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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bookxcess Celebrating World Books Day and I Missed It

Snore~snore~snore~ It was indeed a very tiring day. I went to Amcorp Mall the other day and was given a free run at BookXcess and McD for two hours.

Haiz...when I got home baru know I missed their World Book Day Promotion by a hair. It's starting 22 April  2011 to 1st May 2011. We went there too early.

Rugi leh coz under the promotion, will get the following :

* 20% discount on selected titles.
* 50% discount on ALL Edward Monkton titles!
* 50% discount on Books of the Day
Throughout the entire promotional period, 1 title from fiction, non-fiction & children section respectively will enjoy 50% discount on daily basis! The three different surprise titles will be revealed on BX’s Facebook wall everyday,

If buy above RM200 in a single receipt, will get RM20 vouchers leh.

What did Mamarazzi buy?

 She bought this Handy Manny book for me coz I love the show.

 And also this "Ah Thomas and Friends" book. I like the snoring sound.

 For herself, she try out Neil Gaiman Fragile Things. Hope it will suits her. The Italians For Beginners was bought just to make up the total receipt price. Kiasu mah...wants the discount.

Montmorency On The Rocks was from the Bargain Bins, RM5.

Mamarazzi was so happy that they still have stocl for Kitchen Chinese. Saw this book in Facebook.

 RM9-90...worth the try la...

The synopsis sounds good.

Mamarazzi is keeping her fingers crossed on these two books. She didn't like Amy Tan's Saving Fish From Drowning. That's why she hesitated till now to buy this The Opposite of Fate. Hope this book suits her.

As for The Calligrapher's Daughter...she read a lot of good review on this book. Well, once again it will be up to individual taste.

Guess, these book will keep Mamarazzi happy till next month gua....


  1. Aiyo, liddat oso can sleep ah?

  2. Aiyoo... cham... no luck... but auntie tink MPH punya world book day started earlier...went there and saw so many titles is reduced to clear and so many titles on sale.

  3. Cleffairy

    MPH MV always have reduced to clear bin. Sometimes very cheap. Bur Mamarazzi seldom go to MPH MV lo coz hate the parking hassle

  4. You missed? Obviously your mama did not! Maybe she purposely sneaked out while you were sleeping, don't want you ikut, kacau only! LOL!!

  5. haiyoh, mamarazzi, how could you, how could you miss that important day?? so last night heart pain till cannot sleep well?? kekeke.. :D

  6. I think Bookxcess is employing your mom to be the spokeswoman soon.. i hope they will... your mama is their first and number fan see!

  7. Really feel proud that you really are into books and encourage reading to your kid.

    Great job and it will do wonders to his language since our National English is down from school days.

  8. I would love to get my hands on Neil Gaiman's books! Have you read "Coraline"?

  9. i read fragile things and italian for beginners. neil gaiman's adult works a bit too extreme for me. either i don't get it or i didn't really like it. prefer his children's books. as for italian for beginners can't remember anything about it. so i guess that says something! :P

  10. again, I missed Bx's offer... =(

  11. STP

    Hehehe...pandai ah..Mamarazzi E-mailed them to reserve lo

  12. Sharon

    Nevermind...some dont read at all

  13. SK

    Mamarazzi can sleep ah coz she e-mail them to reserve . If too desperate, she just pay them online hahaha

  14. Claire,

    Mamarazzi memang gila buku but cant be their spoke person la. If their service not good, Mamarazzi would still shoot them one. If become spoke person then cannot tembak them already :p

  15. Nava

    The cheapest entertainment. Books you can read and read again.

  16. Autumn

    This round not that many la...Usually would be more

  17. Yi Lin

    So far Mamarazzi have read Neil Gaiman book for kids one. This is the 1st for adult which Mamarazzi bought

  18. Angel Bear

    never mind there will be next time hehehe


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