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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Play, Jalan-Jalan and Cari Makan in Ipoh

After the heavy breakfast, we went to the BIG playground near the hotel. I had great fun. Lovely weather and a lot of people around. There were some aunties and jie jie doing line dancing there too.

But for me, am more attracted  with the Playland there.Then Papa and Mamarazzi got tired chasing me around. They bising wanna go back. 

Back to the car we went...then "ring ring! ring ring!". Look see look see was Auntie Claire calling. Asked if we are at the hotel coz she is bringing something over.

 Guess what? It's Swiss Roll. Ipoh famous JJ Cakes Swiss Roll. Chempedak Swiss Roll?


Mamarazzi saw the plastic bag and was curious about the shop. So we went and hunt for the shop. Aiks...Jalan Tokong also tarak this shop...Jalan Kampar also don't have.

Called the numbers on the plastic, tarak orang angkat. Finally called Jennifer Liau number and she answerd. She gave direction to the shop.


Pengsan...when arrived at the shop, we found that it's at Jalan Chung Thye Pin. Rupa-rupanya, this shop have moved and this is the new premises. When Mamarazzi asked, the man say they have excess plastic bag from previous shop so they continue using the plastic with the old address. Haiz...really "wan sei yan" loh....

Mamarazzi went and buy another roll of Mixed fruit Swiss Roll on top of the Mixed Vegetable Swiss Roll which Auntie Claire gave.

Rather expensive box like this ranges between RM12 to RM15. But then it taste very delicious. Melt in the mouth. Next time go Ipoh must buy some more.

 Can you see the fruit oozing out there?

Then Mamarazzi sibuk buy "hand letters" to bring home pulak...heong peah, pomelo, salted chicken and etc.
Wah lau eh...all these is making me pening liao. Need some food. Time to makan at Lou Wong.

 Pass me the drink first. Thirsty.

Very clever contraption to prevent the glasses from falling.

 The famous Taugeh. Haiz....taugeh on diet again. Where are all the buncit taugeh???

 This round the Steamed Chicken were delicious!

 I had rice while Mamarazzi had Keoy Teow soup. Also very tasty.

Perut kenyang..and it's time to go home lor.....


  1. Cempedak Swiss Roll! Wah, very innovative leh but I never try before, must try, must try. This looks like makan-makan trip in Ipoh. Ipoh Ngah Choy Kai okay, right?

  2. Wah, so good leh, bought lots of goodies!

  3. LOL, the makan pening pic very cute leh, your baby! Ohhh... I heard so much about these swiss-roll, must give it a try when I drop by Ipoh!

  4. handsome in the first pic. Sure all the girls fall in love one... LOL!!!

  5. eih, i love swiss roll leh, especially the most common vanilla cake with strawberry jam filling.. but then rather reserved for the jackfruit swiss roll, nice meh?? :D

  6. hey.. the loe wong dishes looked good here.. hahaha.. so when coming here again? this time must meet up with more bloggers!

  7. Oh the swiss roll seems good! >,<
    Smallkucing very happy to have some play time in playground ya!^^ Glad to see..
    Anyway, smart idea for that glass contraption, never see that kind of thing!

  8. chicken rice!!!! nak sikit boleh?? =D

  9. The Swissroll has appeared in almost every foodie's blog! Now I'm really curious to hunt for it in my next Ipoh trip. My in-laws just went to Ipoh 2 days ago too... balik2 they only know how to buy egg tarts and shat-kei-ma haha.

  10. The Swiss Roll really quite pricey wor. Worth it?

  11. are you from ipoh? =P
    the swiss roll is apparently outstanding with its own colorful and edible outlook.

  12. i think taugeh chicken in ipoh is overrated :)

  13. Wenn it...just too bad tak sempat go look for you

  14. Autumn

    The shop have a lot of other types of swiss berry la..strawberry la...etc...

    The Ngah Choy Kai okay la....just too bad the ngah choy not as "chubby" as last time

  15. Pete

    Yup...go to Yee Hup and borong biscuits you know Loyu Wong also have confectionary shop leh..

  16. ALice Law

    Definitely worth it..taste good. Not that sweet and it was soft and fluffy.

  17. STP

    Thank you thank you...too bad your girl girl not my age :D

  18. SK

    These swiss roll not common vanilla filling. The filling have fruits one...very sedap.

    Let's hope AUntie Cynthia can "copy" this recipe then i can bodek makan free :p *muka tembok mode*

  19. Claire

    hahaha...previous round the Chicken was not that good. Tough. This round the chic was tender. But the ngah choy a bit too skinny...last time used to be chubby one leh..u know where to find those ah?

  20. Angie

    This Swiss Rolls a bit pricey but worth it la...

  21. Mars Mell-o

    tak boleh...coz habis makan already. Next round join us to Ipoh, want?

  22. Chloe's Mommy

    Memang sedap lo. Heard they got deliver to KL but the price duno how much lo..

  23. Chee Yee

    Pricey but worth it. The cream and fruit very fresh and not too sweet. The roll was bigger size too

  24. Eunicee

    Nope..not from Ipoh but Auntie Claire is from Ipoh. :D

    Ya very colourful and tasty too.

  25. Ken

    you from there of course ler you eat till sien jor. KL kinda hard to find nice taugeh chicken lor..But the other day in ou Wong the chic was tender but the taugeh so skinny already :(

  26. JJ Swiss Roll, heard so much about it. Is it good? Do they have "normal" swiss roll instead of those durian or cempedak flavour?

  27. Annie

    Paiseh...Mamarazzi never heard of this before till Auntie Cynthia mention it. Thats why we went cari lo


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