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Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Children's Life of Christ -The Man Who Was A Leper/He Got No Legs But He Got Love

Ever saw a 3 legged spider? It's still alive and scurrying away when Mamarazzi snap this photo. If only everything can be perfect in this world......Just like the bedtime story Mamarazzi read to me from Enid Blyton's story book. This round the title was " The Man Who Was a Leper". Even that is not perfect.

There was this man who have leprosy. It's a terrible disease with no cure at that time. Those who have leprosy are sent away from home and lives far away from the community. If they say anyone, they have to shout out "unclean! Unclean!" to warn people.

This man heard of Jesus, the wonderful healer. How he wish Jesus can heal him as he missed his family and friends very much and would very much like to go home.

One day, he saw a crowd at a distance. They were listening to Jesus. Now, this man dare not go near and he waited till the crowd disperse before he approach Jesus and begged Jesus to heal him.

Jesus pitied the man and healed him. He warn the man not to tell anyone about this as if people were to know they would crowd around him making it harder for him to preach.

However, the man was too happy and forgotten Jesus's warning. He told people of the miracle and soon a huge crowd was following Jesus around. Jesus had to leave town into the lonely country side. But even then people come to him from far and wide.

Last Friday, Mamarazzi noticed something in Angel Bear's Facebook. It's a video with Mariah Carey song "Hero". She shared a video about a cat whose front legs have been chopped off by people and yet the cat still lived a fruitful life. Loved by its current owner.

 Print screen from

You wanna know the full story and see the video? Then pop over to


  1. spider ke tu??

    hehe nite nite mamarazzi =D

  2. Yes, yes...always count our blessings. "I always complained I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet!"

  3. good sharing on God, its important for us to remind ourselves on the great words of god.

  4. Eee...kesian itu spider. Huh..the cat's legs have been chopped off..OMG.

  5. Mars

    Yup spider....oni 3 legs...kesian

  6. STP

    Yup...but sometimes we tend to lupa and lust after others things

  7. Mummy Gwen

    You saw the video? Kesian hor


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