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Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Sheperds on The Hills by Enid Byton

It's bedtime story again. It's another summary of The Children's Life of Christ again. A book written by Enid Blyton. I don't know why. Some people doesn't like Enid Blyton books and like to analyse the books to death especially those book related to fairies and stuffs. Well, books are written to be enjoyed. 

Last week we stopped at Baby Jesus was born and The Angels were full of joy.

Everyone was fast asleep that night. The only people who are still awake were the Shepherds on the hills. They were lamenting about the harsh life under Roman Rule. Suddenly a bright light came upon them. Initially they were frighten but soon they see it's the Angel. Angels sang of joy for Jesus birth. The Angel told them the joyful news.

Gosh...the Sheperds were so happy to hear of the news and after the Angels disappeared, they decided to go and look for Baby Jesus. One of the Shepard carried a newborn Lamb as a gift for Baby Jesus.

And in they went into their car...brooooom search of Baby Jesus. Huh? That time tarak car ka? Jalan kaki ah? Opps....must have been a long walk.

Well, the came to the inn and found the cave behind the inn. They say Baby Jesus in swaddling cloths and Manger as described by the Angels. They were overjoyed. One of them left the baby Lamb to Jesus as a gift.

What a wonderful night...


  1. Auntie oso tak paham why some ppl dun like Enid Bylton... when auntie small like u last time, auntie gila Enid Blyton books... got those about adventures wan, den those about boarding school wan. Too bad. Some of it hilang liao. Tarak tau mana auntie's mummy letak. :(

  2. Did they eat shepherd's pie?

  3. wow kecik-kecik lagi dah pandai drive hehe..

  4. Auntie Cleff

    If you google, you will know why some people don't like Enid Blyton.

    But no matter what happen in her personal life, you can't deny that her books are fun to read. Just read it with an open mind loh.

  5. I enjoyed Enid Bylton's books when I was young. I havent introduce Enid's books to my girl yet. Wonder she would enjoy them or not. However she does enjoyed reading short story books. Maybe soon, I shall get a simple novel by Enid Byton as her birthday present in April! :p

  6. walau...really miss kek lapis. i simply dun dare to buy any from stalls, scared tak sedap.

  7. I love these stories ! Got mandarin version ? Get some for my wife. She likes to read mandarin and can read to the kids!!

  8. Rose

    Enid Blyton have a lot of short stories book. Like The Yellow Stories Book, The Red Stories book, The red stories book...and many more. Mamarazzi loves the short stories too

  9. Mommy Ling

    Ya lo these are home made one...very tasty one

  10. Chris

    Not sure. Should have gua. Enid Blyton's book have been translated into many language wor.


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