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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Visit From One Of My First Follower

Presenting........Juan Or

He came to pay me a Chinese New Year visit. We played choo choo train and car car. Naughty me refused to let him play with my favourite car car.  Kena Mamarazzi scold.

Wah lau eh..while we were playing, Mamarazzi and Auntie Alice was so busy chatting. Cham lo..the two of them trading "war stories" on how to handle Juan Or and me wor.

Aiyo..really paiseh lo. Juan Or and his Mommy brought so many Chinese New Year goodies for me. Some more give me advance Birthday pressie. Mamarazzi say cannot open yet wor.

 Meantime, I have to satisfy myself with this "curut" lah.

At times, it is "curut" and sometimes it is trumpet.

Thank you very much, Auntie Alice and Juan Or. Do come again.


  1. Wahhhh... kawan go happy lah, got kaki hor....

  2. haha, so cute with the curut..

  3. hehee...cute post! I love it :))
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Wenn

    want some? still got half a tong :D

  5. Anncoo

    Thank you :D Happy Valentine Day to you too

  6. Angel Bear

    yup..and looking fwd to your visit too :D

  7. wow got follower some more !! two also cute hehe

  8. See...see...first put on pompuan baju, earrings...and now got boyfriend - your dear, forgot already liao lah! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. wow, got follower woh, but too bad not a pretty girl hor?? or else smallkucing will be more happy, kekekeke~~ :p

  10. Why no picture of Alice one lah?

  11. Wah, makan curut so 'yau ying'(got style)! I think Juan Or likes you and your cosy home leh, normally he will fret if he didn't feel comfortable!;D

  12. Wah so small got kawan visit.... aunty also don't have kawan come visit. All ask aunty to go out only. >.<

  13. nice...a friend came to pay a visit.

  14. Fuiyoh.. hisap curut already! Hehe.. Nice or not?? Your new friend so cute ler... next time can play car and train with you dy :)

  15. Woa smallkucing got a pressie! I wonder what's inside haha
    LOL curut, cute pic there, but don't take real curut ya muahahaha

  16. STP

    Boy..friend ...only mah. LOL not "partner" LOL.

  17. SK

    Pretty girls ah...shh shh kenot say loud loud here

  18. Eugene

    Coz Auntie Alice busy like Mamarazzi...snapping photos

  19. ALice

    Got fret meh? No la..Juan Or very good boy one

  20. Chee Yee

    sure or not? Later we serang your house and tunggang terbalik everything ok :D

  21. Angie

    I wonder what is inside too coz Mamarazzi don't let me open it yet

  22. Hahahaha Curut or Trumpet???? Super cute la !

  23. Nice to have your follower to visit you. Curut or trumpet still look cute lah. Ada gaya! Hehe

  24. Eh, now that your son posed with the love letter roll, ya lah, I agree, it really looks like curut. Wah, this boy ada gaya! :-D

  25. Isaac

    LOL....not like curut and trumpet meh?

  26. Quay Po Cooks

    Nice new profile pic

    Great imagination leh?

  27. Alice

    Shhh...Mamarazz said last time when she was small she also does that :P


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