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Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-How Jesus Escaped by Enid Byton

Fuiyoh...this round the story very "Kan Cheong". Mamarazzi "modify" from the part "How Jesus Escape" in The Children's Life of Christ by Enid Blyton.

At first ho...they dug a hole...100km long. Just like those in Vietnam ones. Then, they crawl and crawl...then got tanah runtuh wor...and an angel was sent to lift them up onto the sky....The UFO came and captured them....

No lah...the story doesn't go like that la.

Joseph did a lot of dreaming in this part of the story. First he dreamt of an Angel. The Angel was sent by God into his dream to warn him to bring his family and flee to Egypt immediately and the evil King Herod will send his soldiers to kill Jesus.

Hence they packed immediately and flee in the middle of the night to Egypt. They only stopped briefly to rest and makan for they felt not safe as long as they are under King Herod's land. 

That was how Jesus managed to escape when the soldiers came. He was not there and he was not murdered.

They stayed in Egypt till Joseph had another dream. In his dream, the Angel told him it's safe got go back to the land of Israel for the evil King Herod had died. 

They travelled quite a good distance when they heard King Herod was succeeded by his equally evil grandson Archelaus. Joseph was worried that Archelaus will harm Jesus. Is it wise to go back to Bethlehem? 

Mary counter that they belong to the house of David and the city is the place they belong to. Moreover it's near Jerusalem. Jesus could go to school in the Holy City.

Then God sent Joseph another dream. He was told to go to Galilee and settle there. Mary suggested to go back to Nazareth as it is in Galilee and all their friends were there. So there they went and that was the place where Jesus grow up into a wonderful man.

See! Didn't I say, Joseph had a lot of dream?


  1. Some dreams are true...a premonition, but not all lah... some are just nightmare, can ignore...

  2. Wow... the story is getting more interesting after your mommy modified it, fuyoh... even got UFO!*Clap hands*

  3. sleeping beauty so cute le..=D

  4. You leh? Dream a lot or not? Dream of your dear...or dream of food?

  5. Auntie Cleff

    I know you dream of clark kent la :D

  6. Alice Law

    Mamarazzi Lesen kopi o one

  7. STP

    I dreamt of Uncle Ptrick bring me go gai gai yesterday


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