie very jakun, never eaten one before :p but Auntie loves Dr M's roti... nice but expensive!

  3. so cute! and i need to go to that mall!

  4. Small Kucing - can't help smiling reading this post. You're so cute and you also had fun eating eh :D

  5. Hilda

    I thought I saw you ate this the other day

  6. Chloe's Mummy

    Errr...depend on individual taste lo...very easy to crumble..Mamarazzi say eat 1 pc will be enough

  7. Ramona

    Come and visit Msia. Got lotsa things to see and explore

  8. Puan Isah

    Hehehe...good good...a smile a day, keeps the doctors away.

  9. Not a fan of ma ka ron - so sweet. Ahhhhaaaa!!! I see that Japanese cotton cheesecake in the glass counter! I like! My favourite cake! Yum!

  10. 1 month ago not very long time lah, mine a few months ago's photo also still sit in my folder >.<

  11. gosh..a month ago? so now no more la.. haaha.. u really have a lot of events too, Joshua.. auntie here sure cannot keep up with your activities.. phew!

  12. smallkucing likes those "burgers" so much meh?? hahaha, actually given me, i love real burgers more lor, hahaha.. the bread from Dr M shop of course expensive lah, but very nice one woh..

  13. STP

    where where where? Didnt noticed LOL

  14. Choi Yen least Mamarazzi know now got kaki

  15. Claire

    Not events la..saja jln jln

  16. SK

    Kira okay 1 pc enough lo else too sweet

  17. Must let smallkucing see WWF liao or ask daddy to teach him wrestling...he he he, uncle Pete naughty ya?

  18. like your way of pronouncing the macaroon, its very popular at Empire, not only expensive but very sweet. Plenty of eateries at this place, spoiled for choice.

  19. I went to Empire Shopping Gallery twice oredy but dint see anything I like lah, so go back home empty handed.

  20. Pete

    Too late...already wrestling with papa. Just unexpected that the boy suddenly push me.. never really encounter deliberate pushing like that. Normal is playful type

  21. Nava

    Ya but too sweet. Can eat 1 or 2 max

  22. AUtumn

    Good....can save some money. Window shopping enough la

  23. Was just at Empire today.Also saw that place Opera...but din notice their macaroons. RM3 a piece for quite a big size..ok la. The ones selling upstairs at Vanilla Place where I had my lunch..RM2.50 but so darn small!

  24. Leona

    Ya ka? Next time buy from Auntie Cynthia la


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