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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck, Petaling Street

Mamarazzi love the roast duck from this stall the most. Though business hours is stated from 6a.m to 4p.m., usually the roast duck would be fully sold off by 2p.m. That is why Mamarazzi usually call up and booked first.

You know usually during Chinese New Year, price for food would increase. The price of the roast duck was increased from RM43/bird to RM45/bird a few days before Chinese New Year. 

Well, Mamarazzi thought once increased the price would stick to that. We went and buy some more last week. Surprise! surprise! The price gone down to RM43/bird! typo error. The price gone down!

I love this roast duck too coz the meat real tender. Normally I won't eat much meat unless Mamarazzi shred for me.

 But for this one...I'll grab a whole piece and ngap ngap ngap! It's GOOOOOOOD!

You know what is this? People say eat this is better than go for facial wor. Skin wil become very smooth like a baby bottom. Mamarazzi don't eat this punya. That's why her skin a lot of kedut.

 After eat roast duck, time for a refreshing drink. Mmmm....nice nice lemon.

 Got Ribena. ...

 Haha! Mamarazzi made Ribena Soda with Lemon.



  1. Lucky la Auntie Cleff dun really have appetite these few days, else would have drooled over the roast duck liao!

  2. Nice kah, this one? I love duck!!! Yum!

  3. Jahat...tag me in FB somemore.

  4. this is very famous roast duck in petaling street leh.. and how nice with a refreshing ribena lemon to wash away all the grease~~ :p

  5. Haha your boy syiok sekali enjoying the ducky.

  6. LOL, yeah, Luckily Auntie Law doesn't fancy ducks, else will drool too!;D

    Lemon soda in Rebena, sounds thirst quenching!

  7. Hmmm....I better go for facial :P

  8. I'm not a duck fan and I didn't know that it is so expensive! Very enjoy ya, feasting at home :)

  9. Sometimes i'm confused -the posting to address Mammarazi or Joshua LOL

    Sze ngan chye = si mata empat...ooops sorry mammarazi :-)

  10. Auntie Cleff

    No appetite ah? No worries. I ask Mamarazzi to cook duck porridge for you want or not?

  11. STP

    This stall have been in existance looooooong time lo..Memang sedap.The old man was a young man when he started. Now still comes to the stall on and off to chop chop the duck. Think he is at least 80 yrs old.

  12. SK

    Yup...can't get enough of this.

  13. Alice

    aisay......too bad. hahaha...My Kaw Kaw also dont fancy duck. Say smelly

  14. Prince and Princess Mum

    yup...delicious quack quack

  15. MRC

    Address mana satu also can la. But memang that is the stall name. Funny enough the old man tarak wear specs. Wonder where he got the name from...maybe from his father?

  16. drool. i would love to try this.

  17. Petaling Street is one the best places to find roasted duck, I love it too, my fav for sure although my hubby can't stand it.

  18. Mmmm, my favourite roast duck!

  19. Nava

    This is the best roast duck in Petaling St

  20. Chloe's Mummy

    The price range is between RM36 to RM50 lo. Depending where you buy. Pasar mlm cheaper. Can get around rm36-rm38.

    So far Mamarazzi like the duck from Sze Ngan Chye best. Others are Salak South Garden, Paramount loong foong and DmnSara Jaya punya

  21. I think the price increase when approaching CNY is like the customer giving bonus to the boss and the workers loh. Otherwise not fair mah, office workers got bonus, but traders no bonus one. That's why after CNY, the price went back to normal. Hehehehe...

  22. ALice

    But many stall wont reduce price after naik lor.


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