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Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Little Nazarene by Enid Blyton

Let me tell you a story. The other day I wanted to have 100 Plus. But Mamarazzi said no. She asked me whether I want milk or not. I insisted on 100 Plus.

Mamarazzi got angry. She said okay. If I don't want milk, she will give it to Lamb Lamb. She went to the kitchen to make milk for Lamb Lamb.

No WAY! Lamb Lamb CANNOT have my milk! I built a barricade ..a row of 3 chairs so that Mamarazzi cannot pass by. She cannot reach Lamb Lamb.

That night, Mamarazzi said don't know whether I am a naughty boy or just being observant like Jesus.

She said Jesus was  a good and observant boy as told in Enid Blyton's book.

When Joseph and his family settled down in Nazareth, Joseph opened a carpentry shop. Jesus love to go to the shop and see Joseph work. And sometimes, Mary would bring him for walk on the hills.

Both Joseph and Mary make sure that they tell Jesus stories about God and creation.

Jesus was very observant of his surrounding and was a very thoughtful boy. He saw how the farmer did seeding. Some seed fell onto fertile ground and some fell onto stoney ground. How they grew and stuffs like that.

He would go looking for missing lamb for hours and how he rejoice when he found the frighten lamb.

All these he observed and took note of. When he grew up, he incorporated all these into the stories that he tells his disciples and the people.

I am observant also ah..I saw how Beaver built a damn in Pooh Bear & Friends show. I also built a barricade to prevent Mamarazzi give the milk to Lamb Lamb. Then I took the Milk and cabut lari.

Mamarazzi is observant too ah. She saw that each time she give something to someone, that particular someone will give back 10 folds! time Mamarazzi should give that someone RM100 or RM1000 and see what happens. Thank you very much ya, "someone".


  1. comel nya...really cute!! morning mamarazzi =D

  2. Mars Mell-o

    Happy weekend to you :D

  3. What goes around, comes around...and of course, if you don't want, give to others lor...

  4. Karma says what we do is what we will receive in return, let it be good or bad.


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