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Friday, 25 March 2011

I Fell For Her Bell At BookXcess.

 I went to BookXcess again yesterday. Wanna hunt for the RM5-90 Disney book. basket for you, one for Uncle Patrick and one for me.

Errrr...if I cover the two "11" like this, will they sell me the Book Stool for RM9-90? I want one leh...especially the one that can open and close punya.

 Hmmm....where are the Disney book?

Found it! Come here! Help me take.I want the book about Cars.

Meantime, Mamarazzi also found this Read And Share Bible From Thomas Nelson Publisher in BookXcess.  So nice one leh. Very thick some more.

This is very sad story for me coz the Read And Share Bible which Mamarazzi request from booksneeze since January 2011 never arrive. Not Booksneeze fault as they sent replacement when Mamarazzi reported the said lost. The replacement also "gone". Don't know stuck where.

Dear Mr Kastam/Mr Pos/Mr Home Ministry or whoever who is holding my books. Can you please release my Booksneeze book to me? This is just a harmless Bible for small kid like me. No "ALLAH" word inside. Pretty please..please release the said to me.

While Mamaazzi was looking at the Bible, I found her. I fell in love with her bell. Mamarazzi said don't wanna buy for me coz I have too many books already. 

Unfair! My books is not even 1% of Mamarazzi's books.

I want this book! This book got Bicycle bell at the top. I pull it will got "Ring!Ring!"

Mamarazzi don't wanna buy for me never mind. I buy. I have money. I can pay Jie Jie at the counter. *why does this sound familiar, Mamarazzi asked*

In the end Mamarazzi bought this book for me. Jie Jie at the counter told me to keep my money in the pocket and don't drop the money.

 Mamarazzi bought a pressie for me.

Also these Hardcover books. These are lovely. There are other titles too. You can check out BookXcess Facebook ( for more titles

 This Jack and The Beanstalk book comes with CD, book and a page of stickers. RM7-90  only. Mamarazzi haven't test the CD yet. Should be okay.

Next comes the RM5-90 Disney books. Mini Books. Just fit my hands nicely. There are others titles like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and etc but Mamarazzi didn't buy.

Haha! This book is for Papa to read to me punya. Papa always play Lion King song for me in his computer.

Then Mamarazzi saw this Paper crafts box set. She was 15..16..whether to buy or not. Price at RM29-90. Don't know the things inside inferior quality or not and don't know worth it or not.

In the end she bought it. Came home open up and see. Satisfactory. In fact, it is better than expected. The book is very instructive with a lot of ideas. The instructions very clear. If outside attend class very expensive leh. This set only cost RM29-90. With this set, I can do it at home and at my leisure.

It comes with a sets of rubber stamps, ink pad, protected scissor, color pencils and sharpener, a rainbow colored ruler, colorful papers and two pieces of plastic for me to trace alphabets/numbers and draw picture.

Good news! Kor Kor Jon. Mamarazzi found Darren Shan Book. This one is 3-in-1. Part 4,5,6. I guess now we are missing part 7 and 8 only. Hope can complete the collection soon.

If go BookXcess, it is not possible that Mamarazzi come out empty handed. She saw this Anthony Bourdain book. Curious. Fiction? I thought he is a great Chef? Can't help and bought this book.

Then we bump into Auntie Winnie. She highly recommended this book to Mamarazzi. Mamarazzi is looking forward to reading this book. Wow...even got bookmark leh.

You know Mamarazzi crazy about Asian Authors and anything to do with Asian Country lah. When she saw the author's name she though she'll give it a miss. Then she saw the magic word "Malaysia". Oh...this man is writing about Malaysia. RM7-90...well...not expensive. Worth the buy. 


This is another of Purchase With Purchase book. RM9-90.

You think mamarazzi mad ah? You should see what happen to Auntie Florence. First round buy already. When Mamarazzi was paying for the books, Auntie Florence spotted other books pulak and she had second round in BookXcess. Don' know how much she spend there.

Looks like she is delighted with the Free Gift Wrapping Service there. Guess this won't be her last time going to BookXcess loh. Another "Borong Monster" created by Mamarazzi.


  1. Kucing better don't climb so high oh.... Later will get high-rise building on the head !!:p

  2. Wah, beli buku lagi...nanti rumah jadi library lorr!

  3. I'm sending LUV your way!
    I'm your latest follower from MBC!
    •.¸¸.♥♥ ஐ
    pls.. come return the LUV and FOLLOW ME also if you aren't yet!.
    Thanks and much LUV ¯`•.¸¸.♥♥ ஐ

  4. Zzzzzz....!!! Adoi! Fell asleep before reaching the end of the post, belum start reading the books yet even. Muahahahaha!!!

  5. My booksneeze requests also hilang entah gi mana liao...T-T

    Nice shopping loots, enjoy your reading and have a awesome weekend!

  6. wow, what a spree at BookXcess, so this time how many ratus have mamarazzi's pocket burnt?? :p

  7. Little Meow!! What a huge reader!
    I think at your age, you have read more books than me!!

  8. Chris

    I biasa get "bungalow" everywhere lo.

  9. Pete

    Already jadi library la...only tarak place to display aje

  10. Diva

    Thanks ..will hop over to your blog soon :D

  11. STP

    good...then you will have a goodnite sleep. Dont have to worry about the Earthquake news :D

  12. ALice LAw

    Not only yours. Several other people punya also "hilang". Really don't know the parcels are with which department now. Pos say Kastam . Kastam say not with them. Said maybe Home Ministry. WTH! Kids books only lah. Like that also need 3 mths to check ah??!! What happen after they "checked". Returned to Booksneeze? released to us? or something more sinister..

  13. SK

    Haiz...Mamarazzi says this coming month eat plain porridge with kicap enough la. Cannt eat rice with kicap. Need to dilute the rice to make it last longer. POKAI liao with capital P

  14. Lupie

    *blush* not read la...more like Mamarazzi read and I look at the pictures

  15. Wah so many books I owning kepala already! Btw how does mamarazzi find time to read book? Sometimes I dun even get to read nippers, but now the God for iPad can do more work and reading

  16. Wish my place have BookXcess too, what a joy to be among books!

    Happy Reading!

  17. I like your comment about the Bible and the hidden message behind it, well said and hope others will get the message too, so much for 1Malaysia.

  18. you can open book shop already!
    great habit to inculcate!

  19. I read Gone Bamboo awhile back - I still prefer Bourdain's non-fiction writing.

    The Andrew Leci book I liked.

  20. Irene

    Hahaha...Mamarazzi reads when i zzz lo. That's why she forever having panda eyes

  21. Puan Isah

    When you come down KL can drop by BX lah

  22. Nava

    Really frustrated coz the books ordered are children books. One glance can see that it got nothing related to the word ALLAH and obviously it's not porn. If kena tahan by Kastam will be notified. But this no news at all. It's like sunk into the wide blue sea.

    If others who have requested the same books like me also reported theirs lost, what would they think of Malaysia? That there are rampant pilferage at our postal service or whatever? That our country is very restrictive? Why the same parcel can arrive in other countries safely but not in Msia?

  23. Tuti

    Hahaha...bookshop ah...sayang to sell

  24. Synical

    Ooo...Never read his books before . Only saw his show.

  25. The must-read Anthony Bourdain book (I say) is Kitchen Confidential, his memoir.

  26. Synical

    Thanks very much.Will look out for that book. Am now reading Andre Leci's Once Removed


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