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Monday, 25 April 2011

Birthday Celebration Brightens Up By Tony Roma, Sunway Pyramid

Mamarazzi joined Tony Roma E-Club in Facebook. A week before her Birthday, Tony Roma sent Mamarazzi a voucher for a Free Entree. 

Apa lagi, on the day of her Birthday we went to have dinner at Tony Roma, Sunway Pyramid la. More over, kids eat for free on Monday to Wednesday.

 Mamarazzi had a Shirley Temple. I ate the cherry on top.

 Papa shared with me his refillable soft drink.

 My appertiser.

 Roti roti..

Spaghetti from the Kids Meal

This round Mamarazzi remembered to request for bib.

Fried Mushroom. Mamarazzi "kempunan" for this a few weeks already. Finally got to eat this again. Mamarazzi weird la...people eat this with this yellow color sauce, but she likes to eat it with the white color sour cream pulak

 Ta! Da! The Free Entree. 

Gosh!!! really not like advertised. The portion here is so huge. Aiyo...Mamarazzi shouldn't have order the Main Course as this portion is filling enough.

The Main Course, Ribs and Beef Combo. This one kena bayar lah. The beef was tasty but Mamarazzi didn't care much for the ribs. There was a slight smell for the ribs. Papa walloped all and said it's okay.

Alamak! Forgot to tapau the bone for Auntie Claire's Labbie.

 Mamarazzi ate till cannot move. But my tum tum still have room for Ice Cream leh. I asked Uncle to bring me Ice Cream and he was very efficient leh. Yum yum...

I finished makan already and the staffs there bought a Birthday surprise for Mamarazzi. A dessert. They sang "Happy Birthday" to Mamarazzi.

I was shy wor..I kept quiet and didn't join in the singing.

There is one more voucher Mamarazzi have not use. Will update everyone once it's used.

The dessert, brownie with ice cream. Very yummy brownie. The Brownie was warm inside and outside the ice cream was cold. Prefect combination.

I sat on Mamarazzi lap and share the dessert with Mamarazzi. As I was feeding her, I suddenly have mood to sing Happy Birthday to Mamarazzi. Ngum ngum Papa was fiddling with the camera and caught the part where I sang Happy Birthday just in time.

Papa and Mamarazzi asked me repeat again for a better video but haiyo..mana ada encore encore one.

Here is the video of me "singing". Just bear with me on the background sound lah. It was unexpected that I suddenly "burst" out "singing". Next time I have to organise a band as back up to my singing. Apa macam Auntie Florence and Uncle Patrick. Can be my back up ka?


  1. oh, my birthday coming soon, so i cepat cepat go join their e-club first, haha.. BTW, which one is the free entree??

    mamarazzi, american always very huge portion one, so really can share if you are not a big eater.. :D

  2. Real heavy meal...I sure cannot finish....LOL!

  3. Free entree only kah? Kedekut nya... Always hear people praising the food there, never had the chance to try yet... :(

  4. Happy birthday mamarazzi, may good health always be with you,and many happy in returns.. =)

  5. :( Woi... the video... how come so much noise wan... got one auntie sound in the background. So sien...kenot hear you sing wan, Smallkucing. Aiyo... so cham. Only once a year sing for Mamarazzi kena kantoi pulak the show. Spoil lah... cannot ask Paparazzi to remove the not so attractive background sound ah? Ganggu aje.. tak tau cakap apa pulak tu...

    The next table so no respect for ppl geh... tok so loud... at classy restaurant like this summore. U kno anot, in angmoh country ah... u tok so loud like this in steakhouse like this... sure kena halau keluar from restaurant. Eeee... geram, geram, cannot hear u sing properly, Smallkucing!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Wow the portion is really huge. I've not been to Tony Roma. I want non-halal Tony Roma. Porky rules! Haha

  7. wor...the appetiser like main entree. big portion.

    ermm..dun think i jadi go makan...sobs**

  8. Happy Birthday to Mamarazzi! Such a lovely dinner.. all the dishes so huge portion! Really good value for money!

  9. happy birthday to u....
    Yet to try.. Tony Roma..

  10. if you like shrimp, try the shrimp scampi pasta. pretty good! my favourite is still the baked potato soup. i like their chocolate martini too heh!

  11. Not too bad in taste but nothing I will jump about, over-rated and actually the name sells.

    I Think for you it was worth it looking at what they offered on the house.

  12. wow..i m so touched... so romantic! so nice.. so happy... for 3 of YOU!
    wish someone can do this for me.. hahaha....

  13. Wow!! That's really generous of Tony Roma, always want to try their meals since most friends commended their food taste better thn Kenny Roaster!!

    Since my Birthday is coming, I better sign up too, muahahaha(kiasu instinct)!!! Thanks for sharing, and bet that was a lovely Birthday!^^

  14. Auntie also celebrated her birthday at Tony Roma's this year :) But your Mamarazzi more dai... got free entree. Auntie last time got free dessert only and Chloe had the free kiddy meal. Aiya, auntie should have joined the club too...

  15. Happy belated b'day to you!

    The fried mushroom is something to die for!

  16. Next time I want to celebrate our birthdays in Tony Romas..hehe.

  17. SK

    yes, cepat cepat join. The plate with the 3 chunk of beef is the Free for Birthday punya

    Tarak tau the give so big portion for Free meal else no need to order the Main course already hahaha

  18. STP

    Wa...ada free also kira bagus the Big plate of food and then the ice and kids meal leh...

  19. Auntie Cleff,

    Biasa la...If Roadhouse grill lagi bising and meriah

  20. Che Cheh

    Malaysia no porky yet wor

  21. Prince and princess Mum

    Go and register la

  22. Nava

    With discount its very worth while

  23. Claire

    Come down in November la....*hehehe*

  24. Alice

    Wa...cannot compare their food with Kenny Roger. Theirs is compare with Chillis and TGIF.

    Big portion and the price also big lol. But with discount very worth it

  25. Chloe's Mommy

    Not too late to join. Can still join now and get it for next year? Moreover Chloe's birthday is not over yet right? hehehe

  26. Mummy Gwen

    also register with their e-club la. Whenever there is promotion they will email to you

  27. alamak!! i didnt notice my mispell here hahaha mars mello mmg rabun lupa pakai spec


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