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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-A Sad Day For Bethlehem by Enid Blyton

Birthday...reminds me of a recent Bed Time Story which Mamarazzi told me based on Enid  Blyton's story book.

 The one about a sad day for Bethlehem

You see...King Herod was really angry. He waited and waited and waited for the 3 wise men to come back to him regarding Baby Jesus but they never came. He sent his soldiers to find out news about the 3 wise men and got to know that they cabut lari through the other way. He was furious. His men could not find out where about was Baby Jesus and he didn't know the age of the Baby. 

Then he got an evil idea. He knew that the baby could not be more than two years old. He gave an order. He ordered his soldier to go to Bethlehem and slaughter all baby boys below two years old.

Gosh...what a terrible day for Bethlehem. Crying can be heard nearly everywhere. But King Herod cannot hear the cries. He cares only for himself and his Throne. No one may take away his throne.

That part was really scary. Am so glad am now 3 years old. Poor those babies who are below two.


  1. Wah so cruel! Just because of one baby he went to kill all babies! >.<

  2. Sad day for me too... Did not strike ban-jee... Sobs!

  3. Hmmm... during the biblical times... alot of babies were killed. During Moses times, alot of newborn baby boys were killed too...

  4. STP

    Go and pray and pray again. One day maybe will kena. If tak kena maybe it's not meant for you.Mana tau if you strike thisround, ppl come and rompak u leh. So have to wait lo

  5. Auntie Cleff terbalik...china baby girls kena pulak

  6. Last time i was read from news that now in some where around the world are still people pratice to kill baby girl.

    Happy Belated Birthday to your son!

  7. Wai Kitt

    Mana u hilang long time tarak recipi

  8. Mars Mell-o

    you have a sweet day too :D


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