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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Birthdays, Gifts and Angpau

Jeng~Jeng~Jeng~ the two botak heads. Papa say wanna follow my hair style wor. Wanna botak too for his birthday. But his tarak "ekor" at the back.

This year we did not have birthday party. Just simple jalan-jalan and a bit of makan.

Auntie Alice and Juan Or came to visit me two weeks before my birthday. They gave me a birthday gift. Mamarazzi said cannot open. Wait for Papa to come back and birthday baru can open.

Papa came back just a few days before our birthdays. You know what I did? There was a "ding dong" and I opened the door. I saw Papa. Then I ran away. Papa was surprised. Why I ran away geh? Normally I would open door and huggy Papa.

Then Mamarazzi knew...hahahaha..I ran very fast to Ah Mah room to get my gifts.

Mamarazzi said punya ma...Papa come back means I can open my pressie.

Then Mamarazzi said belum birthday wor. I was so disappointed. Monyok already. Then they kesian see me like that so they allow me to open one pressie.

Of course I choose Auntie Aluce punya coz I have been wondering for so long what's inside.

Wow! A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book! Yippeee! Thank you, thank you.

Auntie Cleff gave me this "bear" for birthday. Must take photo first.

 On the morning of my birthday, Mamarazzi finally let me open my pressie.

 This gift came two days before my birthday. Noticed the lovely hand made card?

 Wow! a set of coloring book. I wanna "draw"(color).

 A book for Mamarazzi to read to me.

And Papa said this is a classic. Abu Be Good. Anyone remember old Malay stories "Abu Budak Nakal"?

Thank you very much Chloe and Auntie Hwei Li. Hope both of you are well again. And Happy Belated Birthday to you, Auntie Hwei Li.

Next come the gifts from Auntie Chee Yee whose son Mamarazzi nearly kidnapped and made Jie Jie Lynn cried. Long story there.

Another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book. Hehehe...Looks like everyone know my favourite show ya.

Goody..I can draw and draw and use the eraser to erase. It's a magnetic book with wipe able ink book.

Next comes pressie from my Dear. 3-D Mickey Mouse Jigsaw Puzzle. Mamarazzi jahat. Open until here, she won't let me open anymore. Say this one must keep a few more month baru can play coz she is lazy to pick up the puzzle wor. Said I like to leave my things everywhere. Later hilang one piece of puzzle then cham liao.

Then we went out gai-gai. I get to pick two toys for my birthday pressie. I choose this Thomas and Friends Choo Choo train. This Choo Choo Train very weird one wor. Can talk and then can kiss kiss punya. 

Mamarazzi said something about it's Mac-Net-Tick. McDonald I know la. This one I tarak tau what is that. Hentam aje la. My choo choo train can kissy kissy one.

Also I got this Remote Control Car for my birthday. But Mamarazzi said sure going to be destroy by me within a week.

While we were jalan-jalan, Auntie Cynthia sms-ed Mamarazzi said she is baking a cake. Asked we need a birthday cake for me or not. Mamarazzi said no need la since we were not celebrating. Just going out for a simple jalan-jalan aje.

Mana tau one hour later, Auntie Cynthia sms-ed again. She said the cake is ready and wanna deliver to me. Aiyo..really paiseh la she went to all the trouble.

Met up at McDonald and she belanja me and Papa Ice-cream. Yummy yum yum.

 See! nice or not the cake. My Dear sprinkled the heart shape thingy on the cake punya.

 Two Birthday Boys.

 Mmm....yummy looking la...beh tahan...curi cikit....

 Nah..Papa...nice or not?

 Happy Birthdays to us.....*blow* habis saliva all over the cake.

 That night I really syok choo choo train till I fell asleep.

Thank you Ah Mah, Auntie Siew, Auntie Florence and Auntie Claire for the angpaus. And thank you everyone who left birthday greeting for Papa and me in the blog and Facebook.


  1. So many pressie...happy boy!!

    Happy belated birthday to Joshua...

  2. many presents and ang paos. Sorry, didn't send any. Next time I go KL, I belanja mam-mam. That Auntie Lizard gave one...not Sesame Street character kah?

  3. Wah shioknya...U must be very happy indeed....Mamarazzi can slowly read books to you every night.

  4. wow so many gifts le, hehe i also want ang pow =P

  5. happy belated birthday small kucing. u got so many pressiesssssss... n like ur kiss kiss choo choo train wo.. remember ah, its Mac-Net-Tick 1 ah... aahahahaha...

  6. wah, so nice.. so many presents, angpows and celebrations.. :)

  7. Mery

    Yup am so lucky to be surrounded by so many nice people

  8. STP

    Nevermind la..tarak celebrate big big pun. Next time we go Sibu you bring us jalan jalan lo

    Auntie Cleff gave that one is on of the Sesame Street character

  9. Yang Yang

    when you bigger a bit ask your Mama buy for you the choo choo train. Fun to play la

  10. Mars Mell-o

    when is your birthday?

  11. SK

    tarak celebrate pun. Saja jalan jalan

  12. my bday is on june 12 =D then additional one year older haha.. ooo

  13. @STP... apa Auntie Lizard? Auntie Little Bird lah. Aisayyy... dun la downgrade me to lizard pulak... little bird sounds nicer. Ya, i gave him Bert... or is that one called Ernie? Lupa... i only remember Cookie Monster. Hahaha... and the Big Bird!

    @Smallkucing... too bad ah, that Ernie dono how to 'sing' punya.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday To Papa and Small kucing! Beautiful birthday cake and so many pressies!

  15. Hey happy birthday Joshua & hahaha like father like son

  16. must be a very very happy birthday indeed!

  17. Open pressies is the happiest & most exciting moment... Can share the presents with auntie Dora or not Small Kucing?


  18. Wah so many pressie! Got remote car some more! Wah! Ooh you like Thomas train also? :)

  19. Happy Belated Birthday to Joshua and Papa! Birthdays with cakes and presents are the best! May all of you be well and happy always =)

  20. Happy Belated Birthday, smallkucing.

    All the Best!

  21. Auntie Cleff

    Sing? later Mamarazzi masuk tong sampah lo.

  22. Auntie Dora

    Pressie ah..share ah...kenot...but can share birthday cake with you can ah?

  23. Chee Yee

    I love Chugginton punya but then tarak Chugginton train. Ganti with Thomas & Friend lo

  24. Happyiyi

    Thank you and hope you be happy always

  25. Sorry.. i m the last one here.. well, save the best for last, eh...
    Ok, auntie claire no pressie this year.. cos me blur blur one.. dint know till last minute.. thank goodness for Internet! hahaha...

  26. Wah, all the nice pressie
    Happy Belated Birthday!

  27. Auntie Claire

    aiyo tarak make celebration pun. No need pressie la

  28. Small kucing big boy alrdy! So cute :D

  29. Hilda

    Have to change name to BIG Kucing lor

  30. Happy Belated Birthday smallkucing.

  31. Happy belated birthday to small kucing!!


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