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Monday, 28 February 2011

Restaurant MC Curry Noodles, Glenmarie U1

We had to go to the Poslaju Office in Glenmarie to collect a parcel that morning. It was nearly noon and we haven't had our breakfast yet. And it's too late to go Kanna Curry House to fix Papa's craving for Roti Canai. 

Then Papa asked whether Mamarazzi wanna go try out the MC Curry Noodle nearby or not coz last round we came it was not open.

Papa and Mamarazzi had the Curry Noodles. Generous portion of meat and "si hum". Papa still preferred Ah Loy's Curry Mee.

 I had the Pork Noodle coz I cant stand spicy food.

 Wah lau eh...both also eat till botak heads all sweaty. Papa said the Curry was really spicy wor. 

I sweat coz the weather was really hot that day lo.

Here is the address in case you wish to try the curry mee. Restaurant MC Curry Noodles, No 7, Jln Juruaudit U1/37, Section U1, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-A Sad Day For Bethlehem by Enid Blyton

Birthday...reminds me of a recent Bed Time Story which Mamarazzi told me based on Enid  Blyton's story book.

 The one about a sad day for Bethlehem

You see...King Herod was really angry. He waited and waited and waited for the 3 wise men to come back to him regarding Baby Jesus but they never came. He sent his soldiers to find out news about the 3 wise men and got to know that they cabut lari through the other way. He was furious. His men could not find out where about was Baby Jesus and he didn't know the age of the Baby. 

Then he got an evil idea. He knew that the baby could not be more than two years old. He gave an order. He ordered his soldier to go to Bethlehem and slaughter all baby boys below two years old.

Gosh...what a terrible day for Bethlehem. Crying can be heard nearly everywhere. But King Herod cannot hear the cries. He cares only for himself and his Throne. No one may take away his throne.

That part was really scary. Am so glad am now 3 years old. Poor those babies who are below two.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Birthdays, Gifts and Angpau

Jeng~Jeng~Jeng~ the two botak heads. Papa say wanna follow my hair style wor. Wanna botak too for his birthday. But his tarak "ekor" at the back.

This year we did not have birthday party. Just simple jalan-jalan and a bit of makan.

Auntie Alice and Juan Or came to visit me two weeks before my birthday. They gave me a birthday gift. Mamarazzi said cannot open. Wait for Papa to come back and birthday baru can open.

Papa came back just a few days before our birthdays. You know what I did? There was a "ding dong" and I opened the door. I saw Papa. Then I ran away. Papa was surprised. Why I ran away geh? Normally I would open door and huggy Papa.

Then Mamarazzi knew...hahahaha..I ran very fast to Ah Mah room to get my gifts.

Mamarazzi said punya ma...Papa come back means I can open my pressie.

Then Mamarazzi said belum birthday wor. I was so disappointed. Monyok already. Then they kesian see me like that so they allow me to open one pressie.

Of course I choose Auntie Aluce punya coz I have been wondering for so long what's inside.

Wow! A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book! Yippeee! Thank you, thank you.

Auntie Cleff gave me this "bear" for birthday. Must take photo first.

 On the morning of my birthday, Mamarazzi finally let me open my pressie.

 This gift came two days before my birthday. Noticed the lovely hand made card?

 Wow! a set of coloring book. I wanna "draw"(color).

 A book for Mamarazzi to read to me.

And Papa said this is a classic. Abu Be Good. Anyone remember old Malay stories "Abu Budak Nakal"?

Thank you very much Chloe and Auntie Hwei Li. Hope both of you are well again. And Happy Belated Birthday to you, Auntie Hwei Li.

Next come the gifts from Auntie Chee Yee whose son Mamarazzi nearly kidnapped and made Jie Jie Lynn cried. Long story there.

Another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book. Hehehe...Looks like everyone know my favourite show ya.

Goody..I can draw and draw and use the eraser to erase. It's a magnetic book with wipe able ink book.

Next comes pressie from my Dear. 3-D Mickey Mouse Jigsaw Puzzle. Mamarazzi jahat. Open until here, she won't let me open anymore. Say this one must keep a few more month baru can play coz she is lazy to pick up the puzzle wor. Said I like to leave my things everywhere. Later hilang one piece of puzzle then cham liao.

Then we went out gai-gai. I get to pick two toys for my birthday pressie. I choose this Thomas and Friends Choo Choo train. This Choo Choo Train very weird one wor. Can talk and then can kiss kiss punya. 

