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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Anak"razzi" On The Move - Lunch, Roses & Chocolates

 Nice view. Snap!

 Snap.. snap...

 Or maybe this angle?

 Hmm...why the color if off geh? Setting not right?

 The food. Yummy lunch.

 Snap snap some more...

 Came home then got "Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!" A man gave me these. Say from Papa wor.


 Hmmm....saw something suspicious. card and "rotan" geh!

 Better safe than be sorry. Hide the "rotan" behind the  chair first.

I also wanna take photo la. Gotta find a good position first.

 Arrange like this? is still the best la.

Finish taking photos liao...Flowers and Chocolates are mine....all mine....cabut lari lor with my tricycle!


  1. LOL SK is so cute!!! He really hide the "rotan" behind the chair? Ahahahaha! And paparazzi is so sweet.

    SK, the choc is for Mamarazzi one la. But I'm sure Mamarazzi don't mind to share with you if you ask properly. ^_^

  2. Chee Yee

    Ya la must hide the rotan...if not later i hijack the flowers and choc will kena mamarazzi rotan

  3. Mamarazzi must be very happy because papa so sek zhou :)

    Happy Valentine's day to you all!

  4. Should call the post "Lunch & Roses"... LOL!!!

  5. hehe..lovely roses from who ya..???

  6. Shud have ask mamarazzi to post one holding the roses....***pengsan edy lari with tricycle

  7. Wow, professional photographer in the making!

    So sweet of paparazzi to give such grand bouquet of roses for mamarazzi, got chocolate some more... I understand how you felt when you saw these, jealousy! Muahahah!(just kidding)

  8. weii...that chocs and flowers belongs to mamarazi...kasi balik!! =p

  9. Wah, tak sangka Paparazzi is a romantic husband. Jealous-nya, my hubby not like that at all. No roses and chocolates, but got lunch. That also is part and parcel of our jalan-jalan only, nothing special.

  10. Nice bouquet Mamarazzi have! Happy Belated Valentine's Day

  11. Your papa is so romantic! Mamarazzi must be very "lum" lor hehe :)

  12. so sweeeeeeeeeeet, happy V day kucing! hehehe...

  13. You have such a loving husband, but kesian the flowers, you let your son torture the very beautiful flowers.

  14. Ur giving auntie nottie tots. Next year, auntie order roses and send to sendiri. LOL!

  15. Mummy Moon

    Thank you thank you...the flowers n choc are for me too

  16. Mommy Ling

    Dont want! It's mine...

  17. Alice

    Haiz....or if fail then become Paparazi

  18. Angel Bear

    Tak mau..Papa note say for Mamarazzi and me. What belongs to Mamarazzi belong to me..what belongs to me is belong to it's all MINE..*run*

  19. Alice

    It's the hearts that counts mah :D

  20. Angeline

    Thank you and same to you also

  21. Sheoh Yan

    Papa say flower for me also wor.....wanna hijack give my gf

  22. Wah...Small Kucing looked so pro with the camera. Oh...envynya...somebody got a big bouquet of flowers and chocs. Paparazzi really sayang Mamarazzi lah. :)

  23. Wei smallkucing, how can you hijack your mummy's flowers and chocs like that one? No wonder you have to hide the rotan la.


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