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Monday, 28 February 2011

Restaurant MC Curry Noodles, Glenmarie U1

We had to go to the Poslaju Office in Glenmarie to collect a parcel that morning. It was nearly noon and we haven't had our breakfast yet. And it's too late to go Kanna Curry House to fix Papa's craving for Roti Canai. 

Then Papa asked whether Mamarazzi wanna go try out the MC Curry Noodle nearby or not coz last round we came it was not open.

Papa and Mamarazzi had the Curry Noodles. Generous portion of meat and "si hum". Papa still preferred Ah Loy's Curry Mee.

 I had the Pork Noodle coz I cant stand spicy food.

 Wah lau eh...both also eat till botak heads all sweaty. Papa said the Curry was really spicy wor. 

I sweat coz the weather was really hot that day lo.

Here is the address in case you wish to try the curry mee. Restaurant MC Curry Noodles, No 7, Jln Juruaudit U1/37, Section U1, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.


  1. smj with rosey cheeks...can i pinch??? cubittttttttttttt.....tak aci, papa's hair is longer

  2. I thought they got sued by McD...and not allowed to use the name anymore?

  3. STP

    That one case closed dah...McD kalah already la

  4. Hi SK, I really love that curry with the 'si hum'.
    If there's one thing I miss here it's si hum kueh teow.
    There's si hum on sale at the Chinese markets, but frozen ones.
    We bought a packet long ago but tasted funny.

    One of the first dishes I want to eat when we balek kampong is 'si hum kueh teow'. Followed by yee yin noodles.

    You there hot, we had snow last night like crazy!
    All white outside now.
    Have a nice day. Lee.

  5. Uncle Lee

    If you come to KL, dont forget to visit Brickfield. The si hum fried keoy teow very sedap. The prawns, lap cheong and lard also a lot

  6. Aunty also like you, can't stand spicy food, but i like curry mee with a lot of si hum. My intention is to eat the si hum not the mihun.

  7. Wait Kitt

    Next time go to the shop must order "Taukeh! kari mee 1 . Tak mau kari, tak mau mihun, mau banyak si hum" kekekeke

  8. The botak heads there are cute!


  9. strong recommendations by my friends to try out the curry noodles for I love spicy food so much.

  10. Nava

    Yup ...a blogger, Hilda Milda, recommended this place. Yumm yumm..think will suits you coz the curry really spicy

  11. Eh? Auntie tot they kena sue by Dan Neh Noh,. den they cannot use the name anymore?

  12. hhaahaha...papa also botak already. So loving the pork noodles.

  13. I stay nearby this area, I tried this shop curry mee, but still think the shop opposite taste better.

  14. Auntie Cleff

    You tarak up todate la. Go google. Case settled. Dan Neh Noh loss. Now everyone can use provided it's not same kind of food as sold by dan neh noh

  15. Jessica

    opposite shop, which one? The chicken cuisine or the shop with green signboard(forgot the name)?


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