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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Lover Bridge Restaurant Tanjung Sepat (2nd round)

Went to Tangjung Sepat again with my Yee Yee and her family. Again we makan at Lover Bridge Restaurant.

Bought some super sweet "jambu" from the orchard. One big packet for RM6 only. Think it's more than 1kg in there.

As we were waiting for the food to be served, a lady selling ocean products came. many goodies. Mamarazzi of course "borong-ed" the fishball. Immediately opened a packet to eat there and then.

Since we bought many packet of fishball, the lady gave use complimentary Pickled Kedondong to eat. Ah Yee seems to loves it

 My little cousin adorable or not?

 There! food food food...

 Fried sotong. Sure Auntie Little Bird drool again.

 Lala Fried Bihun. Most satisfying but portion rather small.

 Haiz...what else but Oh Chien. Hmm...this round the oyster a bit small la. Oyster on diet kot? 

 HongKong Sawi. Not bad. Sweet.

Last but not least, sweet and sour Crabs. Hmm...size of the crabs also rather small but not bad la. At least it's fresh.

Total bill comes up to RM90+ for 4 adults and 4 kids. Not bad lah.


  1. I like jambu air and kedondong but it's hard to find it here T__T

    P/S: Thanks for the comment on my latest. I couldn't think of any blues alrdy hehe

  2. jambu looks nice.....if dip in rojak buah sauce....yummmm....

  3. Lover Bridge... love that name! the bihun looks good too.. yeah, 90rm is justified..

  4. Ohhh... small portion of seafood but reasonable price wor, since I overheard the food near Bagan Lalang is expensive!

    The fish ball nice or not, anakrazzi seemed enjoyed it a lot!

  5. those seafood looks very fresh, i think this is the selling point for eating seafood in Tanjung Sepat..

  6. I love jambu and best eat with some 'ham-moi' powder :P

    Don't tell me you've got all the dry seafood displayed in your picture ya >.<"" hahahahaha

  7. wow..all foods also very yummy ha..ha.. mamarazzi really know how to enjoy the food.. want some jeruk mangga =D

  8. cute boy with his food!
    I want fishball too :P

  9. Jambu at our pasar here very mahal, sometime not sweet so.
    I like the lala fried mihun used to eat at Klang.

  10. Sobs... must be ur mamarazzi saja jahat put up the sotong picture for auntie to see... den kno oso auntie crave for fried bihun... so purposely put up oso....sobs... evil woman la ur mamarazzi. *cries*

    Smallkucing, come... help auntie bodek ur mamarazzi for her fried bihun... tell her auntie will make kikisi for her...

    Sobs... btw, the kedongdong...issit umbra? Wah, this one makan with kuah rojak damn nice lerrr... *DROOL*

  11. Lover bridge, banyak orang pak toh there kah?

  12. Oohh kedondong! Is that also known as umbra? I love umbra juice!! And those oysters and crabs looked small..

  13. Hilda

    Here pasar mlm have a lot but sometimes the jambu air not sweet

  14. Angel Bear.

    ...with some cili padi..right? Yummm

  15. Alice Law

    Now that side a lot of Chalet, apartment and tourist thingy coming up. Looks like developing fast. Price also naik faster.

    The fishball memang sedap. Thought of going to visit the fishball factory but tak sempat

  16. SK

    Think so too. The place now is practically blooming. Saw some vacation apartments being developed and there are mas of tourist attractions there

  17. Mommy Angel

    Ham moi or with rojak sauce nice.

    No lah...didnt buy all the barang there. Bought fishball, lap cheong and fishcake. Ah Yee bought mango

  18. Mars Mell-o to eat beramai-ramai. Can ave "food fight".

  19. Isaac

    Then time to bring your love ones for a makan trip to Tanjung Sepat lo. There are a lot of makan place.

    Mamarazzi next aim, is Restaurant Ocen. Ah Yee said the food there nicer than Restaurant Lovers Bridge wor

  20. Wai Kitt

    jom la one of these days we go gai gai there

  21. Auntie Cleff perasan like some people ah? Post up sotong must means u meh? U termakan cili is it? LOL.

    Mamarazzi very busy lately time to fry bihun yet. Will ask her to fry for you okay. Ayam ayam ..dun cry

  22. Pete

    we went there daytime. Tarak saw people pak tor. Pak wu Ying have la...a lot of lalat there due to the sea

  23. Lenglui

    Yup kedongdong is umbra. Duno they have umbra juice there or not

  24. i think we went to the same restaurant last time. Food there cheap.

    Kedondong!! I love kedondong juice!

  25. Wah went to Tg 38 again ar hehe. Nice, nice... we also want to go again one of these days! :)

  26. I loveee fried bihun, looks so yummy >0< And what is Oh Chien? Never hear about that :-/ but looks nice

  27. Annie

    Ya food is cheap there But dont think they have kedondong juice

  28. Chloe's Mommy

    a lot of the Tg 38 yet to be explored lo

  29. Angie

    Oh Chien is fried Oyster with egg


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