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Thursday, 10 February 2011

First Day of Chinese New Year 2011

 Got ready with my new baju and my new B.U.M Equipment new shoes. 

 Go visit ancestors first.

 I wanna "pai-pai" also.

 After visiting the ancestors we went rounding at Chinatown again. Hmm..this round can see the decorations much clearer.

 Very "ang" everywhere.
The Chinese Temple that caught fire last year had yet to be re-built. Still using the temporary premises. More or less the same crowd of people waiting by the side of the temple to wish the temple goers "Gong Xi Fatt Chai".


 The tree got so many "ang" cloth geh? Wishing tree ah?

 Don't think K.T very kampung place got Guardian, KFC, Pizza Hut, Giant, McD, Vincci and even Clarks shoes shop leh.

The town getting more and more congested. They even built a new multi-tier car-park. But according to Ah Kong it's rather expensive wor. RM5 per hour. tummy starting to rumble.

 Drive to Jalan Petani. Wanna buy Nasi Minyak John.

Wah lau eh ...normally 9.30am open liao 10am baru aje everyone crowd around to buy. Memang laris.

 Hmm....Papa manage to buy la....

 Dapat jugak.....and with the "kerak" also. Ah Kong loves to eat the "kerak". Mamarazzi used to love to eat "Kerak" too when she was small...add with dark soya sauce.

Ngap! must makan puas puas after waiting for half an hour. Yummmmmm...

Stay tune for the cerita of 2nd Day Of Chinese New Year where I kena bulied again.


  1. hrm.....*thinking to drag the driver pusing satu malaya la ni mcm* hahahaha~

  2. kucing so handsome in the outfit! And well...KT has a nice Chinatown. HOpe to visit someday. I love to visit these places.

  3. Nasi Minyak John - nvr heard of it. Can get it in KL also?

  4. the BUM equipment shoes very nice hor...
    in addition to Clarks, KT has Watson, BATA also la

  5. Whaaa... so many things for breakfast...the nasi minyak looks so sedap... den the roti canai oso... ooo... sedappp!

  6. Alamak... silap... auntie rabun... tot the kerak is roti canai... ish ish ish...

  7. So nice your cina-baju. You look like Wong Fei Hong! Haaaaiiiikkk!!!

  8. KT definitely not a kampung lo..achieved bandaraya status already..
    i heard cost of living getting higher over there, is it true, mamarazzi?

  9. KT definitely not a kampung lo, achieved bandaraya status already

    I hear cost of living there getting higher, housing, food, etc? is it true, mamarazzi?

  10. Chris

    If wanna visit better make it soon. It's disappearing bits by bits now.

  11. LG

    Oh ya hor...The Buy and ahem you have said

  12. Auntie Cleff roti canai eat with Bacon manyak sedap one you know

  13. STP

    Wong Fei Hung lai ler...angpau cepat mali! :P

  14. Happyiyi

    The prices have increased there

  15. Choi Yen so lucky never had to eat kerak nasi ah? Kerak is the burnt rice at the bottom of the rice pot. Now almost everyone using electric rice cooker so cant find kerak anymore.

  16. Your CNY is so unique... eating nasi minyak on the 1st day. I guess only in KT you can do this :)

  17. Can always find kerak in auntie's house...cuz auntie's rice cooker kaboom-ed liao last year, along with the oven. Hahaha... now use periuk to masak nasi liao.

  18. Nasi minyak...hmm..not my fav.

  19. o...I don't like "kerak" lah, very hard but some ppl love it

  20. eih, what is "Kerak"?? how come i never come across this thing one??

  21. Wah, it's how amazing that your family still carrying the ritual of visiting ancestors during CNY! Clap hands!

    Wow... queue so long for nasi minyak, sure sedap one! Must give it a try!

  22. Auntie Cleff

    how come kaboom? You tried masak Negro Chicken in the rice cooker ah?

  23. Choi Yen

    Ah Kong loves it. Crunchy and smell wangi

  24. SK

    can see that you are from a lucky family. Kerak is the hangus rice at the bottom of rice pot. Last time electric rice cooker is expensive. So most people use stove to boil rice. Sure to have "kerak" lo if use stove

  25. Alice

    Ya Papa will go to the temple every year.


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