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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I Love Happy Meal

I love going to AmCorp Mall and BookXcess

Why? Coz each time I get to go to McDonald and have Happy Meal there.

This round they gave Tamagotchi car.

Mamarazzi also bought me a cone. Wah!! For me?'s GOOD

 Mamarazzi had Spicy McDeluxe Chicken Burger. She likes this more than McChicken.

After makan, Uncle Patrick brought me to buy Guitar. I went "Busking" in front of McDonald. But tarak get anything. Hmm...Maybe I should have put a hat on the floor?


  1. wahahah, whats busking ya?

    Small Kucing so enjoy, always get happy meal! XD

  2. me too love macD so much!!! =D nowadays less eat them..tengah diet haha..

  3. happy meal eat already very happy. so tomorrow i must also go get a happy meal set for myself.

  4. I spent a fortune on Happy Meals when my daughter was small. She, of course, was happy...but my pocket wasn't! LOL!!!

    Adoi! online dictionary, yunno! Tsk! Tsk! Young people today!

  5. i also love happy meal when there is Doraemon toys~~ haha!! :p

  6. So, he loves the meal, or the toys?

  7. Chicken SPicy McDeluxe my favorite too!!!

  8. McD sundae, my kids' favourite!

  9. I prefer their spicy mc deluxe too....

  10. Ermmm...i thought McD having clearance sale on Happy Meal Toys, n ur mamarazzi went n borong the toys again...

  11. I'm quite selective when it comes to Happy Meals.. will only buy it when I see cute toys like Tamagotchi or Hello Kitty hehe :p

  12. the youngest hip hop dancer? !

  13. Ha, JUan Or loves McD too, but he only eats the french fries and ice-cream, burger won't touch at all! So for Small Kucing, everytime he gets to eat in McD, his toys collection increase loh!

  14. I am not a fan of McD,hahahah , may be it is because i once worked there before, so really not keen makaning there.

    looks like whatever meals that McD promotes, the happy lot will always be the kanak kanak,,,

    seriously speaking, too much of this fast food no good lol

    take care now ya

  15. McDees is a once a while for me, crave for it once a month.

    If you are free during weekends, check out the flea market at Amcorp, quite a big one with plenty to see and buy.

  16. Auntie oso like those McD toys... most of them are funny punya! LOL!

  17. Hehe I love Happy Meal as well :) Eventhough I am no longer the appropriate age :)

  18. Isaac


    From wikipedia :

    Street performance or busking is the practice of performing in public places, for gratuities, which are generally in the form of money and edibles.

  19. Mars Mell-o

    La...dont diet la. Your look great

  20. Tuti

    Must :D. Eh...Msia McD having big breakfast promo now. Buy rm5 of McD, get two free Big Breakfast meal. Vouchers print from online

  21. STP

    Papa and Mamarazzi only buy Happy Meals for me if got nice toy. Otherwise will be nugget and fries only

  22. SK

    Eh...last round got Doremon toys. I got two of is the mermaid and one is the whale

  23. Prince and Princess Mum

    Love the toy then baru meal

  24. Choi Yen

    Mamarazzi says yum yum

  25. mNhL

    Ya...that one taste like KFC Zinger Burger

  26. Yee Ling

    No la...that one happens only during weekend

  27. ALice

    Papa and Mamarazzi usually buy the nugget set for me. I like nugget

  28. Faisal

    Goody...can work from home :D

  29. Gwen just had Happy Meal last Saturday. She got a toy called Dorami. A yellow cat..I think it's Doraemon's friend..haha.


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