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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Satu Ringgit! Satu Ringgit!

 Satu Ringgit! Satu Ringgit!

Tak customer

You wanna buy?

50sen only ah? Okay la...since business not that good. See you so "lenglui"  I sell to you at 50sen la.

Hmm...better keep my money before stolen.

Mamarazzi said I went to Pasar Malam too much.Now I open "Pasar Malam" at home.

She said when I grow up she won't have to worry about me unable to "cari makan".  I can become Pasar Malam trader wor. No bad leh. Own business. All in cash terms. Suka-suka can go "on leave".

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I Love Happy Meal

I love going to AmCorp Mall and BookXcess

Why? Coz each time I get to go to McDonald and have Happy Meal there.

This round they gave Tamagotchi car.

Mamarazzi also bought me a cone. Wah!! For me?'s GOOD

 Mamarazzi had Spicy McDeluxe Chicken Burger. She likes this more than McChicken.

After makan, Uncle Patrick brought me to buy Guitar. I went "Busking" in front of McDonald. But tarak get anything. Hmm...Maybe I should have put a hat on the floor?

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck, Petaling Street

Mamarazzi love the roast duck from this stall the most. Though business hours is stated from 6a.m to 4p.m., usually the roast duck would be fully sold off by 2p.m. That is why Mamarazzi usually call up and booked first.

You know usually during Chinese New Year, price for food would increase. The price of the roast duck was increased from RM43/bird to RM45/bird a few days before Chinese New Year. 

Well, Mamarazzi thought once increased the price would stick to that. We went and buy some more last week. Surprise! surprise! The price gone down to RM43/bird! typo error. The price gone down!

I love this roast duck too coz the meat real tender. Normally I won't eat much meat unless Mamarazzi shred for me.

 But for this one...I'll grab a whole piece and ngap ngap ngap! It's GOOOOOOOD!

You know what is this? People say eat this is better than go for facial wor. Skin wil become very smooth like a baby bottom. Mamarazzi don't eat this punya. That's why her skin a lot of kedut.

 After eat roast duck, time for a refreshing drink. Mmmm....nice nice lemon.

 Got Ribena. ...

 Haha! Mamarazzi made Ribena Soda with Lemon.


Monday, 28 March 2011

Smallkucing & The Band

Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence came over last week and we went gai-gai. Uncle Patrick saw the video of me playing Lego Guitar.

During gai-gai Uncle Patrick saw a toy shop. While Mamarazzi and Auntie Florence was having a chit-chat in McD, he brought me to the toy shop. 

There was two Guitars there.Uncle Patrick asked me to choose which one I want. A big one and a smaller one. The Big one only have a Guitar.The smaller one comes with Tambourine and two others instruments. Mamarazzi don't know what they are called. One is like two ice cream cone to shake and the other is flute like whistle.

Jeng~jeng~jeng~ this is the one I have chosen. Mamarazzi said I greedy coz I've chosen the one with the most instruments. I am not greedy. I have my reason for choosing this.

Uncle Patrick opened for me. I promptly grabbed the guitar twiddle with the black thingy at the top. Uncle Patrick was surprised. He asked Mamarazzi whether she taught me play Guitar before. Mamarazzi was also "one head all mist". She had no idea how I know to twiddle the black thingy to adjust the sound of the strings.

When we got home, I took out the rest of the instrument and I distributed. I said "Nah! this one for you..this one for you and that one for you" (I passed the Tambourine to Uncle Patrick and the other two instrument to Auntie Florence and Mamarazzi).  There! Everyone got to play an instrument and I've got a Band. No need to fight. A much better choice than choosing the lone big guitar, right?

Uncle Patrick commented from the way I was holding the Guitar, maybe I am left handed.All can share share.

 Except for my Guitar! It's mine! Nobody can play!

 Let's go! a one..a two..a one, two three!

For a few days, I was crazy about my Guitar. I even asked Mamarazzi why this guitar don't have "belt" geh?

That is until this comes along.

Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence brought me new toy again! 

This time is "Dak Dak Boom"

Ta~Da~!!! Got style or not?

Presenting!!! Smallkucing and The Gang. (sorry ya, don't know why camera kept blur out).Can hear the "background" music? The rest of the gang each playing an instrument. They are low profile so hidden from the camera.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus Is Lost

It's nighttime again. Time to sleep and time for bedtime story from Enid Blyton's The children's Life of Christ again.

Last week Mamarazzi stopped at Jesus and his parents going to the Holy City of Jerusalem.  They had to walk there and it was a wonderful walk. Nighttime they would camp at the road side.

Soon they arrived at the city. Jesus was very excited. It was happy days for Jesus for he was taken to the Holy Temple. He was made a Disciple of the Law and the Holy Wise Men told him he must keep the law as what his parents did.

Pretty soon. the Feast was over and everyone packed up to back to their home. So did Joseph and Mary. The whole group started to walk home.

Joseph and Mary did not see Jesus the whole day. They thought he was with his friends.

Then comes night fall. They still could not locate Jesus. They asked around and nobody seems to  have seen Jesus the whole day. Joseph and Mary felt very anxious and the decided to turn back to the Holy City to look for Jesus.

They search for 3 days in the Holy City for Jesus and could not find him. They were extremely worried. Then Mary had and idea. Maybe Jesus is in the Holy Temple coz he loves to go there.

Yup....naughty boy ..he was at the Holy Temple. Didn't tell Joseph and Mary. Made them worried.

He was busy asking questions and answering questions from the Wise Men. The Wise Men were very impressed with Jesus grasp of the laws and the questions which he asked them made them think very hard.

