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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pasar "Mayam" With Mamarazzi

I went to Pasar "Mayam" with Mamarazzi yesterday. Brought along my KFC drinking bottle. Wanna buy my favourite Sugar Cane Juice. RM1 a cup.

*Sob*Sob* I saw durian stall. I want durian. But Mamarazzi said didn't bring out container. Tak mau beli wor. She lazy to carry the whole biji of durian back home.

She went and bought some vegetable. Can you guess how much is this White Lobak? Mamarazzi really terkejut when she got to know the price.

Bought from Indian stall. Mamarazzi selected one piece of Lobak. She planned to make Lobak Soup.

Gave the Lobak to the Vendor. He went and timbang. Then he went and took one more Lobak wor.

Mamarazzi dare not say anything as he muka hitam. Mamarazzi need one lobak only mah. She asked him how much? He showed two fingers and said "dua puluh sen". Mamarazzi was shocked. Salah dengar or what? 20sen? Asked again. Same reply.  Mamarazzi gave him RM1 and he returned 80sen. wonder the Vendor muka masam. Rugi the cost of the plastic bag lo selling at 20sen. If in morning wet market, one batang like that would have been 70sen to RM1.

 Another vegetable that cost RM1. Looks like Mamarazzi going to cook Asam Chye  again lo.

 Surprising...this one also RM1. Haiyo....yesterday Pasar Malam vegetable harga runtuh ka?

If you ask Auntie Cleffairy, you will know Mamarazzi paling pandai is cook this. Middle of the night can wake up and look for this punya.

RM10 for 3 bungkus and FREE one bag. Oh ya...the expiry date is quite near. Less than 6 months.  That's why so cheap. But Mamarazzi kiasu for the bag punya pasal, so she bought lor. No matter la coz Mamarazzi can finish the noodle very fast punya la. to eat this Wintermelon ah? Hungry leh.

 Mamarazzi bought Nasi "amak" for me and Nasi Campur for herself.

 Hmmm....something is not right.

 How come Mamarazzi punya so much "liu" one? Mine so plain one ...


  1. Haihh... ur mamarazzi and Auntie Cleff same gang la... masak mamee paling pandai. U wan makan mamee anot? Auntie cook some for u...kasi u banyak banyak liu, mau kah? Put cabbage, put carrot, put ayam, put some beef slice... guarantee sedap!

  2. Saw the cheap sale instant noodle at pasar pagi aso, but didn't buy because the expiry date too near liao...

  3. WHAT?!! Radish for RM1?!! OMG... wher is this pasar Mayam har? So tempted to borong over there!^-^

  4. Wah! Where is this place? I go and buy all the veg and the next day, I will go and sell some place else - make big profit. So cheap.....

  5. mamarazzi went to which pasar mayam?? things there should be cheap i guess, but never expected as cheap as 10sen per lobak lah.. so mamarazzi can now cook dinner for whole family for less than RM5??

  6. Ahhaha..the Ah Neh so cham la..

    Durian, i thought ur mamarazzi jadi beli...tak jadi pulak.

  7. So Small Kucing will know how to choose fresh & cheap veggies in "pasar mayam" next time, mamarazzi can stay at home & wait ;-)


  8. Auntie Cleff

    waaa.....yours one so much Liu ah? ?

  9. Pete

    Yup coz expiry less than 6 months but hentam la since it wont last 6 month pun in the house LOL

  10. Alice Law

    Wrong....the two batang twenty sen/dua puluh(20sens) only!!!

    Really terkejut lo. Thought misheard or what.

  11. STP

    Near our house lo. The vegetable RM1 not that surprising la but the lobak 20sens only was really shocking.

    The seller is indian. Maybe he doesn't know that lobak is not that cheap if sold in Chinese market.

  12. SK

    Mayam near our house lo. Got 3 indian stalls selling vegetables. The one at the end of the road one very expensive. This Lobak bought from the one in the middle. First time buying from this stall

  13. Yee Ling

    Next time buy from the Ah Neh in the middle. Looks like much cheaper than the one at the end of the road.

    Tak jadi buy durian lo coz forgot to bring out container. Malas to go back and take.

  14. O_o, so where is that place about?

  15. Dora

    Yikes....later I become "kuli"???

  16. What!? Only 20 sen for 2 batang of lobak putih!? Very, very good buy leh! Hehehe....I'm starting to wonder whether the Indian seller is fluent with his Maths or not. Joshua, go and grab some 'liu' from your mum lah....sure she will give you one if you are willing to eat. Where got mother tak sayang anak?

  17. Wah the radish so cheap. No wonder he takes one more, if not just ask 10cent from you rugi the plastic bag jor. Hahahaha!

  18. your son is so cute! hehe.. ^_^

  19. Indian seller can get cheaper vegetables from farmer? hehe ^^

  20. That lobak putih for only RM0.20!! That's very cheap le....

  21. I have to agree on prices of veges today and where you buy them. I do keep stock of instant mee to be our savior during crisis on hunger.

  22. Very cheap lobak! I pernah buy a whole bundle of spinach for only 10sen, believe it or not? Not in pasar mayam tho, that was in Giant ;) Pity the farmers ler... what do they earn?

  23. i don't cook but when read cost 20 cent for lobak?? That's dirt cheap!!!

  24. Alice Phua

    Maybe Indian though Lobak no price kot? Saw they use this lobak to make the vege in banana leaf rice

  25. Chee Yee

    No wonder he muka hitam LOL

  26. mNhL

    ya lo...maybe he duno the price or what. This lobak good to make soup. Very cooling

  27. Nava

    hahaha...Mamarazzi tend to be hungry in the middle of the night. Yup...price of vegetable depends on location. If SS2or something like that will be more expensive

  28. Chloe's Mummy

    Yup sometimes Giant have wacky price. Mamarazzi bght before oranges at 10 sens each from Giant

  29. cheap... i aso wan to go pasar malam... long time i dint go already...

  30. waaaa!!! which location is this!!! tell me!! next time can go peek-peek there...dang...lobak 20 sen wor!!! Here in KK they sell at RM2 =.= and that bundle of vege is only RM1 ....i will sure gila babi if saw these sells at KK for this price...

  31. Claire

    have to see which pasar mlm lo. SOme very mahal. This one small pasar mlm only. Nothing much there. Only some vege, foodstuffs and a bit baju.

  32. Angel Bear

    Near my house lo but it's a small pasar malam.


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