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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lo Sang With The Balik Kampung Gang

First of all, Happy Birthday to my Dear. Today is her Birthday.

The other day we, went for Lo Sang with the Balik Kampung Gang and some anonymous. At Yin Her again coz Auntie Little Bird mengidam the Sotong there. (Pregnant ke?)

 Uiks? Mana the Rabbits? Being fed too much lime leaves and lime ah? Is Rabbit meat in the Menu?

 Lo ah! Lo ah! eh...why my Dear tarak Lo geh? Aisay...Lo till to messy messy geh.

 No photo ah...I wanna eat. Don't kacau.

Saw some blogs recommend the Golden Pumpkin Chicken. We ordered this. Hmmm...taste wise is okay but the Chicken was a bit hard.

Good portion of Lala. Only thing is that they did not rendam the Lala long enough. Still got a bit pasir in the shell.

 Nai Pak. Next time must ask Mamarazzi to bring some cooking wine. Add it in very sedap one.

Sik Taufu ah..for the kids.

 Belacan Kangkung...Auntie Little Bird say mengidam this wor.

 Last but not least...Sotong! 

The portion of the food were quite big. Yumm...yummm...

Naughty of the Anonymous went and pay then cabut lari. Refused to take our money. Thank you very much Anonymous.

Thank you very much Auntie Cynthia, Auntie Little Bird and Anonymous-es for all the goodies and gifts.

Aiks...habis makan liao, the Rabbits appear pulak. Hahaha...looks like have not been enter into the Menu yet.


  1. hahha ... last day to lou sang tomorrow!
    btw, I like the sambal kankung!

  2. Happy Birthday to your dear!

    I love yee sang! Need to wait for next year liao. Sob sob!

  3. Happy Birthday, Princess!!!

    "Thank you very much, Auntie Cynthia, Auntie Little Bird and Anonymous-es for all the goodies and gifts." Now I'm wondering whose birthday it was - orang lain birthday, orang lain dapat pressies! LOL!!!

  4. Chris

    Yes, Happy Chap Goh Mei! love the sambal Kangkung ah? Juan Or also loves it

  5. Angel Bear

    Come come we go baham next week

  6. Mars Mell-o

    AHem ahem...cikit cikit la

  7. Chee Yee

    No need to wait next year.. can still go makan today LOL

  8. STP dont know Balik Kampung Gang meh? Once meet up ah, EVERYONE, will get something one although not birthday :D

  9. Ahahha...laugh at STP's comment.

  10. @Cikgu... smallkucing oso will bday soon... we all kasi liao the pressie.

    @Smallkucing... kekeke... aiya... come, yet to have bday dinner... LOL!

  11. @ Ling... I terasa la pulak at STP's remark... suddenly recall about roasted chic yg that Ms. Anon kasi. *pengsan*

  12. Happy Birthday to Princess!....aiyo, at first I thought your hubby's Birthday!

    Auntie bird laid 2 eggs liao, after eating too much sotong! ha ha ha!

  13. Your wordings reminded me of Lat, the cartoonist... Balik Kampong Gang.. i wonder what gang..geng or not?

  14. Mommy Ling

    LOL...STP yet to know the norm of Balik Kampung Gang :p

  15. Auntie Cleff

    Terasa what? Terasa McD ke? My bday I wanna go playland LOL

  16. Pete

    Papa's birthday? Not yet...

    Auntie Little Bird laid two eggs ah? wa...twin birds?

  17. Claire

    whatever gang or geng..sure everyone go home with "yat pau yi pau" after meet up

  18. Wah... lou hei lou hei! Last day liao... sigh~!(Looking forward next year though)

    Such scrumptious treat, and Anakrazzi looks so leng chai too!

  19. Playland? *shudder* Serrrrrikkkkkkk liao!

  20. Wow, looks like a great meet-up and satisfying makan! And happy birthday to CYnthia's Princess!

  21. Auntie Cleff

    kasi face bufday wor...bring me to playland la

  22. nom3, the sotong make me drool. so sweet la exchange gift ev time. me wan join

  23. ALice

    hahaha...should change name to makan gang


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