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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Third Day Of Chinese New Year - Balik City

We came back KL on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. As usual, we went Pasar Payang to look look see see if got anything to borong or not. 

A walk through the Memory Lane.

Wow...such a big bunch of banana. Borong this? Don't want ah? Why? Eeeee....rupa rupa the top looks nice but the bottom of the bunch was rotten one. Nasib baik didn't buy.

Saw this BIG Cili Kering. Larger than Mamarazzi's palm size. RM2 for 100gm. Hmm...wonder it's use to cook what. Maybe STP would know.

Hmm..not many people selling stuffs. Still "raya" mood? But still managed to borong some kuih muih and junk food.

After the borong-ing, it's time to heads home.

 Stopped awhile in Kemaman to get angpau from meet up with Auntie Chen Chzan and family.

Ngum ngum ..Auntie Chen Chzan's brother was around and he served us authentic Balinese food.

Hmm...wonder what he work as coz the food presentation was very tasteful but too bad Mamarazzi walloped without snapping photo of it first.

He got the food from The Uma at Kota Damansara. It seems that the owner of the restaurant went to Bali village to learn authentic Balinese cuisine. The person whom this owner learnt from also the family which her brother helped to start homestay business in their kampung.

Mamarazzi ate a bit. She said yummy wor. A lot of spices. Do check out this restaurant if you happens to crave for Balinese food. Address : 7-G & 7-1 Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya . Tel : 03-6142 2771.

 As usual, Auntie Chen Chzan will tapau a lot of food for us to take along just in case we got hungry on the road.

This year was the same too and with some addition. Auntie Jenna was there too and she also tapau-ed her famous Kek Lapis for us.

Thank goodness for the cake. Look at the jam. Front jam...back also jam...Crawl started before the Bentong Toll.

Want or not? Manyak sedap one. One piece is not enough. At least can fill my tummy a bit la. And Petronas also gave out free Coffee and Free Twister drinks.

Haha! I found one more thing. Auntie Chen Chzan's cookies. I want eat this. This year Mamarazzi gila goreng and Auntie Chen Chzan pulak on baking frenzy. Came home Mamarazzi found that she had baked so many types of cookies for me!

Haiyo...sit till bum bum also flat liao lo...Stuck in the jam for 4  hours...Siang also jadi malam.

Cantik or not? It's not a tongkat la. It's book Thong. Auntie Jenna made one. So talented. 
Adoi...Mamarazzi saw these selling in BookXcess for RM12-90 each leh last time but too kedekut to buy. Mamarazzi in 7th heaven liao after receiving these beautiful Thongs from Auntie Jenna.

 These elegant earrings also made by her.

 I also wanna wear la.

I wanna see also. Cute? argh...this mirror cannot see one.

 Go Ah Mah's room to see from the mirror there. pretty.

Thank you very much Auntie Jenna, Auntie Chen Chzan and family for giving us so much and sharing with us your joy and food.


  1. Hi SK, regret never heard of these titles before.
    By the way, try find the book,
    'A town like Alice'. You'll enjoy it.

    Gosh, never known someone like you who reads voraciously, ha ha....
    Have regards, Lee.

  2. Those must be the BIG chillies thay have these days - NOThotal tall. Maybe nobody wants to buy so they buat cili kering. Maybe can help give nice red colour to the cooking.

    Ooi!!! Budak! You mau jadi pondan kah? Apa lah...pakai barang2 pompuan. Bahaya ni....

  3. Oh, layered cake, that's my favourite dessert!

    Anakrazzi looks cool with ear rings clinging on him leh!;D

  4. I saw the looooong queue from Bentong toll to Genting Sempah, on the opposite road. lol! We on the other side was very smooth!

  5. Now you have a blast of the weekend ya...: I will be back"

  6. Uncle Lee

    Hahaha...I think that book have been made into a movie

  7. STP

    surprised at the Big cili. Wonder pedas or not. But rather expensive wor..rm2/100gm

    Ala....male also got wear earrings nowadays wor

  8. Alice

    Takes a lot of patience to make this cake oh

  9. wah..not bad.. free instead of borong.. hehee..

  10. fooooood!!! and titbits!!
    the best!!

  11. Claire

    Ya lo...paiseh betul as Auntie Chen Chzan gave us so much cookies

  12. Tuti

    come come i introduce you to Auntie Chen Chzan

  13. Hahahaha so funny he wears that earrings lol

  14. Wah, everything also borong. Luckily didn't borong another ikan masin for Cleff,,,,,nanti she eats until next CNY also cannot finish leh...he he he!

  15. wow, those dried chilies are HUGE!!! i think they should be even bigger before dried right??

  16. Ooooo... yummy ketupat... auntie will be having tht for bfast later.

  17. Jam during balik kampung season memang teruk. Aihhh.... tht day auntie balik kampung pun jam... until arrive late for reunion dinner! OMG!

  18. Angie

    But the earrings are pretty right?

  19. Pete

    Hahaha nasib her lo...But am more worried of the car smelly of Ikan masin aje. Lucky after wrapped in so many layer no smell escape. Lucky also it's not Mui Heong Sated Fish

  20. SK

    That's why lo...duno. Havent seen such big Cili before. Kinda regret didnt buy some home

  21. AUntie Cleff

    looks like you'll zonk out for 24 hours lo

  22. Waaaa small kucing can wear earrings :P and he sure enjoy the car ride home with so many food.

  23. The jam was really bad. Thank goodness for all the goodies in the car! I can see the lil boy having a blast there... so happy in the car :)

  24. Chloe's Mommy

    Yup...every time Auntie Chen Chzan will supplied us with a lot of food.

  25. Wah, 3rd day already so jammed kah? We also got stuck on the 4th day.

  26. A Mom's Diary

    Ya lor 3rd day ady start to jam :(

  27. Wow...I have been on that road After Bentong toll a few times but I have NEVER seen it this way!

    THanks for the Uma Suggestion. I will certainly try it out.

    By the way....A Town Like Alice is indeed a wonderful read.

  28. Ann

    Maybe coz this CNY was long weekend. All races balik kampung

    The Uma food is good. Saw a few bloggers blog about it too. This is our 1st time tasting it.

    Oo that book is good ah. Will take note and grab if it is in the BBWS or BX


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