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Monday, 14 February 2011

Low Sang With Uncle Patrick And Auntie Florence at Restaurant Yin Her

Wow...Rabbit Year got rabbits at Restaurant Yin Her wor.

Snap some photos first.

 Alamak! Kesian the Lime trees. Going to "botak" soon coz some kids went and pluck the leaves and lime to feed the Rabbits.

Maybe in a few days, rabbit dish would be in the Menu of the restaurant.

 Here comes the Yee Sang

 Low Sang ah...Toss high high!

Next comes the "Nai Yau Har". Love the "hair". Prawns were very fresh. Prawns were still swimming in the aquarium before kena goreng. However, the taste was not that sweet.

 Seafood Taufu in Mini Wok.

Thung Poh Meat. Must eat with the Mantao. The Mantao very tasty. It was so tasty that we order another plate of Mantao just to eat with the gravy. was while we were enjoying the 2nd plate of Mantao that a man came with his family. They didn't book any table and the restaurant was full. He saw our table and "assumed" we finished eating. That fella went and remarked loudly "Some people ah..finished makan still refuse to go away".

Wah lau pay service tax, we also pay service tax leh. We come in first, you come in later. You tarak book table, you will have to wait lah. We like to enjoy our food slowly and not to stuff our mouth full like refugee you know. Not as if your buttock bigger that I have to stuff my face like an oink oink just to let you have the table. Moreover after you make such rude remark.

Steamed Fish With Salted Beans.

 Mmmm....yum with hand. Missed Kanna Curry House Banana Leaf rice.

Sedap hingga menjilat jari.


  1. wow, so clever to eat with yr hand.

  2. hahhaha...dun care..if me saw ppl like dat, gonna eat slow2 somemore..and order another round of drinks...chinese teh pun jadi =p

  3. Wow, that person's really unreasonable. I won't even leave the table if I heard what he said. See what he can do XD

  4. Yin Her again? Thought you went there not too long ago? Food must be good there... Certainly looks good.

  5. so cute la the rabbit..hehe!! and the yee sang makes me wanna eat.. mamarazzi went to lots of restoran makan-makan this chinese new year all food pics also yummy-yummy one.

  6. omg. your kid knows how to snap picture? that is so cool...!

  7. Why ur anak so kiut one ah?? Future professional fotographer itu!!

  8. Slurpppp.....tong pou yuk with man tou...walau....craving like mad jor.

  9. Loh loh loh huat huat ahhhhh sung sung mung mung! Oh "Nai Yau Har", love the "hair" too..

  10. Wenn

    Ate too many times of Banana Leaf rice

  11. Angel Bear

    Hehehe that was what we did. Wait slow slow till they sat in another table then we baru pay and go LOL

  12. Yi Lin

    We sat and ate slowly till the group found another table then we baru pay and leave

  13. Mars Mell-o

    LOL....this year ate the most yee sang

  14. Faisal

    SNap can snap but sometimes the head kena chopped off LOL

  15. I didn't know small kucing got 'hair tail' :P The food looks so yummy!

  16. eih, nice nice.. especially the toufu pot and the prawns, look so yummy leh~~

  17. @Cikgu... YH is my kawan kawan punya lepak place la... at least 2-3 times per mth we makan there. LOL!

    @Smallkucing... ish ish ish, tak patut betul... sit longer, bagusss!

  18. He knows how to eat with hand cute.

  19. Wah, I'm positive that Joshua is a makan king! See how he enjoyed tossing the Yee Shang and how he ate with hand like the Malays and Indians, impressive!

  20. We love fried mantao too... dip in any sauce also nice :) Hopefully that rude man didn't spoil your dinner. So kurang ajar wan that fellar... cis!

  21. yinher again!! i think u eat there 100 times i also belum pergi yet...

  22. Hilda

    The tail is for Mamarazzi to pull when I am naughty one

  23. SK

    Yummmy la but the prawns not that sweet

  24. ALice

    later tummy also go round round like Dibo

  25. Chloe's Mommy

    We were finishing dinner when he made that remark. Anyway..the mantao and the gravy reli sedap

  26. Claire

    come la...when u coming KL again..we go there la


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