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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Restaurant Kwai Lam , Kampung Melayu Subang

It has been more than a year since we came here. The last time we came here was when my Khai Yeh come and gave us "Red Bomb".

Kacang...ngap ngap ngap...hungry leh. Hope the service is faster now la.

Hmm...indeed service was faster that what it used to be. Last time have to wait nearly 1 hour baru the food comes. This round within 15mins food arrived on the table already.

The Chicken Wing still as tasty. Yummmmm.

Sweet Potatoes Leaves. Portion for two...the plate was very big ah.

The Hokkien Yee Mee. Mamarazzi had wanted to have Mun Yee Mee but the taukeh told her their Mun Yee Mee is white colour one. Hmmm....don't know how it taste like so Mamarazzi didn't order lo. Instead ordered this Hokkien Yee Mee.

Papa had the Pai Guat Wong. Alaso portion for two person.

Ha! Ha! This is MINE. Fried Rice.  Hungry. Eat rice tum tum will be full full. Nice to sleep.


  1. The Hokkien Yee Mee looks great! LOL, gonna honor you makan queen liao!

  2. wah! the fried rice looks yummy!

    is it spicy?

  3. i used to go to this restaurant quite often last time.. i really love the fried chicken wings, so nice!!

  4. Food looks ok...biasa. How much like that? Chicken wings these days quite expensive - the panggang ones, RM2 each.

  5. wah, from 1 hour waiting time to 15 mins, improved alot leh.

  6. so jealous and envy, every time also jln2 cari makan, but body still maintained... whats the secret recipe?? share2 lah, jgn kedekut...hehe

  7. chicken wings and Hokkien mee making me hungry now. look yummy also.

  8. awhhhh nak nak nasi goreng hehehe good morning mamarazzi

  9. ALice Law

    Makan so much also cannot get fat :(

  10. SK

    The fried chicken wings still taste good

  11. STP

    ya biasa biasa. But the Chic wing was tatsty. Think it's RM2.20 a piece. Not sure coz paid lumpsum

  12. Wyson

    coz Mamarazzi kept chasing me around lo...that's why body maintain. In fact skinnier than before preg

  13. Nava

    The Chicken wing are one of their speciality

  14. I know this place, it's famous for its seafood too right? (:

  15. Hilda

    Yup..the ikan bakar and crabs


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