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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wedding Dinner At Tropicana Grand Ballroom, Ipoh

The reason we went to Ipoh last Christmas was to attend a relative's wedding, which was held at Tropicana Grand Ballroom.

Eee...they gave Beryl's Chocolates, just like in my Khai Yeh's wedding.

Hmm...I'm in a "paparazzi" mode. Anak-razzi in training.

 But before that, must makan first or else no energy. Snapping photos is hard work leh.

The first dish, "Happiness 5 Hot and Cold Combinations".

 I love this. This is GOOD. One thumb up...coz the other was busy holding the fork. 

 Next comes individual "pot" of "Braised Broth Soup with Seafood Treasure.

This one was very delicious also. But half way eating, I had some small business to do. When I came back, my soup soup hilang-ed liao.

*sob*sob* I asked Papa "Where my soup-soup?" . I want my soup souppppppp........

Steam Chicken With Soy Sauce. Hmmm...first time having this dish in a wedding. A nice change from the usual roast chicken. The Vegetable was fresh and young. The chicken meat was tender and juice.

 Then come the BIG toast. Ah Kong and Ah Mah went up the stage with the rest of the elders.

 Yummm......Seng!!!!!.....while me at the bottom of the stage pretending to snap photographs.

Anak-razzi in training.Check out the photographer on the far left. I was imitating him

Alamak!...after I finished snapping "photographs" , the fish tinggal kepala and tulang only. Don't worry. There are ample share coz Mamarazzi have taken some for me and Papa when we were busy snapping photos.

Baked White Prawns with Honey Sauce were delicious too. I walloped 2-3 prawns on my own.

Mamarazzi said it taste better if wash down with a glass of "Ribena". There was free flow of "Ribena" the whole night. Mamarazzi really had quite a few glasses. Maybe that's why she slept like an "oink oink" when we got back to the hotel.

The next dish is Braised Mixed Vegetable with Brown Sauce. Not one of my favourite dish coz I don't like vegetables much. But aren't most kids hates vegetables?

Ah.....this one I like. Fried Rice.

I better ngap fast fast before the "yum Seng" group come. The group sudah sampai the table next to ours already

Most members at our table also ngap-ed fast fast coz later the Yum Seng group comes, saliva might spray all over the rice.

Last but not least, Double Boiled Soya Milk With Lotus Seeds & Snow Fungus and Sweet Duet.

Hmmm...this round dancing session not syok. Tarak girl girl dance with me. Only one boy boy kept wanting to dance with me. We end up playing chase coz I don't wanna dance with Boy Boy leh.

Thank you Kor Kor Chun Lee for inviting us to his wedding and Congratulations!


  1. Foodssssssss, I'm drooling! Fried rice and soup look nice leh! Wah your soup hilang liao, who ate?*quick glance at smallkucing
    So cute, smallkucing became anak-razzi, he will replace mamarazzi's position when he all grown up muahaha ;D

  2. I thought it's a red wine ma kucing hehe the boiled soya makes me wanna eat!!! =D

  3. Ehhh? How come ur ah kong over there with your ah ma? Ur ah kong not just finish operation meh? Can travel? Whaaa... ur ah kong very hebatlah... if auntie ah... will lembik lembik for one whole mth... dun ask auntie attend weddinglah... ask auntie go out of the house oso dun wan...cuz after operate will sakit here and there. =( pain pain ma, so dowan gai gai.

    Wow... ur ah ma ahh, cantik lah the baju... can ask her where she dapat anot? Auntie wanna pinjam!

  4. Quite different from dinners we have here... How much a table like that? No wonder you went to Ipoh around Christmas... Maybe if Claire's anak gets married...or Elin's, I may get invited and will have a chance to try the wedding banquet there...

  5. The dinner must be expensive! ribena free flow.. i would love to drink like Joshua.. lol...

  6. Wah, such a scrumptious treat! The food looked great but the restaurant really need to work on the presentation for some of their dish! Perhaps decorate it with flowers or fruit carving, after all it's a 'once in a life' wedding dinner(for the couple)!

  7. HAHAAHA, i think your daddy eat your soup isit small kucing. LOL~
    the food all look nice..
    eh small kucing, auntie also don't like vegetable, hahahah

    the red wine is yummy~

  8. Yummy food! Wah I didn't even know got such a ballroom in Ipoh leh.. is it in a hotel? The food looks great! LOL at the fish! :P

  9. Wah, this is really a tak habis2 makan trip! Anakrazzi is so cute haha.

    Auntie last time also held her wedding dinner in Tropicana you know, but the Tropicana in PJ lah, not Ipoh :)

  10. drool! hey, did the other relatives or friends kept staring at you when u keep taking pictures? hahahahaha... blogger oh blogger!

  11. Haha, looks like u found ur future job XD

  12. ANgie

    The waiter very fast lor...cleared the soup coz they wanna serve another dish. Papa tak sempat stop him

  13. Mars Mell-o

    Memang red wine...but Mamarazzi bluff me say Ribena

  14. Auntie Cleff

    U memang always lembik one la...

    after operation, Ah Kong can still bring me gai gai leh..

    see! Ah KOng baru 70+ stronger than u leh...

    Pinjam AH Mah's baju for what? Kenot fit you la

  15. STP

    Entah how much la...cheh kai type already min RM600 lor..This one maybe at least rm1K/table gua. Moreover it was Christmas wor

  16. Claire

    Must be gua since it was Christmas. You can drink "ribena" or not? Later mabuk cham lo

  17. Alice Law

    Haiz...kira okay long as the food is good and the service great.

  18. Gold Flower

    No la the waiter cleared the table jor

  19. Lenglui Witch

    Not a hotel. Coliseum.

  20. Chloe's Mommy

    Tropicana PJ ah...been there once..nice nce

  21. Irene

    anak-razzi in training lor

  22. Kelvin

    Either that or become peeping tom lol

  23. Whaaa... ur ah kong so kuat! So hebat. Ur ah kong 70+ ah? OMG... same like auntie's grandpa's age leh... auntie oso can call ur ah kong grampa leh!

    Ah Ma's baju cantik ma... purple colour... wear for CNY sure auntie look very glamer punya... must ask ur ah ma mana she beli tht baju... so cantik! LMAO!

  24. I love red wine...isk..isk the oldest wine is the better =D cheers for ma kucing

  25. Mars Mell-o

    Not really the older the better. Some Red Wine have to be aged to certain time only. More than that the taste would be off :p

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