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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus Begins His Work / Two Gentlemen Came Knocking

The latest bedtimes story from Enid Blyton's The Children's Life Of Christ Book which Mamarazzi read to me was Jesus Begins His Work.

Well, Jesus was nearly 30 years of age when he went to the country side preaching to people about the words of God. Calling them to do good and to listen to the words of God. People liked him and trusted him as he have a face which goodness shone from it.

More and more people came and listen to him preaching as his words and stories are simple and easy to understand.

The Jesus started to use the great power within him to heal the sick. It's a wonderful gift indeed for he can heal them with a touch or a word.

Therefore, where ever Jesus went, there are sure to be a crowd. Some wants to listen to his words, some wants to see he perform miracles and some need his help. The ill and sick went in hope that he can help to cure them. With the help of their friend and family, they hope to meet Jesus and to be cured.

Well, three days ago, two gentlemen came calling. They went house to house knocking on the doors.

One of them came knocking at our door. Mamarazzi opened the door and peeped. The gentlemen flashed a photocopy of letter with Police Letterhead and said to be authorization letter from the Police authorizing him to collect donation for 30 disable people. With him there was a file with photographs of some disabled people. Mamarazzi quickly said "No, thank you" and shut the door.

They then went to a neighbour's house. Mamarazzi quickly took the camera and zoom zoom zoomed...zoomed too much hence the photograph blurred. She dare not use flash as it might alert them on her action.

The neighbour is a Malay man and listened to their pitch. Mamarazzi over heard "Lima Belas Ringgit" and the Malay man came out and gave them money.

After collecting the money from the Malay man, the red head gentleman came calling again. Maybe being informed by his colleague of his failure to collect donation from this house.

This round Mamarazzi lagi ganas. Open the door with a knife in hand...she tengah cutting vegetable mah...The fella terkejut and said he is not a Salesman. Again she said "No! Thank You" and shut the door.

Jesus advised give money to charity. But would you have given money to these two gentlemen?


  1. so scary la mamarazzi with knife, hehe i dare not open the door to this two gentlement too..i standby gun haha

  2. If auntie oso... mati mati takmokasi! See the rambut oso macam landak, sure it's a syndicate wan.

    On donations, there's a reason God asked us to pay tithe every year.

  3. These people cheating one...even come to Sibu, a lot of them...asking for money for charitable organisations in West Malaysia, dunno really exist or not. We also have Buddhist nuns (women)...and people said they saw them eating KFC.

  4. wow... this mamarazzi so ganas one.. i sure wouldnt open the door anymore.. knife or not in hand!! i dont think it is for charity.. red hair guy some more...
    your malay neighbour is very generous and brave!

  5. the real charity donation authorities will not ask for donation in such a manner, all these are pranks lah.. i give applause to mamarazzi to bring a long the knife, hahaha, cool mama!!! :D

  6. Mammarai

    Haizz nowadays predators comes in many forms

  7. do not layan these people. My wife also kena...they said they from some govt. dept. and ended up paying around rm80 for some consultation on the cooking gas canister.
    Donate to the right channels... via websites like salvation army...etc.

  8. Mars Mell-o

    No guns here wor..can pinjam your? LOL

  9. STP

    Used to collect from table to table in kopitiam. Maybe now times are bad. People not donating so they have to go door to door

  10. Claire

    The distance between the grille and the front door is quite far. That's why daring a bit :P

  11. SK

    Next time Mamarazzi bring out parang LOL

  12. Chris

    Ya scared of the "gas" people and the "aedes" people too.

  13. I still remember the last tsunami in 2004, the amount I donated to many people doing collection. At one point, I just got fed-up in giving as I wondered how many percent reaches those in need.

    Giving donation today basically depend on how much we trust the source and who is collecting.

  14. They came to Miri too. City area only. Every few months a group of them will come and sell stuff. Towels, pens and etc.

    Giving charity should be what we give and not dictated. I think either RM10 for their item and RM 5 for their salary or vice versa.

    They do issue receipt if not mistaken. But going house to house...that is a big no no.

  15. Aijer...scary la. Be careful next time. better dun open door if see this kind of fella.

  16. Nightwing

    Those coming table to table one got min donation amount.

    There was once we were having lunch. A monk came asking for donation in return of amulet. Mamarazzi colleague thought charity ave rm2. The monk throw back at him and asked for rm10!

  17. Yee Ling

    Next time have to get those door with the peep hole

  18. Good job, Mamarazzi! I don't think Jesus would have given them money, either. The Bible is against giving money away that is meant to feed your family. ( :
    Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours now, too.
    God bless,

  19. Lisa

    Thanks for dropping by.

    It's kinda scary to have people collection donation from door to door

  20. Kathy, these days just too many of this kind of ppl spoiling the image of the real Charity members. What if the real one is here to ask for help then no one will believe them. Isn't that sad! I used to donate to these kind ppl when I was younger but not anymore. But when think deeply, most unfortunate home will have all the help from nearby neighbours, support from the local society & businessmen. The worst, they will ask help from the local Newspaper. Do they need to come out to do this kind of donations???? Just so curious.
    Best regards, Kristy


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