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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Medan Selera, Stadium Ipoh

After makan-makan at Auntie Claire's house, we still have a bit of room in the tummy. Hence, Auntie Claire brought us to the famous Medan Selera at Stadium Ipoh

Wah lau eh...she must be a regular customer coz the taukeh of this Simee Beef Noodle stall seems to know her.

Ordered already the Beef Noodle, time for sweet dessert pulak

 Jeng-jeng-jeng....Taufu far . "Pak siut siut, wat liut-liut" yummy. 

 But what I love the most is this. Ice Blended Red Bean with Soya.

It's GOOD..with two thumbs up. Satu not enough...we had another one.

Uiks? Bila pulak call Yong Taufu? Cheeky Auntie Claire..quietly called YTF especially the Sai Toh Fishball for me to eat.

Here comes the Noodle and the Beef....It's a bit different from Petaling Street ones. This soup is clearer as compared to the Petaling Street punya. The Mixed Beef taste good and tender. Not tough. Mamarazzi like.

But what I love the most is the noodle. I love noodle.

Once again, thank you very much Auntie Claire for this treat.


  1. red soya bean look so fascinating !!!

  2. Wah..Ipoh really have alot of good food. *drooling*

  3. Nice taufu fua...and red bean drink. Wouldn't mind having that. The beef noodles look good too...but the yong tau fu - I think I've seen better elsewhere.

  4. Glad you like it.. next time try out the wanton mee there.. u will need double portion..
    hope this comment goes thru.. the previous one was lost.. :)

  5. *drool*
    i think i need to get tau fu fa now. hehehe!

  6. The YTF looks so yummy, havent eat it in ages! :P

  7. Yummy! Love the sai tou fish ball! And the tau fu fa too.. *drools*

  8. wow..taufu fa..i hvn't had this for quite some time already!

  9. Aiyor, Tau fu far is my best friend lar! If I got to go there one day, I won't mind to drop by the stall for a bowl of tau Fu Far!^-^

  10. Wah....after I MIA for a while, you got a new home! Congrats congrats!!

    Adui...the taufu fa so so so delicious...makes me wanna eat too.

  11. Happy New Year!!! I'm not turning my blog into baking blog's just part of my life ;)

  12. Ahhh I want red bean soya, looks nice leh, I always love red bean haha

  13. Happy New Year to you! The Tau Fu Far looks good. I like Tau Fu Far but not my kid :(

  14. The Tau Fu Fa looks good. Same for the Ice Blended Red Bean!

  15. Alamak tempt me with red bean especially ice blended on.

  16. Red bean + soya milk, never see this combination st KL wor~~

  17. Hmm?!wonder how it taste for the ice blended red bean with soya milk.Perhaps try to make this myself one day.

  18. Ipoh!! So many good food. Must find one day and go there makan makan.

    taufu fa, i thought there is one famous one, funny moutain or something moutain, serve very good taufu fa, read so much good review about it.

    Hope not too late to with you and the kucing family, Happy New Year!

  19. Mars Mell-o

    we 1st time try also

  20. Mummy Gwen

    ya lo...a LOT of good food. Go there have to find local people bring cari makan

  21. STP

    do not be deceived by look. These YTF may look ordinary but....

  22. Claire

    Next time wanna go there again...wanna try all the food there ..hehehe

  23. Hilda

    time to cari YTF to eat lo

  24. Lenglui Witch

    u ipoh mali also ah?

  25. Wenn

    wei...u from Ipoh wor...near la..can go stadium makan taufu fa anytime

  26. Alice

    hahaha...if sesat, you know who to call :p

  27. mNhL

    been very busy ya year end. Thanks and Happy New year to you too

    Ipoh is a food heaven like Penang

  28. uLi

    hahaha...saw so many baking post there lately. Thought you kahwin jor turning the blog into baking and cooking blog jor :p

  29. Angie

    Come to Msia...especially Ipoh

  30. Mommy ANgel

    I love Taufu Fa leh..but Mamarazzi not really crazy about Taufu fa.

  31. Mommy Ling

    want or not...arrange a trip to Ipoh an serang Claire, Agnes, Angeline and Elin

  32. Choi Yen

    I think soon will have in KL lo. Sure got people will copy and make

  33. Wai Kitt

    hahaha...lausai gua tarak tau ah

  34. Annie

    Happy New Year to you too.

    Ipoh memang a food heaven

  35. aiyooooooooooooooooo, i want Ice Blended Red Bean with Soya, KL ada kah ar?

  36. Irene

    KL ada...wait ah..Mamarazzi make LOL

    eh..they have Papaya Ice Blended with Soya also leh...


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