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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Chicken Cuisine Noodle House, Glenmarie U1

It was 4th day of Chinese New Year. We went shopping at Tesco Shah Alam. Then felt hungry so decided to cari makan around that area. Then Mamarazzi recalled someone recommended Mc Curry at U1 Shah Alam.

Papa drove us there but too bad the shop was not open. Then we just tembak one shop la.

Mamarazzi got her Curry Mee fix. Very tasty. 

She also ordered 4 pieces of Yong Tau Foo. Also tasty.

The Curry Laksa plus the Yong Tau Foo cost RM8-50 only. Not that expensive.Wah Lau Eh! Chinese New Year leh... Tarak naik harga ka? Mamarazzi had expected it to cost more .

 Papa had Wan Tan Mee. Medium size RM4-50. 

Mamarazzi ordered Chicken Rice for me. Cost RM4. Surprising. Quite a lot of Chicken.

But I was grumpy. Me sleepy ah...dun wanna eat ah. I wanna sleep.

Here is the address if you are interested to try the tasty Curry Mee . No 6 Jalan U1/36, Jalan Pekedai, Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park, Shah Alam.


  1. Thanks for the review! The stuff looks pretty good :) Will try it out if in the area.

  2. Ini kedai contoh ni...CNY that time auntie balik kampung... wahhh... food harga semua naik...cilaka wan, ambil kesempatan!

  3. I would love that bowl of curry mee!

  4. The wanton mee looks good, does it taste good?

  5. i think mama must be sleepy too.. spelt curry as cyrry.. :)

  6. Auntie Cleff

    Surprising lo to find at this price during CNY. Excepted it to be at least RM6 or RM7 a bowl of noodle. It seems that this Curry Mee stall was featured in the Newspaper too.

  7. Wenn

    If you happens to be around this area then drop by lo

  8. Cindy

    Dont know wo..Papa walloped all .

  9. Claire

    LOL....ya lor sleepy. The "u" is next to the "y" . Thanks wor.

  10. The shops outside office that I always go, also naik harga by Rm0.50. Then the other day we went to another shop, no naik harga wor. Looks like need to switch the lunch makan place liao. >.<

  11. the shop u went is the MOST expensive one in the 4 rows of eateries.

  12. Chee Yee

    Naik already but harga tarak turun balik

  13. Little Lamb

    Ya ka? means rest of the shop can get for RM4 and less? wow...great...have to go there and explore more. Any particular yummy shop there?

  14. i think the wantan mee looks good.

  15. ooo, I've never tried that area's food yet, maybe coz I live so far from shah alam.

  16. They looked really good, especially the wantan mee and yong taufu :`( Would love to have them for breakfast right now!

  17. makes me hungry hentam all fish...from ikan masak tempoyak in Kuchai for lunch...and then Fend Ikan Bakar in Kelana Jaya...but the beruang saw the lapar again....

  18. Yum! Food looks good... Too bad didn't have time for more of such stuff when I was in KL.

  19. Is it the shop at the corner one? Just opposite curry mee? If it is, you should try their hakka mee, it's superb! :D

  20. Ahhh, fried wanton.....I love these with my wantan mee!

  21. LOL!!This is the shop i told u which have a branch opposite the Econsave.

  22. Hilda

    Not corner shop's next to the corner shop. Oohhh corner shop also got nice food ah..will take note

  23. Pete

    ya ya...there use to have one nice one at OUG market

  24. Yee Ling

    laaaaaaaaaaa......tak perasan pulak...if know then tak payah go so far LOL


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