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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ah Lyes Curry Fish Head, SS19 Subang Jaya

Thanks to Quay Po Cooks, Mamarazzi got to know about this shop.

We ordered their signature dish. Curry Fish Head. The Curry taste really good and a lot of ingredient inside. Not sure what type of fish they use in this curry.

Fu Yoong Egg. Everyone loved this. The prawns were very big size. Yumm yummm just can't get enough of this.
Salt Baked Chicken. I know STP would sure say need improvement on food presentation..hehehe..

There were a lot of herbs but funny enough the chicken doesn't have much of herbs taste.

This Chicken will definitely meets Auntie Little Birds requirement. She is the opposite of Mamarazzi. She hates herbs tastes. Said it makes her pening wor. Auntie Little Bird, I go bodek Mamarazzi to buy one for you, ok.

 Next comes Foo Chuk Kuen. What? Too many dishes already? No la...we are all big eaters mah.

Okay..okay we are not all carnivore. We are also omnivore. We do eat Vegetables. We ordered Yau Mak without Foo Yee. But the man mixed up and the dish was cooked with Foo Yee. Yucks...again this vege "tak laku" at our table.

Since tak laku with the adult, Papa jahat. Kept feeding me this vege. Say good for "poo poo" wor. Haiyo...really too good liao. The next day I poo poo so many times. Some more when I go gai-gai pulak. Had to look for toilet for me. Naughty Papa. He feed me vege but he don't wanna bring me to toilet. Ask Mamarazzi to bring. Hmmmmphf!!!

 Kerabu Mangga bought from the Thai Fair at SS2 Mall. Very laku. Yummy.

After makan, Mamarazzi took a name card. Uiks! Rupa-rupa the main branch of this shop is in Pokok Assam Taiping. What a surprise! Orang from Taiping also didn't know about this.


  1. Hahahahah... auntie really beh tahan herbs lah... mau muntah... smell liao oredi wan wiwangwang... aihhh... good la, Mamarazzi like... next time got herbs or wud, can sumbat ur mamarazzi baham! *GrinZ*

  2. The curry fish head looks good. As for the rest, they do not turn me on. Presentation can do wonders...

  3. eih, nice nice!! i love all the dishes woh, so appetising and yummy, all so right to my taste~~ :p

  4. We normally like to order mixed veggies curry & foo yong egg too when eating outside :-)


  5. Goodlah, next time I can check out this place

  6. fu yong egg wow look tasty..and the vege im hugry now =D

  7. the curry look good and also the salt baked chicken.

  8. Hi there :) Thanks for passing my blog. That curry fish head makes me want to cook one too.

    I am following your blog now.

    Have a good day.

  9. The curry fish head reminded me the one i had at Yin Her..ehehhee

  10. the salted chicken makes me drool....

  11. The fish head curry is surely my choice, thanks for sharing, will try out as I am always at Subang Jaya.

  12. i have taken once before in Pokok Assam, Taiping, posted it too ages ago.. yes, they are famous for their fish head and their choon kuen.. cheap and very fresh fish too!

  13. Clicked on this when I saw the title link from another blog :) I used to go the Ah Lye quite a lot then somehow forgotten about it. After seeing your photos, I want to go again soon(thx for reminding me!. Just love the curry fish head there.

  14. I am always looking for good places to eat at Subang... thanks for highlighting. Now must google map and see where is SS19.

  15. Auntie Cleff

    No worries...this one not mucyh herb smell

  16. STP

    yup the curry fish head tasty. Alamak....apa pasal turn on pulak :p

  17. SK

    Time to explore this area then :D

  18. Dora

    some shop cook curry not nice. Can taste the curry powder punya :(

  19. Mars Mell-o

    the Fu Yong egg memang tasty.

  20. Annie

    can try out this shop the next time you are in this area

  21. Yee Ling

    This one nicer than YH.

  22. mNhL

    dont la drool. Come down KL and makan la

  23. Adrine

    Link from another blog? Hmm...

    We didn't know about Ah Lye till Quay Po Cooks told Mamarazzi about this shop. Will definitely go back there to makan again

  24. Leona

    hope you will be able to find the place. Mamarazzi also not familiar with that area. It's between the road to Empire and glenmarie

  25. Claire

    Didnt know this shop is famous in Pokok Asam. mamarazzi went and took the name card then baru noticed. hahaha...even Patrick and daughter also terkejut

  26. That looks like a delicious feast.

  27. Umm Mymoonah

    Indeed delicious feast :D

  28. Yummy, nampak sedap tu :0, must go try it out one weekend.


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