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Monday, 17 January 2011

Mamarazzi's Pickled Mango

Take photo... announcement..announcement...Auntie Little Bird is rumoured(rumor created by Mamarazzi) to be pregnant.*haiz..sure kena she curse upside down*

Don't know why she kept pestering Mamarazzi recipe for pickled mango. Hmm....normally pregnant ladies baru loves pickled mango mah...

So here is the recipe.

Get these tiny mango. Malay calls it Mangga Hati Ayam. Cantonese calls it "Thang Zhai Monk". Peel off the skin, cut into half and throw away the seed. If you like the skin then you can also pickle the mango without peeling off the skin.

Soak in salted lukewarm water for about 15mins to make it more crunchy.

 Meantime, put some asamboi, Golden weed, sugar and vinegar in a bowl and stir till the sugar melted. You can get the "Golden Weed"(Kum Choh) from Chinese medicine hall. It gives more taste to the mango.

As for how much sugar and vinegar, is up to personal taste. If you want it more sour then put more vinegar lor...or if you like it sweet then pour more sugar.

But make sure the vinegar and sugar solution is enough to cover all the mango.

After the sugar melted. Throw in the mango. Don't add any water. Wait for 2-3 days then it's ready to eat.

Remember not to put this in any plastic or metal container ya. Just put into glass jar/container.


  1. I love pickled mango and I didnt know we can do it ourselves :P should give it a try too!

    P/S: Do try the curry mee and lemme know if it's up to yr expectation yeah :D

  2. Wow...lau hau sui already..LOL. Can have some please... :)

  3. *GLARE* Who pregnant? Who pregnant? Dun anyhow say ah.... Grrrrrrr!!! Cis... ur Mamarazzi so bad... auntie is not pregnant...and not planning to be pregnant. Now, u dun go give ur uncle any dumb ideas...pregnant liao so mafan... gv birth liao even more mafan.... #!@#!@#!

  4. dat ah....someday will try this!

  5. Is she? Yipeeee..... Haiya, hubby bird is the one who must take sour things, baru dapat girl! LOL!!!

  6. This is a very torturing post!! I kept swallowing saliva while reading.. this little bird, whoever you are, u better be pregnant otherwise I need compensation for beign tortured at 7.51am!! lol..

  7. he he, this one not for me leh....I takut to eat dried plums....LOL!

  8. I guest the golden weed is the 'secret ingredient'! I didn't know we need to add that!

  9. Oh I love pickled mango! My mom used to make it too.. Very addictive!! I want some! :P

  10. Abis...auntie lil bird sure curse kao kao jor.

    This auntie, apa masam thingy also tarak lepas one...LOL!!!

  11. *Drooling* And I just finish my lunch!

  12. Hilda

    Yup can sendiri make but kinda hard to find these mango unless family have this mango tree. Not many people selling already

    Will do. Most likely go after CNY.

  13. Mummy Gwen

    How to get it to you ah?

  14. Angel Bear

    The pasar malam seller teach punya. Tried a few times. Nice.

  15. STP

    If auntie cleff eat sour things dapat apa ah?

  16. Pete

    Hmm...looks like what STP said is true wonder you got boy :D

  17. Jessica

    Mamarazzi didnt know too till a pasar malam auntie taught her

  18. Lenglui WItch

    ya lor..very addictive...kejap only finished

  19. Mommy Ling

    That one lagi masam she lagi wonder write so many hamsup novel LOL

  20. Chee Yee

    after lunch just nice for pickled mango hor..

  21. You enjoy your pickled mangoes, ya? As for me, I'm not a fan at all for pickled mangoes. Last time, my mum used to make pickled mangoes so as not to waste those mangoes that were not ripe yet but already fallen from the tree in our porch. All my other family members eat pickled mangoes except for me becos I don't like the extremely sour taste.

  22. nice mama kucing make me want to eat pickle mango now =D

  23. So delicious! This one, no need to be pregnant to crave for it ler :p *swallow saliva*

  24. eih, this one is nice, nice, nice!! i like this type of pickled mangoes.. now really drooling already lor~~

  25. LOL... all of a sudden my saliva dripped from my mouth... muahahaha!

  26. ALice

    oo...your mommy put a lot of vinegar ya.

  27. Chloe's Mommy

    LOL...mana tau...auntie cleff likes sour things one like asamboi

  28. SK

    nice hor this type. Mamarazzi dun like those sell in stop where the vinegar turn into red color punya


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