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Monday, 28 March 2011

Smallkucing & The Band

Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence came over last week and we went gai-gai. Uncle Patrick saw the video of me playing Lego Guitar.

During gai-gai Uncle Patrick saw a toy shop. While Mamarazzi and Auntie Florence was having a chit-chat in McD, he brought me to the toy shop. 

There was two Guitars there.Uncle Patrick asked me to choose which one I want. A big one and a smaller one. The Big one only have a Guitar.The smaller one comes with Tambourine and two others instruments. Mamarazzi don't know what they are called. One is like two ice cream cone to shake and the other is flute like whistle.

Jeng~jeng~jeng~ this is the one I have chosen. Mamarazzi said I greedy coz I've chosen the one with the most instruments. I am not greedy. I have my reason for choosing this.

Uncle Patrick opened for me. I promptly grabbed the guitar twiddle with the black thingy at the top. Uncle Patrick was surprised. He asked Mamarazzi whether she taught me play Guitar before. Mamarazzi was also "one head all mist". She had no idea how I know to twiddle the black thingy to adjust the sound of the strings.

When we got home, I took out the rest of the instrument and I distributed. I said "Nah! this one for you..this one for you and that one for you" (I passed the Tambourine to Uncle Patrick and the other two instrument to Auntie Florence and Mamarazzi).  There! Everyone got to play an instrument and I've got a Band. No need to fight. A much better choice than choosing the lone big guitar, right?

Uncle Patrick commented from the way I was holding the Guitar, maybe I am left handed.All can share share.

 Except for my Guitar! It's mine! Nobody can play!

 Let's go! a one..a two..a one, two three!

For a few days, I was crazy about my Guitar. I even asked Mamarazzi why this guitar don't have "belt" geh?

That is until this comes along.

Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence brought me new toy again! 

This time is "Dak Dak Boom"

Ta~Da~!!! Got style or not?

Presenting!!! Smallkucing and The Gang. (sorry ya, don't know why camera kept blur out).Can hear the "background" music? The rest of the gang each playing an instrument. They are low profile so hidden from the camera.



  1. mars mello also wanna join the small kucing band!!! please.... =D

  2. Waaaaaa....can jadi rockstar liao... dak dak dum til so geng!

  3. yeng!! I also want to join the band. I be the lead singer... hehehe

  4. geng!!! wanna be the next malaysian version of SungHaJung (search in youtube)?


  5. Your Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence really thoughtful and kind wor! Future multi instrumentalist in the making!

    Btw, those ice cream cone are maracas.:)

  6. Mars Mell-o

    come come..the more the merrier

  7. AUntie Cleffairy

    Next time I dak Dak Boom your tum tum ok?

  8. Chris

    Lead singer ah...hmmm...I thought Auntie Claire be Lead Singer wor

  9. Angel Bear

    alamak! nearly same initials wor...SHJ ...mine SMJ

  10. Alice Law

    Thanks ...goody now I know the name of the ice cream need to know what is the whistle/flute lik thing is called :D

  11. Hah!!! Must be my comment about your LEGO everybody buying you the real stuff. Must thank me lor..

    Ya...looks lefthanded. Don't force-use your right hand. Lefthanded people are smarter...but end up otherwise as always forced to use their right.

  12. haha, this is cool!! next time whatever small kucing wants, just use lego to build them and then show them on the blog, then automatically got somebody buy for him already... :D

  13. How can i join the band lah? small kucing seems to be playing every instrument by himself,, maybe i can sing, by then he will be singing too..hahahah.

    hay,have a great week ahead

  14. Small Kucing, I invite you to "jam" with my XJ, he too plays guitar :-)


  15. Voila...very yau yeng la the drumset. I think i will never consider that for my girls, else i will runaway from the house..LOL!!

  16. STP time can hint hint in the blog already :p

    But I use right hand to "draw" wor.

  17. Yee Ling

    Lol...noisy noisy can chase away the cicaks. :p

  18. Wow. Nice. Love the videos. Maybe you can perform a song by playing all the instruments one at a time and then compose the separate clips to form an entire song. I've seen many do it already, maybe it's time I watch your work.

    Have fun.

  19. Wah....those are very nice gift!!!

  20. Nice presents! Let me know when you have a concert!

  21. What caught my attention from your aticle is, "Sharing is Caring For Sure", that how we have to learn about life and teach our kids.

    Your comments on the mutton on my blog - try to pressure cook to soften the mutton or can be replaced with lamb. To remove the smell, add plenty of kunyit powder and ginger.

  22. Small Kucing looks very cute when playing the drum! Can Aunty join your band or not?

  23. Gus

    Good idea! Why Mamarazi never thought of that...hmm..thanks :D

  24. mNhL

    Thanks. Very generous of them

  25. I am Tulsa

    Hahahaha.....will do will do

  26. wah can form band already!
    great start, lol!

  27. wah. ur boy getting bigger d. ;)

  28. Wah, Chloe will definitely turn into a green-eyed monster if she sees the drum set! Asked her to go for piano lesson, dowan. Violin also dowan. She wants to play drums! *pengsan*

  29. Tuti

    Goin to be my Manager or not?

  30. Medie0007

    Of course. Long time no see

  31. Chloe's Mummy

    Drum not bad ah..Vanessa Mae famous for violin, maybe Chloe will be a famous drummer one day.

  32. very nice drum set!!

    Since small kucing like instrument, maybe can think of sending him to some music class.

  33. Wah smallkucing, rock star in the making, izzit?


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