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Friday, 11 February 2011

Second Day Of Chinese New Year 2011-The Story Of Keropok Lekor

The whole morning I was playing with "girl-girl". Then Mamarazzi said wanna get some Keropok Lekor and help Auntie Little bIrd to find her Ikan MasinTalang. Ish...ada ka patut CNY go and find Ikan Masin. Tarak pantang nevermind la. Else will riuh satu dunia.

Too tired. I slept in the car.

 We went to Seberang Takir. There is one shop famous for its Keropok Lekor. But then sadly that shop was not open. Had to cincai tembak one shop.

We went in this shop and Papa asked the Makcik there how much a piece. She quoted us 60sens a piece. We placed our ordered.

While waiting for or order to be wrapped, a group of Malays enter the shop and asked the price. The Makcik quoted them 50sens a piece.

Papa over heard that and asked the Makcik again how much a piece. The Makcik says 60sens. Then Papa asked why just now she quoted the Malay 50 sens. She evaded the question and said price had gone up for more than a month.

Mamarazzi was going to cancel the order but then the keropok lekor have been wrapped. 

 Mamarazzi was not satisfied so we went back to get some more from the usual shop which we buy from in Losong. Alamak! so many people. Very long queue and the queue does not seems to be moving at all.

 Mamarazzi bought me a 100 Plus to cool down. *By the way, auntie Little Bird you hutang me one 100 plus*

 While Papa was queueing up, Mamarazzi borong some keropok and the Ikan Masin Talang for Auntie Little Bird.

 Heavy ah.....

Sad story..half way queueing up, the seller say no more more fish mean no more keropok lekor la...

 Off we went to another stall...Ngap! geram...finally got my keropok lekor.

 For lunch and dinner, Ah Mah cooked Laksa. 

Kaw Kaw Lay Chit, laksa laksa laksa laksa laksa *evil grinz*


  1. wow..i would love that laksa!

  2. wah makcik like tat one ar ... no good, no good ... need to have 1Lekor!

  3. Kaw Kaw Lay Chit no gila laksa, so no need to grin, nanti your mata juling...grinnnzzzzzzz give her crab beehuun betta

  4. Aiyo... pantang wud? Auntie dah mengidam mau makan ikan kering... pantang or no pantang, die die oso wan ikan kering. *pengsan*

    Auntie tarak superstitious wan la...tarak pantang pantang... hahahah...just pantang ppl cari pasal with auntie when auntie do ntg oni. Itu memang pantang tok nenek!

  5. Wah! Ah Mah laksa memang looks like it's very very good... Why no photo of it all put together? I did not fry any keropok this year...raining all the time, no chance to sun it before frying - later not crispy.

  6. Wenn

    Ooo u like the Trengganu laksa ya?

  7. Lupie

    You love K.Lekor ah? Next round balik kampung will borong for you la

  8. wah!! I wished all the laksa was mine! >_<

  9. LG

    Sure or not....this is the noodle dat u say hard to find wor....

    crab bihun ah? CNY crab on leave la

  10. Auntie Cleff

    Mengidam so many beter go and get a pregnancy test kit LOL

  11. STP

    Baham already lo so no photo of it being put together.

    Fried your keropok already.

  12. Tan Wong love that laksa time come KT. :D

  13. aiya that laksa got dry version, just soak in boiling water dah jadi...anytime la

  14. Looking at the chili of the laksa... I bet it must be very spicy. :S

  15. LOL!! CNY go cari 'HAM YUE' (ikan masin)...damn funny la.

  16. the laksa look nice! waa next time dun buy from that auntie jor, so not fair. nom3 100plus, i am cravin for it too. lol

  17. the laksa look nice! waa next time dun buy from that auntie jor, so not fair. nom3 100plus, i am cravin for it too. lol

  18. LG

    what dry version oh...Ah Mah made a lot of kuah. Got 1 Koala Bear eksyen the other day. Go and tambah sambal into the Laksa..Face all red and sweating like hujan oh

  19. Chee Yee

    The curry not spicy but the smbal meletup gunung berapi hahahaha

  20. Goldflower

    Craving???? ahem ahem :p

  21. Mommy Ling

    That Auntie Cleff craving wor........what to do?

  22. can increase price on the spot one?? that's undoubtedly racist right?? but nvm, CNY, we practise to be more generous~~

  23. ZOMG asam laksa my favorite hahaha who cook this? looks so yummy la

  24. SK

    ya lo..

    next time will go to the stall with price stated black and white like those stalls in Losong

  25. Obviously racism hor?! Ohhh... Auntie law also geram looking at how you chewed and munched the lekor, looks so tasty!

  26. Ha ha ha, Aunty Bird preparing to get pregnant....ask for Talang Masin.....LOL!

  27. Alice time must go to stall with price listed But relative there say memang common over there.

  28. Pete

    I wont be surprised if by year end a baby bird comes out.

  29. He's so cute when he's sleeping (:


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