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Friday, 25 February 2011

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Gong

Last weekend we went to  Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant at Teluk Gong to celebrate Papa and my birthday with some friends. 

Got my camera ready.

Testing testing.....snapping photos of some "O Ya" that we brought along.

First dish that arrived was Lala Fried Bihun. Though the lala was minuscule, the dish was quite tasty.

 Fried Rice. Tasty. Makan one plate not enough. Papa ordered one more plate.

Then come one of their "Chiu Pai" dish. Coconut TomYam Shrimps.Quite big portion but Mamarazzi didn't like the taste of the Tom Yam. Mamarazzi preferred the clear soup Tom Yam.

 Next comes Crabs in Sweet and Sour Sauce and the fried Man Tao. 

Steamed Crabs. Uiks...looks a lot like the "Pondan Crabs" which we had at Taman Megah. The size of the crabs also quite small. Very tasty.

 Wah lau eh...see the "eggy"! So much "Eggy" and so red. Yum yum....I love it!

We also had "Seong Thong Lala". Hmm....Mamarazzi say why so many shells are empty geh? Nevertheless, the soup was really "Uh~la~la". A lot of alcohol taste. Mamarazzi had some of the soup and pening lalat already.

Papa and Mamarazzi ordered this Taufu for me. But I end up eating other stuffs more than the Taufu. And also too busy  snapping photos.

Ahem ahem...of course must eat vegetable also la. But that night this Kangkung really not so "laku" at our table lo. Coz everyone busy eating the crabs and Lala.

After makan, I went "rounding" and snap some photos of the restaurant. Very comfy environment. Very big compound. Full of customers. Gosh! lucky Mamarazzi called up and book a table before coming.

Papa saw got a stall selling Ice-Cream. He bought one for me. Yummm...share share a bit with Papa la.

 Can you guess how much the total bill comes up to? RM159 only for 5 adult and 1 kid. Not bad ya? The crabs were RM32 a kilo.

They gave us complimentary plate of Papaya. Very thin slices but then it's Free. Can't complaint la.
Here is the address of the restaurant. Make sure you call and make reservation first if you plan to go on weekend.

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant
702 Jalan Udang Galah,
42000 Port Klang, Selangor.

Tel 03-31341218, 31342886


  1. He looks so cute with the camera! (: The crabs and tomyam shrimps looks promising, too bad port klang is a bit too far for me. I miss eating seafood.

  2. Cham liao... tonite sleep sure dream of bihun lala.

  3. i've been here once, too far away from my house lah, few hours journey ler... have tried the meehoon too and some of the dishes that u have, taste quite good.. btw , did u try their specially made wine?? very famous der..

  4. all the food's looks nice i think i wanna check out this place hehe..

  5. Food looks really good and special. Where is this? Perhaps they should do something about their presentation - macam they just dump everything on the plate like not, never bother to put nicely even....or has somebody started eating already before the photos were taken. Papa Kucing....??? Muahahahaha!!!

  6. Wow...great food!!! I have never been there before. Drooling !

  7. The tom yam in coconut is something special! Small Kucing looks quite pro with the camera ;-)


  8. Awwww.... I miss this place! Been there once and hope to go back again for the lala bee hoon and crabs!

  9. Drooling over the seafood spread liao... you didn't try their coconut wine, they claim it's the best in town!^-^

    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Shell empty, lala all run away liao!

    Happy Birthday Smallkucing and your hubby!

  11. wah, the Coconut TomYam Shrimps looks very geng.
    ahhaha.. small kucing went snap photos and mamarazzi also busy following him and take him photos lerh. :)

  12. goshh....the meehoon must be good.but cant see the lala.

  13. I think I've been there before: pre- and post-renovation.

    Very long drive (for me) for seafood. But like you said, the food is not bad. Next time I'm there must try the coconut tom yam thing.

  14. Nice birthday meal :p~ I think we've also been to this restaurant before. Famous for their fragrant coconut wine (toddy). The price is very reasonable. Hope to go again if we can find the place... quite ulu one right?

  15. Been there few times. The food is not bad and not expensive too. The only thing is quite far. Hehe.

    Papa bought ice cream for SK and SK shared the ice cream with papa. So cute! :D

  16. You know one thing among the many i like about your blog is........ the funny names of the places you visit for food....... Like this Teluk first time hearing this.

    i think you should really compile a list of the funny names and nice foods articles already........

  17. Wah.... look at all the seafoods there... really makes me drool ah!

  18. Yes, I like the food at Coconut Flower too. Wah...terror-nya, can order 2 dishes of crabs some more! Since the kangkung not laku, if I'm there, then I sure sapu the kangkung clean-clean becos I'm a veggie-lover! Happy Birthday to both Small Kucing and Paparazzi! Many happy returns of the day!

