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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Banana Leaf Rice at Ravi's, Petaling Jaya

Yay..the staff there gave me this free Lolipop when I kept smiling and played with them. I wanna eat Lolipop.

What you mean give you? It's mine. The staff gave me one. ....

Oooo...cannot eat Lolipop before eat rice is it? Hmmm...rice oh rie...faster come la...

Rice haven't come. I drink and eat coconut first lah.

Now can eat Lolipop yet or not? Not yet? Coconut not counted as ate ah?

Finally! Very generous serving of rice and vegetables. Wow...they gave so much fried bitter gourd. Mamarazzi loves this.

But then hor...tell you 1st ah...their curry really meletup spicy! Those who love spicy curry would love this shop.

After eating, Papa and Mamarazzi's heads were like kena rain. My nose also sweaty liao.

Can see my sweaty nose or not? Naughty Mamarazzi fed me some rice which have a bit of curry.

As for the fried fish and chicken..taste were so-so. The Chicken drumstick looks rather kesian. Must have been a very young chicken.

Now can I eat my Lolipop? 

I like this place. Very spacious and also clean. Only parking is rather difficult and confusing. We couldn't find vacant bay in front of the shop. Had to go for the indoor parking. After parked, it was hard to find the way out of the car park to go to the restaurant. If I remembered correctly, parking after 7p.m. is rm3 per entry. Rather steep price.

Address: 3 Two Square 2 Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya


  1. not bad....kucing can take spicy food! Bravo!!!!

  2. U dun like curry kah? Curry nice la...makan banana leaf rice must hv curry oni sedap...

    The ayam really looks kesian no meat.

  3. Hi SK, Wow! I have always loved banana lef rice, "semua pun tarok"! Used to go eat at Brickfields. In Ipoh was 'Goodshed' as well in front of that I think Tambun bus station, 2 restaurants next to each other. Was there very often too, enroute to Penang, stop for lunch.

    We used to have a Banana Leaf shop here, but closed down last year. I guess not many appreciated it.
    Love that ayam goreng. And apom too. Or their curry udangs.

    Our lat trip balek kampong 1992, first stop Singapore, arrived at 1am. At 8am my BIL brought me to a banana leaf store, and I sure enjoyed it!
    Oh chein followed by poh pia. Could hardly walk after that, ha ha.

    You that cute boy looks cute!

  4. Aiyo, smallkucing banana leaves rice.

  5. So did small kucing get to makan his lollipop in the end? Hehe

  6. Aiyor...what is that scratch on your face? So kesian... Not your mamma's fingernail, I hope...

  7. wow banana leaf rice.. me try once eating banana leaf rice at johor.. 7 spices restoran..but tak begitu memuaskan rasa dia he he he , hows that banana leaf at ravi's?

  8. de last time i had banana rice, mai with u, mamarazzi and the hantu lor...LOL!!!

  9. small kucing getting so impatient with undressing the lolipop. Hey did you guys eat with your hand taste so much nicer leh.

  10. not too bad the food here, the fried bitter gourd is lovely to go with the rice and the curries.

  11. The food looks delicious :)

    I hate that part of town, don't get me started on the parking :P

    But good to know - thanks :D

  12. hahhaa.. thats ur trick to get lollipop huh --> kept smiling n playing with them. :P

  13. Hahaha can't wait to eat the lollipop leh...can see all your expressions...haih Mommy must have a hard time bullying you to eat your rice first and hot curry rice...did mommy torture you to eat the hot curry :p let Aunty Elin knows and I will report for child abuse !!! LOL! just kidding...mommy so sayang you mana mau torture you hor :)

  14. Next time can try the banana leaf rice in Lotus, Aman Suria. Taste good and generous portion too :)

  15. banana leaf rice always very nice. i like. very appetite opening. ;)

  16. Chris

    I kena sabotaged by Mamarazzi la...I cant take spicy food one. When I didnt notice, she went and sumbat me with rice that have curry

  17. Auntie Cleff

    Wait time we go eat at Ravi and i banjir your rice with curry. Their curry really pedas leh

  18. Uncle Lee

    Banana Leaf Rice is flourishing like nobody's business in Msia. Some are good and some ahem ahem...This Ravi not bad la. The Curry spicy

  19. Isaac

    Of course ler else I'll make noise till earthquake in KL

  20. Mars Mell-o

    Ravi's not bad if you like spicy food. There are two others which also offer good Banana Leaf Rice. Kanna Curry House PJ and Nirwana Maju in Bangsar

  21. Yee Ling

    hahaha...long time already looo

  22. Bananaz

    Lolipop wor.....sedap leh

  23. Nava

    Ya and was surprised that they gave a lot of the fried bitter gourd.

  24. Synical

    It getting hard to find parking anywhere :(

  25. Yang Yang

    Ya time copy me la...People always give sweet to me when I play with them :D

  26. Sharon

    Angry lo coz Mamarazzi say kenot eat yet :(

  27. Elin

    Mamarazzi torture me leh...feed me kari rice...sobs....I come stay with you pandai make nice nice food. hehehe

  28. Chloe's Mommy

    Been to Lotus but not Aman Suria one.

  29. i think i've been to this place before leh, but not really sure as there are so many famous banana leaf rice restaurant in PJ.. i actually love the fried chicken (must be chicken breast woh) the most lor..

  30. SK

    Is it? ya PJ a lot of Banana Leaf rice place

  31. Tuti working very hard...must eat more


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