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Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Collection of Enid Blyton's Books

This post is purposely to tease Auntie Cleffairy. She sure make noise after reading this post. Mark my words.

Mamarazzi have quite a collection of Enid Blyton's books. This one is one of her favourite book. She re-read this every school holiday

Got Choo-choo-train at the cover.

Still in tip top condition. There are 44 stories in this book.

Guess how much was it? RM16-95 bought from Times a long time ago.

Among her favourites :-

 Mr Galliano's Circus

 More circus

 Who can forget The Enchanted Wood and its Faraway Tree?

The Wishing Chair. Mamarazzi have the whole set but it's in the other plastic bag. Got buried under tonnes of books.Too far under to dig up.

Stories about farm life. 

 And of course adventures stories.

 Stories about relationships.

 Magical stories. There are plenty more in the storeroom but based on these, I think it's enough to "kill" Auntie Cleffairy.

Nothwithstanding anything, Enid Blyton writes the best Children books with genre that covers almost everything under the sun. There sure to be something for everyone.


  1. ha ha ha, don't kill the bird lah! LOL!

  2. Sobbbbbbssssssss.... why???? WHY???? WHYYYYYYYY???? Why must you post up this one???? This is much more worst than any sotong dishes combined!!!!! JAHAT BETUL!

  3. Btw... *takes a deep breath* auntie's all time fav is that 'Wishing Chair' book and the 'Secret Island'. Oooo... used to read that every weekend and couldn't get enough!

  4. I read so many of her books when I was young...

  5. Wow, these books sure in good hands! I love Enid Blyton too, shouldn't have give them away when I moved, else my kids can have it now too!>_<

    Great job mommy for keeping the books so well! Now you can enjoy it to the fullest liao!

  6. Pete

    To Kill The Mocking Bird ....but this one is to Kill the Little Bird

  7. AUntie Cleffairy

    Told you for thought

  8. STP

    Got plenty more in the store room that Mamarazzi didn't dig out yet

  9. Alice Law

    Owww....give away.....sobs...

  10. hey, i wont make noise like cleff.. i ask and it shall be lent.. hahahaa...

  11. My all-time favourite by Enid Blyton is THE LAND OF FAR BEYOND. It is, for me, the best book ever written and teaches all the good stuff.

    Do you have it? :D

  12. Enid blyton children's book still gained that readership after so long - there's must be sth appealing about it!!

  13. *sooooooooo envious*

    i used to have some enid blyton books then when i grew out of it don't know where my mum buang it to already. sad... one that i remember going back to read again and again is 'the three brownies'. can't find it anywhere now!

  14. awesome books, remember reading when I young, great to improve our English language

  15. Wah..pengsan. Mamarazzi is really a book collector..hehe. I better dig out my old Enid Blyton's books from my house when I go back to KL, if I can find lah.

  16. awhh so many books le..he he he baru beli ke?

  17. STEEST

    Yup..Mamarazzi have that as well. Have posted about them here -

  18. MRC

    It's one of the greatest author ever.

  19. nylusmilk

    Mamarazzi dont have 3 Brownies. Read before coz friend lend her.

  20. Nava

    That was what Mamarazzi's teacher told her last time LOL

  21. Mummy Gwen

    Time o dig up the books for Gwen lo

  22. Mars Mell-o

    Bought more than 20 years ago :P

  23. Wow, an amazing collection and treasures. I enjoyed reading Enid Blyton's book too. Keep it up!

  24. STEEST

    opps...just realised that post don't have Land Of Far Beyond.

    Dont worry ..coming right up at midnight :D

  25. Iriene

    Yup...Mamarazzi will keep it for as long as she can

  26. Hi Small Kucing, long time no see! Oh, shhhhhhhh... You are zzzzzzzz?

    Rock a bye baby on the tree top, When the wind blows, the cradle will rock .....

  27. Autumn

    The old days rhymes very scary ya...cradle drop from tree..pussy in the well...Jack broke his crown..humpty dumpty fell into million pieces kakakaka

  28. OMIGOSH! This certainly brings back memories. LOOOOVEEEE Enid Blyton too!

  29. Ann

    I guess these books brings bck a lot of memories for many people


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