Mamarazzi said something about it's Mac-Net-Tick. McDonald I know la. This one I tarak tau what is that. Hentam aje la. My choo choo train can kissy kissy one.

Also I got this Remote Control Car for my birthday. But Mamarazzi said sure going to be destroy by me within a week.

While we were jalan-jalan, Auntie Cynthia sms-ed Mamarazzi said she is baking a cake. Asked we need a birthday cake for me or not. Mamarazzi said no need la since we were not celebrating. Just going out for a simple jalan-jalan aje.

Mana tau one hour later, Auntie Cynthia sms-ed again. She said the cake is ready and wanna deliver to me. Aiyo..really paiseh la she went to all the trouble.

Met up at McDonald and she belanja me and Papa Ice-cream. Yummy yum yum.

 See! nice or not the cake. My Dear sprinkled the heart shape thingy on the cake punya.

 Two Birthday Boys.

 Mmm....yummy looking la...beh tahan...curi cikit....

 Nah..Papa...nice or not?

 Happy Birthdays to us.....*blow* habis saliva all over the cake.

 That night I really syok choo choo train till I fell asleep.

Thank you Ah Mah, Auntie Siew, Auntie Florence and Auntie Claire for the angpaus. And thank you everyone who left birthday greeting for Papa and me in the blog and Facebook.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Gong

Last weekend we went to  Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant at Teluk Gong to celebrate Papa and my birthday with some friends. 

Got my camera ready.

Testing testing.....snapping photos of some "O Ya" that we brought along.

First dish that arrived was Lala Fried Bihun. Though the lala was minuscule, the dish was quite tasty.

 Fried Rice. Tasty. Makan one plate not enough. Papa ordered one more plate.

Then come one of their "Chiu Pai" dish. Coconut TomYam Shrimps.Quite big portion but Mamarazzi didn't like the taste of the Tom Yam. Mamarazzi preferred the clear soup Tom Yam.

 Next comes Crabs in Sweet and Sour Sauce and the fried Man Tao. 

Steamed Crabs. Uiks...looks a lot like the "Pondan Crabs" which we had at Taman Megah. The size of the crabs also quite small. Very tasty.

 Wah lau eh...see the "eggy"! So much "Eggy" and so red. Yum yum....I love it!

We also had "Seong Thong Lala". Hmm....Mamarazzi say why so many shells are empty geh? Nevertheless, the soup was really "Uh~la~la". A lot of alcohol taste. Mamarazzi had some of the soup and pening lalat already.

Papa and Mamarazzi ordered this Taufu for me. But I end up eating other stuffs more than the Taufu. And also too busy  snapping photos.

Ahem ahem...of course must eat vegetable also la. But that night this Kangkung really not so "laku" at our table lo. Coz everyone busy eating the crabs and Lala.

After makan, I went "rounding" and snap some photos of the restaurant. Very comfy environment. Very big compound. Full of customers. Gosh! lucky Mamarazzi called up and book a table before coming.

Papa saw got a stall selling Ice-Cream. He bought one for me. Yummm...share share a bit with Papa la.

 Can you guess how much the total bill comes up to? RM159 only for 5 adult and 1 kid. Not bad ya? The crabs were RM32 a kilo.

They gave us complimentary plate of Papaya. Very thin slices but then it's Free. Can't complaint la.
Here is the address of the restaurant. Make sure you call and make reservation first if you plan to go on weekend.

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant
702 Jalan Udang Galah,
42000 Port Klang, Selangor.

Tel 03-31341218, 31342886

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ah Wang Bak Kut Teh, Old Klang Road

Missed me or not? This is a very late post. Back in January. Went makan with Ah Kong here.

Makan-ed the famous Steamed Fish Head. Wah lau eh..the portion really big lah. Nearly cannot finish makan.

Shh...don't tell Ah Mah. We also makan-ed this...BKT. Hmm...don't know why that particular day the soup was quite "tame".  Maybe haven't boil long enough?

Then Mamarazzi gatal and wanted to have Pork Vinegar. Wah...this one really yum yum...cukup rasa.

All the meat...hmm...must "wash" it down with some vegetable la. We had this "salad leave". Young and fresh. Not over cooked.

Prices ah...not sure of the prices. Mamarazzi saw this Carlberg signboard. Guess maybe it's the price of the food gua.

Tummy full full coz the portion of the food was quite big

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