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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Paya Keladi Seafood, Jalan Kampung Daik K.Trengganu.

Mamarazzi saw this shop advertise Ikan Bakar and there seems to be a lot of people there. Should be good gua.

 We went there lor for supper.

 Mamarazzi had the Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin. Looks good but not much taste.

Papa had this "Keoy Teow Goreng" which doesn't look like "goeng" at all. More like Egg Gravy Noodle.

Papa reconfirmed with them and the man say it's Koey Teow Goreng.

Well, looks can be deceiving. Doesn't look nice but Papa said surprisingly it's tasty enough.

 Ikan Siakap Bakar. RM27. Expensive?

Taste...taste...the sambal very tasty. Not too spicy. As for the fish...hmm..there was a tad of mud smell.  Maybe it's hard to get good fish coz it was monsoon season there.


  1. Itu kway teow goreng, Cantonese sesat punya style. Food doesn't look good - that Muzzy place would be much nicer...

  2. mamakucing,

    Have u tried the ikan bakar at the floating restaurant under the kuala ibai bridge?

    Yummny & reasonable price too ;)

  3. mama kucing

    Did u try the ikan bakar at the floating restaurant under Kuala Ibai Bridge?

    Yummny & reasonable.

    That's Kue Teow Goreng Basah, in my place its 'wet' too, just that the gravy is black :)

  4. yeah, i also find the sambal on the fish very attractive, hahaha!! it would be nice to have the fried rice with that sambal lor..

  5. Hehehe.....I guess the Kueh Teow Goreng is Malay style ^_^. As for the ikan bakar siakap, looks yummy to me! Hehehe....let you know something about me, maybe you will be surprised.....I love mud smell in fish, so I don't mind eating fish with a bit of mud smell, especially those fresh water fish type! ^_^

  6. Bestnya ikan bakar wow...nice nice nice !!!

  7. Wah.. you went to K. Terengganu so far? The fish looks good but quite pricey i think..

  8. The ikan bakar for sure, looks so inviting, esp with the sambal.

  9. This koay teow is very familiar, similar to my canteen one.. the fish is very expensive considering east coast is a fishing area...

  10. Ikan bakar..aijor..i m craving for the ikan bakar at Kwai Lam

  11. Happyiyi

    Not yet. Will try to go there next time

  12. SK

    The sambal was good and tasty

  13. Alice

    Hmm...Mamarazzi doesnt like fish with mud smell. The ones at Termeloh no mud smell

  14. Mars Mell-o

    Ikan Bakar memang best

  15. Lenglui Witch

    Pricey coz Monsoon season. Not many go to fish.

  16. Claire

    Coz ngum ngum monsoon season lo. Not many nelayan go to the sea leh. Dangerous.


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