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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


The Water Valve at the water meter was leaking. 
Mamarazzi e-mailed SYABAS through their online Customer Enquiry System at 9.53p.m. Immediately she received an auto reply acknowledgement from them.

Then on 10.09p.m., Mamarazzi received another e-mail from them giving her the report number and assured her action would be taken soonest possible.

At first Mamarazzi was doubtful of the so call fast action. Expected that it will takes a few days or so.

The next morning at 11a.m. plus, a man from PUSPEL called Mamarazzi and told her that they have fixed the problem.

We were having Curry Noodle at that moment. Later, we went and check. Wow! no more leakage! Very efficient!.

Looks like Mamarazzi will have to pay water bills promptly lo or else they might have the same efficiency to cut off the water supply leh.

Oh ya...if you didn't know yet, you can go to their website to register and check your water bill online(applicable for those water under SYABAS only). At least won't have to worry about Water Bill hilang or kena curi. Can also monitor your tenants water usage.


  1. Wah... so fast... rak macam kastam...auntie email them complain complain... they say will only 'look into this matter'. KNS!

  2. wow, I didnt know they work so fast. Very nice.

  3. Water bill got orang curikah? ha ha ha!

  4. Isaac

    Looks like everyone better pay water bill promptly lo

  5. Pete

    Got....if i find out who if the culprit going to chop off the hands.

  6. Wow, unbelievable... so efficient!

    Regarding the story telling, in BX, what exactly is the time har?

  7. Here, no Syabas...still Water Board but equally efficient. Called to complain once, immediately somebody can to check and identified the problem and I had to call a plumber to do it for him. He said he could help if I wanted him I let him - gave him RM10 minum kopi.

  8. Now the time is different already lol, they know that we customers can complain until our last resort, they know that we can blog about it,(long live bloggers) they know that we can spread in on FB, emails and anything and everyhting else online, therefore they are scared of that too, i guess..........

  9. Not bad.. now with your post, hope they can do it even faster.. :)

  10. Syabas to Syabas for their efficiency!

  11. ALice Law

    The story time is 19 March 3-4pm. Have to RSVP.There are some others activities/discounts too. Have emailed u the details.

  12. never knew that got syabas water company except indah water lerh...

  13. STP

    wow...rm10 duit kopi ah? good leh. here the rates maybe higher :(

  14. Eugene

    Then it's good for us. But terbalik now the private sector is slacking off already

  15. Chloe's Mommy

    Yup Syabas! to them

  16. Yin Yue

    SYABAS is Syarikat Bekalan AIr Selangor. In KL called PUSPEL . Indah water is for the Pembentungan one mah.

  17. They are improving. Good that your problem is solved after only 1 email

  18. Well done to Syabas!! Very efficient!

  19. efficient. I'm surprised.

  20. wah...good ar. now everything also need to be efficient else kena bamboo

  21. Wenn hope other utilities and services based companies will follow their good example

  22. Mummy Gwen

    Mamarazzi lagi surprised. LOL Was terkejut when they called

  23. Mommy Ling

    If only Pos/Kastam/kementerian or who the heck who is supposed to process my Books from USA are as efficient kan bagus....still waiting for the thing....2mths ady!

  24. Wah very efficient wor. Anyway, my water bill is still FOC, hehe.

  25. Chee Yee

    eh water bill also FOC meh? Not min RM6? hmm...I thought Elec bill if below rm20 is FOC not water bill


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