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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Days Before Chinese New Year 2011

 Hmm...I very cham ah when I balik Kampung. Kena bulied by Mamarazzi.

Papa sibuk looking for hand painted Batik cloth. Yup..K.T famous for its hand painted Batik and cheap too.

Mamarazzi pulak turned me into Princess Josephine. She saw this dress pretty which she went and bought wor. But sibuk wanna try it on for size. Takut tak muat  Ask me to try it on pulak. Tak mau......

 But the night prior to Chinese New Year Eve, Papa brought us jalan-jalan at Chinatown. Not really jalan-jalan coz we didn't get down from the car. It was raining a bit.

Wah...Chinatown there very "Yit Lau". There is a competition going on. Most of the shop were heavily decorated.

There was one shop who even hired a band of musician to play Chinese Instrument  in front of the shop.

Jeng~jeng~jeng~ New year Eve dinner cooked single handled by Ah Mah. her special soup.

KL Yee Sang you have seen before. But have you seen my Ah Kong's healthy Yee Sang? Carrot, young papaya, mint leaves, eggs and etc. The kuah is the Cili Sos made by Ah Mah. Papa loves to walloped this Yee Sang. Says taste great to eat with the keropok Ikan.

 Nobody is looking.

 I curi makan a bit chicken wing ke .... fast dinner over ah? Am not sleepy yet la. I can still use tooth picks to make my eyes open leh. ...*yawn*


  1. hahaha...poor kucing. Kena cross-dressed as Josephine. Looks cute too! Maybe Mamarazi should get you a sister....

  2. Hahahaha... Princess Jo very pretty la... auntie suka... cantik, so pretty. really macam princess.

  3. wow, yee sang with eggs! special!

  4. OMG. pls dont do this. Joshua is a boy. No gal dresses pls..even for fun. I dont think he will like to see this pic when he is older :p

  5. Holy smoke!O_o Joshua has turned into China princess, all his ex and girl girl friends gonna cry really hard liao!>_<

    Great food and nice CNY ambiance!

  6. hahahahhaa...poor smallkucing....mamarazzi so mean hor? =p

  7. Chris

    saja try on for size lo. Buy for people

  8. @Littlelamb, actually smallkucing wants to buy the clothes for his sweetheart for V-day, that is why mamarazzi put it on him, to test the size. It wasn't exactly for fun. Smallkucing's sweetheart is almost his age.

  9. Auntie Cleff

    want or not? I ask Mamarazzi buy one for you...if you get baby girl

  10. Wenn

    Yup...every year Ah Kong will make the Yee Sang and Ah Mah would make the sos. One without the other will feel wrong.

  11. Little Lamb

    Maybe he will laugh at this when he grew up.

  12. Apaaaa??? Aiyo... nvm, dun nid la... aintie dun have bb girl...yet...tunggu auntie got one, oni buy lo...

  13. Alice

    LOl...saja testing for size. Anyway, the Chinatown was very meriah. If no rain would have gone down and walked around

  14. Auntie Cleff

    Woi! dont bocor rahsia I have to get another pressie for my Dear pulak. I don't know. You have to help me find.

  15. walau....u ar!!poor dat kucing jalan with the long dress...hahahha

  16. aiyoo..naughty mummy, get small kucing to wear and try out that dress. hahhaha

    Oh, the yee sang look very special!

  17. Ah, forgot to wish you and your family, a very happy chinese new year and Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!

  18. He looks sweet lah, hehe! Now only I know small kucing got such a long tail leh.

  19. Muahahahaha!!!! You look so sexy in the dress. Come, time we meet, can? LOL!!

    Wah...your Ah Ma can cook so well - cooked all the nice food, all look so yummy. This one's ur papa's mother lah? No wonder he's so fat. Hahahahaha!!!!

  20. Alamak, why Mamarazzi turns you become a princess? Haiyo "shake my head"

    I bet you received lots of ang pow bec hometown.

  21. wah... not bad la.. KT different dishes hor? U blessed la.. can get to taste east and west food!

  22. awww sweet princess. heheheheh. small kucing look good in that. lol
    the food look all nice! *drool*

  23. mamarazzi so cruel, forced small kucing to dress like a girl.. cisssss!! :D

  24. Oh no Princess Josephine!!!why like that one? haha..

  25. Haha the "Princess J" part must be "unforgetable" CNY for SK. :P

  26. Mommy Ling

    Knee lenght la kakaka...tarak jalan pun. Saja wanna see the size. Seems small.

  27. Annie

    Gong Hei Fatt Choy ! :p

    hehehe tarak other candidate the smallest since body is mine lo

  28. Mummy Moon

    Not bad ah...1 year never cut the tail

  29. STP

    Kenot ah...for pressie punya leh.

    Hahaha...if you come KT your size will add on also :D

  30. Angeline

    Princess seems to get bigger angpow wor...

  31. Claire

    nearly every states got their own special dish lo.

    Yee Sang not really that popular over there. Only become popular in the recent years

  32. Gold Flower

    no drool no drool....later your laptop all wet

  33. Bananaz

    Maybe this year will have a princess Josephine leh

  34. Chee yee

    hahaha...unforgettable for Ah Mah lo for she had a shock see me dress in ahem ahem

  35. I like your Ah Ma and Ah Kong's healthy yee-sang. So special!

    Auntie laughed so hard at your dress pic LOL!

  36. Chloe's Mommy

    Ya..biasa Ah KOng will make this dish during CNY

  37. Hi Kathy, wishing you & your family a very Happy New Year.
    祝你一家大小: 新年快乐 心想事成 身体健康! 恭喜恭喜!I'm sure you're having a great time back home. Are you travelling to the east coast? Oh, and that is a new version of 'yue sang'! Alamak, this mama is terrible! Why asking you boy to try on the dress. haha... Take care & enjoy!
    Best wishes,

  38. Kristy

    Yup...balik kampung. What to do coz tarak budak perempuan to try it on. hahahaha


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