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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Balik Kampung Gang At Restaurant LYJ , Kampung Baru Sg Buloh

Last Friday, the Balik Kampung Gang struck Restaurant LYJ at Kampung Baru Sg Buloh. There are two LYJ Restaurant at the same row of the shop lot. One is at the end lot while another at in middle.

We parked at the end lot since there are parking available there. Mamarazzi got down and went onto the restaurant. A lady staff asked Mamarazzi whether she made Reservation or not. Mamarazzi answered no. She was then brusquely told by the staff to go to the restaurant located at the middle of the row if she does not have Reservation. 

Hmm...minus one mark for courtesy! At least speak lah nicely.

Ding dong ding dong chi ling char lang...we went to the other restaurant. Tu lah! Next time make reservation first.

Pretty soon the rest of the gang arrived.

Wah...arrived aje, Jie Jie Lynn gave me this! cute!!! Thank you very much, Jie Jie Lyn.

Mamarazzi really paiseh. Went and asked, this one can eat ka? She thought it's for decoration only.

 This bottle of "Ribena" is sponsored by Auntie Little Bird.

Mamarazzi's glass of "Ribena"

I also curi a but la..Mmmmm..must act macho a bit since my dear is there. Bottom up!

 The "condom" ...errr....gloves...what for? Chicken must wear "glove" lo.

Ta~ Da~~ I bet Auntie Little Bird's Sodomized Chicken also loose out to this one.

Can see Mommy Yen horrified at the sight. Closed mouth with tissue paper already. Hope she didn't get nightmare.

Nevertheless, this one is one of the "famous" dish in the restaurant. A must try. This bird cost us RM38.

Ahem ahem...sort of reminds Mamarazzi of the old local movies where adulterer/fornicators who are caught were being punished. Dah lah kena sula, got scissors some more. In case of its a Cock is it?

Nah...jokes aside. Mamarazzi is like a "frog under the coconut shell". It's actually due to the special way they roast the Chicken. The juice is kept in the body of the chicken and when it's cut open with the scissor, the juice will  flow out.

See! The meat so tender and juicy looking though it's a bit "pinkish". No worries..the meat although the meat it's pinkish, it's fully cooked.

Mamarazzi preferred the crispy skin coz it got more taste than the meat. Just like Peking Duck.

 This is another of their "famous" taufu dish. Yummmm...I ate this with rice.

At first Mamarazzi was puzzled when she saw this dish was featured in nearly every blog related to this shop.

We also ordered lah. Surprise that they only have one way of making this dish and that is a Cold Dish". Hentam aje la.

It's indeed a surprise when Mamarazzi tasted it. Wow!!! Yummy! It's like "kerabu" type. A bit sourish. In fact, it was so tasty that we ordered one more...just in case "someone" boo hoo in FB say "kempunan" .

 "Wu Tow Kau Yuk" ...errrr...what's the English translation ah? Yam with something something Pork?

The size of the Lala very big and like the way its cooked. There is a hint of alcohol in it. Hmm...wonder why so many empty shell. Kesian Mommy Yen. Took 4 pieces of lala, 3 were empty while Uncle Tony took 5 pieces, 3 were empty. I wonder is it Mamarazzi naughty go and korek out the Lala and leave the empty shell on the plate.

Steam Talapia fish. This round we were not so lucky as there was slight mud taste on the fish. However, the meat was really fresh and firm.

 Jeng~Jeng~Jeng~...Chocolate Ice Cream Cake by Auntie Cynthia. Too bad the Ice Cream did not survive the journey. Melted a bit. Nevertheless, the cake can still be eaten. Auntie Little Bird makan till syok syok. When she finished baru asked this cake got Durian ah? She does not take durian. Yup...there is a bit of durian in this cake.

Thank you very much to Auntie Little Bird, Auntie Chee Yee and Auntie Cynthia for belanja us makan dinner.


  1. lots of good food. And the chicken really looks unique, i clicked on it hoping to get a clearer picture. I think they hang the chicken up by the neck? Kind of obscene really..

  2. wah....balik kampung just eat and eat .....

  3. I thought it's a red wine hehehe

  4. Pakuuuuuu... pakiiissssss... paaakuuuuuuu pakisssss~

  5. Another fabulous makan place, but tsk tsk at the staff! Really nice ginger breadclown, so sayang to eat it!

    The food looks really good, bestest place to celebrate Mother's day!^^

  6. Yum! Yum! Everything looks soooooo nice...but Sg Buloh, so far lah! Nobody will ever want to take me there. Sobssss!!!!

  7. the chicken looks the yam u making me hungry!!

  8. wow..scrumptious foodie..

  9. wow...what a fruitful balik kampung trip with so many yummylicious food. Started droolling from the first line till the end. you no good lah Mamarazzi, make me so hungry..not lunch time yet you know ;)

    Hm..both the 'cold' vege dish and roasted chicken are very unique.

  10. Wow, Small Kucing Bottoms up! lol

  11. Isaac

    Go to Big Boys Oven blog. Their picture is clearer. Nope, they didnt hang the chicken up by the neck. A metal rod poke from bottom up to the neck.

  12. Chris

    makan ...jangan tak makan

  13. Auntie Cleff

    wait Mamarazzi experiment ah..if jadi then u can eat

  14. Alice

    walloped already lor the gingerbread clown LOL

  15. STP

    next time stay longer la..then can bring you..You alway stay so short period

  16. Jenny

    The Paku vege is unique but the chicken normal la

  17. wow... that chicken is really slaughtered by u all.. like i "murdered" the crabs by piercing thru their hearts! gosh.. how cold blooded when come to think of it.. hahaha...
    Great outing though.. next time include me morally! hahahaa..

  18. That chicken dish very special. Making me drooling only.

  19. u make me miss the paku & chicken!!!

  20. Claire

    Next time u come and we go makan la

  21. Choi Yen

    The paku was delicious. The Chicken love the skin. The meat nornal aje

  22. omg. i love lala!

    btw, was the ribena alcoholic?

  23. Wah the bird really looks interesting! I wanna try too!

  24. lovely food, been here before, the Peking Duck and pucuk paku looks awesome, think will cook the veg this weekend after looking at your pic tak boleh tahanlah..............

  25. The chicken looks so sedap. Wah..Kucing drinks too!

  26. wow, smallkucing also finish drinking that "ribena", claps!!! haha.. that roast duck so special leh, standing up one? haha, like that the meat will be nicer??

  27. Yum Yum!!

    Actually I want to buy the lollipop for the children, but no more lollipop. So buy the icing biscuit lor.

  28. mNhL

    LOL rather scary looking

  29. Faisal

    hehehe...but the lala a lot of empty shelll. Lala see hot water coming run away without the shell :p

  30. Nava

    That one is not a duck. It's a chicken but the skin was crispy like Peking Duck. Taste nothing special. But the Paku pakis really wonderful

  31. SK

    It's a chicken but the skin crispy like Peking Duck.

  32. Chee Yee

    haiyo buat susah aje. No need buy la. Anyway he did eat all of the biscuit the next morning


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