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Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus Grows Up / Mamarazzi's Death and Taxes

Mamarazzi have been telling me stories of Jesus from Enid Blyton's "The Children's Life of Christ" book, and she should have learnt something from the story "Jesus Grows Up". But nooooo... she never learn. Like Chinese saying " Wanna got toilet, baru wanna dig hole".
In that story, Jesus was very matured after going to Jerusalem. He was treated more like an adult instead of kid. He was responsible and dependable. He learnt his trade well from Joseph. He was to be a Carpenter.

Jesus had plenty of time to think as he hammer and sawed away. He saw that goodness and kindness, justice and unselfishness were the things that really matter. Therefore he nurtured these in his heart and throwaway the bad things like greed, spite and unkindness. He knew he need to have good thoughts and see good in everything in order to preach to people. Because of this, the goodness always shows up in his face and people trust and loved him.

Years passed and Jesus become a man. Joseph passed away and Mary depended on Jesus more and more. Although Mary don't understand everything that goes on in Jesus mind but she knew that he is the Holy Child of God. 

When Jesus was nearly 30 years old, he knew that it is time for him to leave Nazareth and go out to preach to the world on the words of God. To do his Father's Holy work. And so he went out to the world to do work that God had sent him to the world to do.

Well, as I have said earlier, Mamarazzi should have known better. April and June each year are the the final months to submit tax returns.

Mamarazzi always likes to do things last minute. Letters, receipts, vouchers and what not never filed as and when received! When wanna search for something, always can't find. Haiyo!!! See! The junks from since don't know when.

Kena Tax month, she baru dug out and baru wanna sort and do filing. Spend one whole week doing that and looking for last year Tax Return which seems to have gone missing. Searched for a few days till the house like kena tornado and she finally found in....THE TAX FILE!

I no eyes see la. The thing was in the file all along, don't know why she could not find it after flipping through a few times. "Eyes Big Never See Mountain" or "Ghost Cover Eyes".

Yesterday evening, she finally got everything together. Login e-filing.

Less than 15 minutes later...TaDa!!! E-acknowledgement for successful submission of Tax Returns for year ended 2010.

If only she had spend her time well like Jesus did, she won't have to kelam-kabut when comes Tax time.

I see Mamarazzi grumbling about taxes and death goes well together I also very scared already. I don't wanna grow up lo. To grow up have to submit Tax Returns yearly geh. Such a headache. Stay being a kid better la. Get tax relief also.


  1. Drop by to said hi... First time visit your blog...

  2. i did my e-Filing last week, it's actually done in less than 10 minutes after i've organised all the receipts.. haiz, so sad to find out i have to pay such a huge amount of tax!!! luckily LHDN still need to return me some money~~ :p

  3. At least she can do it herself... My old lady depends on me and every year, sure kelam kabut...had to turn the whole house upside down to look for things. Thank goodness she's retiring next month- no income, no more tax. Should be easy to fill her form then.

  4. SK

    The trouble is Mamarazzi never organise her stuffs lo. Wanna do baru go hunting. Panis some more after couldnt find Tax Return for Year 2009 as reference. Pengsan

    Well, at least there will be a refund.

  5. STP

    Looks like your Missus is like Mamarazzi. Wanna do baru wanna tunggang terbalik whole house

  6. Somewhere in Singapore

    Thanks for dropping by. Will be hopping over to your blog soon

  7. Procrastination I guess? =P At least she still did it on time.

  8. eh...u also got to do income tax ah? oh dear, i also didnt do yet!

  9. Glad you finished the tax forms. I havent done mine yet, and am kind of stressed over it ><

  10. I may not be a Christian, but I believe in god and his words.

    Hhahah!!! the tax - thanks for reminding, have not done my yet.

  11. It's relatively simple and convenient nowadays with the E-filling.

  12. sharks man. i received form J :((((

  13. Jz guessed correctly. Procrastination

  14. Claire

    Once open file already, till after death also still have to do tax. Die already also must clear tax 1st.

  15. Isaac

    Fast fast do...very sien one.

  16. Nava

    Better do fast before month end else the e-filing system will be jam up again

  17. Yee Ling

    Yup...simple provided got all relevant documents in hand. Mamarazzi punya barang sepah everywhere one. That's why stress up to cari la.

  18. Little Lamb

    Use E-filing la. Simple. Very fast.

    Wah...received Form J ah...mean have to bayar lo :(


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