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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Don't Woorry Mama...

A friend lend Mamarazzi 3 Chinese Drama Series more than half a year ago. She finished watching one series a few months ago. The balance two were...ahem..ahem..."hold in abeyance".

She finally got down to it two weeks ago. "Boiled DVD Porridge". I also watched a bit here and there with her lah. Accompany her sikit lor. I learnt new "barang" from this show.

The other day, Papa brought me to Jusco. I saw an "L-shaped" thing. I hold the "L-shape" thingy by the tip loh. Papa saw me and he laughed. Asked Mamarazzi to look. Mamarazzi looked and she laughed.

When I watched this show, I baru know the "L-shaped" thingy is called a "Cheong", nothing to do with "Lap Cheong". Police carry this "cheong" to catch bad guys one.

I baru know that I was holding the "Cheong" at the wrong end at Jusco the other day. No wonder Papa and Mamarazzi laughed.

One night, I built a Lego "Cheong". I pointed at Mamarazzi and said "STOP! I don't want rice! I want noodle". Mamarazzi "pengsan-ed". Ish....baik punya tak learn so fast, jahat punya pulak very fast...

The next series was this one. Mamarazzi said not as "Kan Cheong" as the other one wor. Only have one "Leng Zhai" there. Even that "Leng Zhai" was rather "lembik".

That Leng Zhai Uncle very bad wor. Make the Jie Jie in red baju cry. Don't know why Mamarazzi also cried.

I scolded the Uncle naughty boy. Then I said to Mamarazzi "Don't woooorry, Mama. Joshua here. Be fine. Don't cry. Go oi oi".

Haiz...don't know why...Mamarazzi said she "pengsan-ed" again. Said don't know where I learn to say all these "adult" things wor.

Hmm....really don't understand Mamarazzi. Point Lego gun at her, she said pengsan. Sayang-sayang her, she also said pengsan...suka sangat pengsan.


  1. No, thank you...I wouldn't want to watch those... Every night, STP's missus would watch...all the channels on Astro till 1-2 a.m.... So addictive!

  2. So now Small Kucing can be your personal bodyguard anytime with the "cheong" :-)


  3. Kucing must have secretly surf the net to learn all these stuffs.... Lol

  4. Wah, Joshua wanna be mamarazzi hero eh?

  5. Luckilly didn't have lap cheong like Bruce lee...then make nunchaku! LOL!

  6. Watched both drama, love it especially the leng zai 1, wanna watch for 2nd time :P

  7. Better use the 'cheong' correctly and later too much of the series would learn to be 'cheong hei' instead..

  8. wah, watch all the series until small kucing also want to become a policeman already?? mamarazzi considering to buy small kucing a real toy gun?? :p

  9. time kenot pinjam ur Mamarazzi too many DVDs jor...dahsyat**

  10. LOL, normal-lah, it's easy to learn bad things, but hard to pick up good things. Even Juan Or is no exception. Same-lah, I pernah used Lego to make one robot for Juan Or, then he pluck out the legs and use as his gun to shoot at me! *Pengsan!*

  11. great potential to be future singer.

  12. oh, i always saw this trailer on tv.. nice or not ha? now i watch Kwai Chit on 305... :)family show.. no cheong one!

  13. Wah...long time never visit your blog. So pro already! Now professional blogger hah?

  14. STP that next time u help Missus STPn to download the show from internet la. No need to stay up so late to watch.

  15. Dora

    the 1st sign of trouble I cabut lari 1st lor.

  16. Chris

    hehehe...u bocor my rahsia ah..:p

  17. Pete

    Oh ya hor....Mamarazzi have lap cheong in the fridge...maybe i will dig out and play tomolo :P

  18. Choi Yen

    Both oso have leng chai wor. But Mamarazzi said The Mysteries of Love that "Inspector" very girlish wor

  19. SK

    Mamarazzi say dont wanna buy gun for me wor. Later I tak jadi police become pencuri pulak dah

  20. Nava

    and no wonder we are having frequent unexpected rains recently ya.

  21. Claire

    Kwai Chitt ah...dont want...that one cry till half dead punya . Anyway tarak subscribe 305.

  22. Mike

    not as pro as you la taukeh

  23. Hahahaha SK so cute. :)

    Btw I prefer Japanese drama. :)

  24. Chee Yee

    Mamarazzi dont like Japanese movie coz drag a lot


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