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Friday, 18 February 2011

Thank You Fat Cat and Little Bird

Hey you...if you are a long time follower of this blog, you would know who is Auntie Little Bird. And if you are a follower of her blog, you would know that she is always bitching ranting about one thing or another.

But don't be deceived by this. Her bark is worse than her bite actually. Inside she is just another softy. I can twist her around my little finger as easy as snap.

She likes to hint hint to the Balik Kampung Gang for food. Those who don't know her will think she would just take and take ... just another blood-sucker who likes to take advantage of friends generosity.

This is not the case. Actually she and her hubby are very generous with what they have and share with all their friends.

This is the Salted Herbal Chicken that she bought for me all the way from Teluk Intan cause she know that we love to eat this. Her hubby and son also love this too.

See how big and "yellow" it is.

So what's the big deal about this Chicken? Well, the cerita is like this. We met up and she "sumbat-ed" this Chicken to us.We took and came home loh.

A few days later, cerita punya cerita...terbocor rahsia pulak. Seems that her hubby queue up for more than ONE hour to get this Chicken.

Initially, they wanted to buy a few to distribute among friends and family. But when it was his turn, there is only one Chicken left. Any other person would have kept the Chicken for themselves. Instead, they gave this Chicken to us. *sobs*sobs*

 Oooooo....the juicy drumstick.

Taste? Of course la goooood...Thank you very much, Auntie Little Bird and family.

In another case, Mamarazzi read someone mentioned that maybe we should start to slow down at the age of 30s and 40s. Well, check out this granny. Hmmm...I wonder if Ah Mah can dance like this or not?

Have a great Friday and weekend! 


  1. Hi SK, love the pics. He's cute!
    I guess I will take a pass on that salted chicken...ha ha.
    But looks good too.
    I do love kai fun anyway.
    Happy chap goh mei.
    Best regards, "Lee.

  2. hrm...never ate this one before (KK dun have, as far as I know lah)...salty like ikan masin ah?

  3. *DROOLING!!!*

    Wrong timing to come here, LOL!

  4. Sobsobs... *wipe tears* so touched. Sobsob.... actually auntie wanna go to Ipoh, visit auntie Claire den buy some salted chicken from Ipoh for you... auntie hear the chicken there punya is specialized salted chicken, they say there punya more sedap....

    Sobsob, mana tau, tak jadi pulak go Ipoh because uncle have to go meet the kawan in the morning and den after come back oredi late. Auntie takut jam so have to terus go back KL la, cuz nid time to rest ma... day after that school day liao. Sobsob....

    Lucky la the ayam looks okay... else tarak ayam for u to eat, so chamzzzz!!!

    You like this ayam kah... next time borong again... den auntie will make sure got order beforehand la for the rest of the gang... else go there tarak pulak... :(

  5. adoi....anak kucing can eat so much rice ah??

  6. wow salted chicken...yummy... i love it!! there's one more chinese food recipe i called it ayam mabuk haha cause they cooked it with alcohol and herbs on it..

  7. She asked me mau or not. I told her noo..cos my auntie bought 4 of these over to my house for reunion dinner. No wonder she cant get ler...cos my auntie said she edy pre-book and that also she still need to queue when she collected the chicken.

  8. oh i like this, but the one i bought was from Ipoh.. actually it taste even nicer if you leave it overnight in the fridge.. :p

  9. Wow, I personally think Salted Herbal Chicken is the most delicious chicken I ever tasted!^-^

    The Hip Hop Auntie put me to shame lar, I'll definitely sprained my back if I try to pose like her!=_=

  10. The chicken looks good and yummy! Yes, I'll sob-sob too if I know a good friend has taken all trouble and pain just to get that thing for me and none for herself some more!

  11. Angel Bear

    Dont buy from pasar mlm. Those not nice.

    Not as salty as ikan masin la.

  12. AUntie Cleff

    Thank you very much la.

  13. LG

    woi...big boy ady la...tak kan la eat one sudu only.

  14. Mars Mell-o

    yup...add with D.O.M yum yum

  15. Mommy Ling

    CNY everyone queue up to buy. That day we went buy Yok Kon ..the Boxing Chicken brand..queue till roadside. Gila betul lo

  16. I love salted Chicken, there is a place near my house that sells really nice ones Used to asked my friend to bring back from Ipoh. Now no need lor, since can get here.

  17. SK

    shhh....Mamarazz left it in freezer for a week coz CNY too many dishes needed to clear

  18. I like his Hey you's photo.. ha!

  19. What a touching story. You all have a very special place in Auntie Little Bird's heart to "earn" that chicken from her! :)

  20. cleff so sweet, but small kucing also vry sweet, keep feeding little bird so she bcm sweeter n sweeter.hehe

  21. Alice Law

    Ya lo...70 yr old and she still look so young

  22. Quay Po Cooks

    where about is the stall/shop?*drooling*

  23. Prince and princess Mom

    :D Thanks

  24. Chloe's Mommy

    That Little Bird memang like that one. Likes to sumbat good things to people

  25. Goldflower

    to fatten her up for slaughter *evil grinz* but too bad..sumbat her so much food she still that size...haiz


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