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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Restaurant Makanan Laut Ying Jia, Happy Garden

First of all...Happy Wedding for those who are getting married today, 11.1.2011.

This is another late post. Went to have Christmas Eve dinner with my Dear.

 Wah...ngum ngum Auntie Cynthia made a batch of Ginger Bread boy and girl.

Can I eat ? Huh...not for eating one ah...for decoration only ya. 

But luckily we didn't have to wait long for the food to be serve.

As for the "waiter" pulak...haiz...*shake head* Kept reminding him there are 5 person and he kept bringing the wrong numbers of "pinggan mangkuk". Kejap bring 3 plates..Kejap bring 4 bowls..kejap 5 forks and kejap 4 spoon. Kelakar Mr Bean.

The first dish was Yam with Pork. Taste ...hmm..okay okay la...It was bit too salty for Mamarazzi, but each person have different idea on saltiness. Portion quite big.

Then comes the Sotong. Mamarazzi had intended to post up this post on that night itself to tease Auntie Cleffairy but she was too tired when we got home.

Mamarazzi ordered "Sei Dai Thean Wong". Hmmm..this dish was rather...ahem ahem...ya memang have 4 types of beans but Kacang Panjang and French Bean???..Taste rather not as good as when it's cooked with brinjal. The portion for this dish was very big.

I love to drink soup. Hence Mamarazzi ordered "Salted Vegetabe Soup" for us lo.  Mamarazzi drank one sip and geleng kepala.Tarak suit her taste. End up korek the things inside to eat only. Didn't drink the soup. Dear eat so "Si Mun". Not even two years old yet and feed herself using fork and spoon. Clever leh?

 While Mamarazzi said I eat like a dog. Messy messy everywhere. Rice on my baju, rice on my pants and even on my head.

 Hmm...the usual Chef must have been on leave that night coz we have been to this restaurant before. Previously  the food was not bad wor.


  1. i'm also tempted to eat the gingerbread...luckily i didnt...hahahaha

  2. my dream wedding day hahaha love that cookies look awesome sayang nak makan..even the boy also will agree with me i guess..

  3. Ying Jia, not sure is it the same restaurant that i know. I know there is another Ying Jia Restaurant at Sri Petaling.

    Ya agree, most important is the company.

  4. They didn't put sambal to cook the sei da tien wong?

  5. Ehh today is 11.1.11 ler.. not yet november :P hehe..

  6. ANgel Bear

    Looks tempting right ? :D

    Nevermind..Next Christmas will order those that can be eaten ones from my Dear's Mommy and send to you

  7. Annie

    This one is at the Happy Garden Wai sik kai opposite Ming Kee Restaurant

  8. Choi Yen

    Got but cant see. That's why look so weird LOL

  9. Lenglui WItch

    soli ah...ter-lebih one "1". :p

  10. Haha...Mr son's favourite.

  11. Looks like the food was not so good, right? But i love kau yuk one! not every place serves that...

  12. Oh, long time I don't eat Gingerbread :0 it seems so good *drooling

  13. Hmm can't remember if I have been to this place before. Probably not. But we visit the corner shop along the same road (on the other end away from the Ming Kee Restaurant). Not bad la.

  14. The gingerbread man looks so cute!! And Princess sure looks so cute with the fork and spoon hor :) Your son have company lo that night :) :)

    Ya lor, sometimes when the chef left or when he is not in a good mood, the food he cook will taste different leh!

  15. Cute ginger breadman and his partner!~

  16. Food not so good? Looks very nice leh... Maybe you looked at darling all the time, not paying attention to what you ate.

  17. I like to buy a gingerbred biscuit every Christmas just to makan. Small Kucing, you do eat like a boy and Your Dear eat like a girl. That's nice ;>)

  18. Haihhh... sotong.... sotong...sotong.........~

  19. oppss i missed haha sorry i suppose to wrote it saya nak makan not sayang i just notice that. +D

  20. Claire

    ya not very place serves this. Papa been cari-ing this long time ago

  21. Angie

    these can see cannot eat one

  22. Chee Yee

    The other end not BKT stall meh?

  23. Mommy ANgel

    ya lor maybe the Chef geram Christmas eve tarak leave

  24. STP

    The soup taste full of perisa la...

  25. Autumn

    Next year buy from my Dear's mummy la

  26. Auntie Cleff

    yikes gila sotong again

  27. Alice Law

    Looks like you same gang with my Papa lo


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