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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Penang Bloggers Gathering in April 2011

Uncle Eugene, Auntie Claire and "daddy" STP....I wanna go and join your gathering too. See..I have be practising "karaoke". Anyone wanna come fetch me? Papa had to work wor....


  1. LOL! Karaoke king in the making!

  2. Auntie Cleff oso now tengah buat muka kesian... haihh... kenot travel far... kereta always sick sick, and always masuk hospital. Anybody wanna do charity and pick auntie cleff up oso anot?

  3. Good too, you join them...not many people can go!

  4. Aiks we just came back from Penang too. Wah, wanna go without papa ar?

  5. gendang gendut duet ke...paparazzi with his soprano, babyrazzi with his sarung

  6. wow, already singing and practising.

  7. comelnya hehe..cute smile.. =D

  8. woah....all the uncles and aunties were there! hahha....nice one!

  9. hey, take a ETS train to Ipoh .. after that, no problem.. we can drive up.. all u got to do is just sit beside me! good idea or not? ETS train is very fast.. 2.15hours can reach Ipoh... u can go back on Sunday evening.. or MOnday if u like! no problem with me!

  10. You wait for me at KLIA on 1st April...and we go together, want?

  11. YinYue

    星 memang 星 but might be the gorilla punya 星. Not famous singer punya 星 hahaha

  12. Chaloe's Mummy

    Papa not free wor :(

  13. Nava

    now wonder it rains right ? :D

  14. Mery

    nowyou know why it rains ya


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