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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Preparing for CNY?

Fuih...finally have some time to rest. Been very busy since the beginning of December 2010. A lot of things happen. Some good, some bad.

A mouse got into the house, Ah Kong unexpected hospitalisation, going Ipoh, attending wedding, meeting a lot of bloggers friends, going gai-gai with my Yee Yee, New Year dinner and many more.

Nearly everyday there was something on.

Got my first "pay check" from Nuffnang. Amount is small only. Why cash out ah? Coz Mamarazzi says money in my pocket is better than money elsewhere mah. Agree or not?

I also got my hair cut in a car. It's my first time having my hair cut in a car. Hmm..the car was kinda small for me. Don't think Mamarazzi will be bringing me back to this shop coz the Barber was rather impatient.

Then early last week, Mamarazzi saw hyper market selling Chinese Arrowhead(Ngaku) cheap at RM2-58/kg. She went and buy some since both Papa and me loves to eat.

After 8 hours of frying marathon, she only managed to make 4 medium size containers and 6 mini containers. Why so little? coz I have perfected my "Oliver Twist" face. You wanna see my last year Oliver Twist face? Click here to see.

Between Papa and me, we have finished nearly half of what she fried.

By the time this post is up, all the Ngaku Chips are gone already. You want some? Have to wait for Mamarazzi 2nd round frying lor. But then even 2nd round of fry, sure the chips will be gone very fast.


  1. And some of those oso goes into Auntie Little Bird's tum tum. Hahahahah... tankiu mamarazzi... ur simply the best!

  2. my brother also love it...he sanggup buy a lot of those and dump at my house - and the beruang is the kuli....haiz......easy to eat, hard to do...fry-fry-fry till the face also like kuali already... =.=

  3. little the money, so miserable! Come, Sibu, I give you ang pao RM50...atleast, more than what's on the cheque!

    And aiyor!!! You are already too big for the car! Muahahahaha!!!!

    And what chips are those? Maybe my daughter would love - she loves all those kerepek and stuff - not me, only know how to merepek! LOL!!!

  4. Wow~ the mouse is so brave to go into small kucing house... Not worry kucing catch them.

    This year mouse will be happy because cat will be in Vietnam to celebrate CAT year.

  5. Joshua must drink a lot of water wor, eat so much fried arrow head!

  6. fast kao tim jor...LOL!!

    Mine still have 1/2 jar..

  7. Not bad mer...early angpow. Good good!!

  8. That's cool having haircut in the car, yeah kinda too small for you. Oh poor old Oliver Twist this year no need to twist as you have finished almost all already. tQ for the reminder gotta go get the arrowhead asap.

  9. How's hair cut in the car? Must be nice..

  10. Where is your perfected "Oliver Twist's Please sir, I want summore" face? haha

    Wow.. so many containers of ngaku chips! That also mamarazzi complained little? Very heaty ler... must drink more water ya :)

  11. Preparing for CNY equals to spending money, loads of it,right?

    So,you got your nuff check already, good, spend on the little meow lah,,,,, as for me,i have not cashed out even once, love to see it snow balls, then sekali gus, spend....

  12. eat so much nga gu biscuit ar, later sore throat ler :P

  13. I can't even cash out from nuffnang (not yet achieve min pay out amount).

    Wow, you save a lot buy frying ngaku by yourself. It's selling expensive out there!

  14. Wah...really busy wor. Hope grandpa is all fine now.

    I love ngaku too but really tedious to remove the skin and scrap the 'meat' thinly to fry. You are really patience to be able to fried so much!

  15. OOhh ngaku chips! I want some also! My grandma also makes them during CNY! Can't wait!! :)

  16. Wah ... you fried your own ngaku ah? Ya lor .. I love ngaku so much too and normally can't keep till CNY :P

  17. waaaahh dah cash out ea nuffnang...
    nak angpaw ngeee...



  18. so cute having hair cut sitting on a car..

  19. Hope Grandpa is ok.

    Wah, ngaku fry until pengsan lor....

  20. I love ngaku chips too..sedap. paycheck already...congrats.

  21. Hey SK, remember to leave some fried ngaku for mamarazzi! She works so hard to fry for you and papa. :)

  22. Auntie Cleff

    Next year your frying?

  23. Angel Bear

    Not cheap oh buy from outside. Tiny tong already RM20

  24. STP

    Small least can buy a packet of Anmum for me lo

    Too bad the shop tarak bigger car

    Uiks...u never head arrowhead chips before ah?

  25. TZ

    ya Chinese saying "duno where to die " lor

  26. Alice Law

    I drank a lot of 100 Plus

  27. Angeline

    Nice to eat hor...but hard to fry

  28. Mommy Ling

    You slow slow eat ah...very heaty one.

    ya lor early angpau lor

  29. Bananaz

    wait a week or two. The price will drop. Now still very expensive

  30. prince and princss Mum

    okay okay only la

  31. Chloe's Mommy...

    It would have been more containers if I tarak use my Oliver Twist face

  32. Eugene

    Dun wanna leave it there lor...better masuk my bank a/c and work for me instead of their a/c lo

  33. Jemsen

    earned after so many years

  34. Choi Yen

    No worry...i also drink a lor of 100 plus and coconut water

  35. Cindy

    haiz...waited many years leh

    as for the nga ku chips ya lor very mahal out there

  36. mNhL

    removing the skin okay. Only the frying is tedious. Have to use small fire.

  37. Lenglui witch

    Try frying some at home la

  38. Mommy ANgel

    mamarazzi fry lo since so expensive to buy. RM22 for big tong if buy out there.

  39. Liz

    Money in my pocket better than in theirs :p

  40. Pete

    He is okay. Now gone vacationing to Laos.

    very tedious work leh frying Ngaku Mamarazzi wish she have those McD french fries frier. Celup in and take out kau tim

  41. Mummy Gwen

    thanks :D Nice to eat hor

  42. Chee Yee

    Funny wor...mamarazzi say no meed to eat the chips wor

  43. Congratz for cashing out your blogging pay check XD

    Me too need to cash out .... CNY is at the corner .... need more money as bullet to go whack later ..... Penang my kampung here I come ....

  44. 8 hours of frying - wahlau, salute you.

  45. Mom's Diary

    haiz...what to two DBKL 10 tong also not enough


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