Then he noticed Joseph and Mary. Mary rushed to him and hugged him. She told him that they have been looking everywhere for him and were very worried.

Jesus was surprised that they didn't know where he was. Didn't they realised that he would be in God's Temple, his Father's House, learning things about Him that he should learn? Mary could not quite understand what he meant but she was sure relief that they have found him.

They went home together and during the journey Jesus told them the questions he asked the Wise Men and their answers. Mary listened and stored away the said in her mind.

 Yesterday, STEEST asked Mamarazzi if she have The Land of Far Beyond book by Enid Blyton. Yes, she does. It's one of her favourite books too.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Collection of Enid Blyton's Books

This post is purposely to tease Auntie Cleffairy. She sure make noise after reading this post. Mark my words.

Mamarazzi have quite a collection of Enid Blyton's books. This one is one of her favourite book. She re-read this every school holiday

Got Choo-choo-train at the cover.

Still in tip top condition. There are 44 stories in this book.

Guess how much was it? RM16-95 bought from Times a long time ago.

Among her favourites :-

 Mr Galliano's Circus

 More circus

 Who can forget The Enchanted Wood and its Faraway Tree?

The Wishing Chair. Mamarazzi have the whole set but it's in the other plastic bag. Got buried under tonnes of books.Too far under to dig up.

Stories about farm life. 

 And of course adventures stories.

 Stories about relationships.

 Magical stories. There are plenty more in the storeroom but based on these, I think it's enough to "kill" Auntie Cleffairy.

Nothwithstanding anything, Enid Blyton writes the best Children books with genre that covers almost everything under the sun. There sure to be something for everyone.

Friday, 25 March 2011

I Fell For Her Bell At BookXcess.

 I went to BookXcess again yesterday. Wanna hunt for the RM5-90 Disney book. basket for you, one for Uncle Patrick and one for me.

Errrr...if I cover the two "11" like this, will they sell me the Book Stool for RM9-90? I want one leh...especially the one that can open and close punya.

 Hmmm....where are the Disney book?

Found it! Come here! Help me take.I want the book about Cars.

Meantime, Mamarazzi also found this Read And Share Bible From Thomas Nelson Publisher in BookXcess.  So nice one leh. Very thick some more.

This is very sad story for me coz the Read And Share Bible which Mamarazzi request from booksneeze since January 2011 never arrive. Not Booksneeze fault as they sent replacement when Mamarazzi reported the said lost. The replacement also "gone". Don't know stuck where.

Dear Mr Kastam/Mr Pos/Mr Home Ministry or whoever who is holding my books. Can you please release my Booksneeze book to me? This is just a harmless Bible for small kid like me. No "ALLAH" word inside. Pretty please..please release the said to me.

While Mamaazzi was looking at the Bible, I found her. I fell in love with her bell. Mamarazzi said don't wanna buy for me coz I have too many books already. 

Unfair! My books is not even 1% of Mamarazzi's books.

I want this book! This book got Bicycle bell at the top. I pull it will got "Ring!Ring!"

Mamarazzi don't wanna buy for me never mind. I buy. I have money. I can pay Jie Jie at the counter. *why does this sound familiar, Mamarazzi asked*

In the end Mamarazzi bought this book for me. Jie Jie at the counter told me to keep my money in the pocket and don't drop the money.

 Mamarazzi bought a pressie for me.

Also these Hardcover books. These are lovely. There are other titles too. You can check out BookXcess Facebook ( for more titles

 This Jack and The Beanstalk book comes with CD, book and a page of stickers. RM7-90  only. Mamarazzi haven't test the CD yet. Should be okay.

Next comes the RM5-90 Disney books. Mini Books. Just fit my hands nicely. There are others titles like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and etc but Mamarazzi didn't buy.

Haha! This book is for Papa to read to me punya. Papa always play Lion King song for me in his computer.

Then Mamarazzi saw this Paper crafts box set. She was 15..16..whether to buy or not. Price at RM29-90. Don't know the things inside inferior quality or not and don't know worth it or not.

In the end she bought it. Came home open up and see. Satisfactory. In fact, it is better than expected. The book is very instructive with a lot of ideas. The instructions very clear. If outside attend class very expensive leh. This set only cost RM29-90. With this set, I can do it at home and at my leisure.

It comes with a sets of rubber stamps, ink pad, protected scissor, color pencils and sharpener, a rainbow colored ruler, colorful papers and two pieces of plastic for me to trace alphabets/numbers and draw picture.

Good news! Kor Kor Jon. Mamarazzi found Darren Shan Book. This one is 3-in-1. Part 4,5,6. I guess now we are missing part 7 and 8 only. Hope can complete the collection soon.

If go BookXcess, it is not possible that Mamarazzi come out empty handed. She saw this Anthony Bourdain book. Curious. Fiction? I thought he is a great Chef? Can't help and bought this book.

Then we bump into Auntie Winnie. She highly recommended this book to Mamarazzi. Mamarazzi is looking forward to reading this book. Wow...even got bookmark leh.

You know Mamarazzi crazy about Asian Authors and anything to do with Asian Country lah. When she saw the author's name she though she'll give it a miss. Then she saw the magic word "Malaysia". Oh...this man is writing about Malaysia. RM7-90...well...not expensive. Worth the buy. 


This is another of Purchase With Purchase book. RM9-90.

You think mamarazzi mad ah? You should see what happen to Auntie Florence. First round buy already. When Mamarazzi was paying for the books, Auntie Florence spotted other books pulak and she had second round in BookXcess. Don' know how much she spend there.

Looks like she is delighted with the Free Gift Wrapping Service there. Guess this won't be her last time going to BookXcess loh. Another "Borong Monster" created by Mamarazzi.

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