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Monday, 7 February 2011

One Malaysia Chinese New Year

This year is really a 1 Malaysia Chinese New Year. Mamarazzi received an e-mail from the Prime Minister and family. I guess many people received the same email too. It was a Chinese New Year greeting. That was a very nice move.

 I saw a 1Malaysia  performance too at 1Utama the week before Chinese New Year. 

 All races participating in the "flag dance" (what-you-call-it?) performance.

See the Indian Man.

 Wow! They are "Good"

Flower seems to be the theme for this Chinese New Year. Flower is everywhere. Good year for those who loves flowers but not so sure about those who are allergic to the flower pollen lor

So pretty la..Itchy hand wanna pick for my Dear. Maybe I just punggah the whole pot and give to her la. What you say? this flower called Chrysanthemum? Alamak...better not give coz later if got any "winter melon or taufu" cham liao. Give Roses better.


  1. gong xi fa chai! give a rose la..dun give that kuk fa...smallkucing cannot be stingy for ur dear2 okay....pst...angelbear will be fly to KL in 2 weeks! =p

  2. Good? Auntie dun tink so. Auntie oso get same email, but auntie thinks that this greeting is a form of invasion of privacy. Mana our government get our email? Mana they korek-ed out? TMnet leaked out kah?

    All these while Auntie tak pernah go and 'like' PM fb page or subscribe to his twitter oso... mana dapat auntie's email? Cilaka... all these while monitoring auntie punya movement online kah?

    If they kno auntie's email address without auntie go and subscribe all those nonsense, that means they oso kno where auntie live and auntie's phone number... cis... all these things supposed to be confidential wan ma... mana boleh service provider simply leaked out just like this? We all not criminal, they dun have the rights to leak our personal infos like this. You see... not only email has been sent out, but also sms to our cellphone. Tu... ur uncle kena sms greetings from PM. *pengsan* WTF. Celcom oso leak out infos?

    Auntie dono la... most ppl will tink this is nothing, but to auntie, if they can have our email without us liking or subscribing anything, that is invasion of privacy.

  3. How come no 1Salary...all same as PM leh?

  4. Mama Kucing so powerful now.. Najib got her personal email !! I didnt rec any sms or emails from Najib.. he doesnt have my record, phew...

  5. i didn't receive any email from the PM woh.. of course everytime also 1Malaysia CNY lah, we also give angpows to the Alam Flora Indian workers~~ :p

  6. Angel Bear

    In two weeks ah...wat dates? Hpe its around 20s

  7. Auntie Cleff

    Dont marah la. CNY wor. No good. Must be from the Income Tax Returns la. Sana got put e-mail address mah.

    Well, look at the bright side. At least he took the trouble to go "korek-ing" instead of snoring .

  8. STP

    1Salary ah? Tak mau lo. Maybe his salary is peanuts but allowance a lot leh.

  9. Auntie Claire

    Dont be too sure. Check your SPAM inbox. Maybe he got it from the Tax Return Record leh

  10. SK

    Sure it's not in your SPAM mail filter ah? hahaha

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

  11. Wah lovely flag dance? I also got email and SMS from Najib! indeed 1 Malaysia... Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  12. :( Auntie geram lah... auntie dun use that email for official use punya la... :( sien... now gov kno auntie punya gerak geri... ishhhh!!!! !@#!@$#~@#%

  13. Happy new year! Hope you all are enjoying the CNY makan2.

    Oh, btw, I got your sms. Thanks ya! :)

  14. Lenglui witch

    I.T age....last time have to queue up to see PM. Now PM can "P.M." us hahaha

  15. Angel Bear

    uiks...ngum dates wor...see if can meet up again or not ..can go cari makan

  16. Auntie Cleff

    Got nothing to hide never mind la

  17. Chloe's Mummy

    :D Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

  18. welcome back mama kucing hehe..hows your new year going? and did the lil boy collect many angpow? coz mars mello didnt collect any hahaha sick at home at bed only.

  19. I didn't get the email but my sister received a text message from Najib hehe Happy CNY, to small Kucing and yr mami :D

  20. happy new year! no wonder the updates in ur old url seemed... less... lol...
    didn't know u've moved until now. ;D

  21. Mars Mell-o

    It was okay.

    Hope you get well soon

  22. Hilda

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too :D

  23. Medie

    Glad you found the jalan :D

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai


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