  19. Happy Birthday to you, and your hubs. All almost same time ar?

    Btw, did you order the coconut flower drink (aka todi)?

  20. Hilda

    Not as cute as your new G12 hehehe

    Teluk Gong not too far la. If am not mistaken you are some where in Shah Alam right. Can go dating with you boy boy lo...after makan can go Port Klang and "walk" around. Romantic leh

  21. Auntie cleff

    Aisay...not dream of S.o.t.o.n.g. meh?

  22. Wyson

    You are some where in Seri kembangan right. Just KESAS highway la. Not that far. Go straight. But have to pay many toll la.

  23. Wyson

    Nope...Mamarazzi dare not try the toddy. Scared mabuk. She saw many ppl order this and drink with Guiness Stout. Maybe we wait for Ah Mah to come to KL then bring her there. She can drink Guiness Stout punya

  24. Mars Mell-o

    Yes...the dishes are delicious. Must go

  25. STP

    la...hentam aje la since the food is nice.All also go into tum tum punya.

    Some more if you see the place so big and so many ppl makan there, food presentation is the last thing to think about. Impressive lo since the food arrive very fast. Wait less than 10mins.

  26. Elin

    Next time ajak your piggy gang, Claire and we go one whole group go. Then we can order more variety of food. I saw their herbal Chicken. Looks delcious wor. Want to try that one next time

  27. Dora

    I eksyen aje got la coz the photos I took all blur one. Hahaha...

    Mamarazzi saw the Tomyam Shrimp was featured in one of the Ho Chiak episode.

    The rest of the gang sees to like the TomYam Soup. But Mamarazzi didnt like coz it got a lot of santan. She scared will vomit if have too much santan

  28. Chris

    Make sure u hound claire along else she will cry LOL

  29. Alice Law

    *Horrified* no way...later I mabuk cham liao...LOL

  30. Pete

    Ya away without their shell. if you se any naked Lala then you know where they are from

  31. Yang Yang.

    Your Mama will also follow your snap photo when you are bigger. Cute boy :D

  32. Yee Ling

    Sedap lo the bihun. But the lala was very small.

  33. Synical

    ooo..they renovated ah? I didnt know coz this is the 1st time went there. Many ppl recommend this place.

    The tom Yam thingy will depend on your taste. Some cerewet like Mamarazzi dont like the Tom Yam lo

  34. Chloe's Mommy

    You tasted the Toddy? Taste like what punya? smelly ka?

    Not really that ulu la. Kesas highway go till end saw Teluk Gong Signboard turn left then not far ff can see the Coconut Flower Restaurant Signboard on the left side of the road. Just follow it then arrived jor

  35. Chee Yee

    ya quite far for you. That day tempted to ajak you also but then teringat Sunday is your family day hahahaha

  36. Eugene

    hahaha...come to think of it, you are right. But i cant help it if people set up makan place with weird name and location.

    Hmm...I wonder whethere there is anything good to eat at "Batang Berjuntai".

  37. Serene

    Hahaha...dont drool la....go and cari makan lo

  38. Alice

    Jom...we go there one of these days. I can play with Juan Or while you all adult go makan crabs

  39. 2 types of crab ordered for only RM 159.00, quite cheap wor

  40. Wah so much egg in the crab! And the meehoon looks like something that I would like! Yum!

  41. sure will go when im free next week.. =D hehe..

  42. The tom yam in coconut looks very yummy to me..hehe. The crabs look a bit small lor.

  43. I like him with the camera!!!! comel smallkucing!!!

  44. Little Lamb birthday and Papa birthday is different by 1 day only. I purposely dont wanna come out the same day coz later gotta share cake with Papa pulak...hehehe

    No leh...under aged wor...cannot drink toddy.

  45. Choi Yen

    ya lor...Mamarazzi also quite surprised. So many dishes some more. Thought it will be at least rm250

  46. Lenglui Witch

    You never been there before meh? Your place go there quite near leh. Just straight road

  47. Mars Mell-o

    Make sure you call up the place to make reservation first oh...coz weekend sure penuh

  48. Mummy Gwen

    The steam Crabs size was smaller than the Sweet and Sour Sauce Crabs. Maybe coz one type is roe punya and the other was meat punya .Tasty la

  49. Family day changed to Saturday liao. But even if family day, ajak me even better! Can "curi tulang" mah. LOL!

  50. Chee Yee

    wokay wokay noted hehehe

  51. Havent been to this place for so so long already. The last time we went was few years back. I think their biz very good, when we first go there, not much patrons. Now like crazy and i think the food standard also drop a bit.

    Cannot deny it is still a famous place for seafood.

  52. Annie

    Maybe biz become brisk after being highlight in Ho Chiak 1st season

    It was our 1st time there. Food was good enough for us. Servive very fast to despite there were a lot of people


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